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Lightroom CC

Lightroom CC

I am thoroughly convinced Adobe doesn’t care about the professional photographer any more.  I mean, I can’t blame them since everyone with a smart phone wants to “edit” their photos on their phone.  Lightroom CC has gone to the dogs in my opinion.

Finger Lakes Professional Photographers had a presentation by one of our members about retouching.  She was using Lightroom CC.  They even changed the stupid icons for the tools!!!!

With Lightroom 4 they should have split in to two product lines – Lightroom Pro (i.e. keep enhancing LR 4), and Lightroom (what they now call Lightroom CC).  The same with Photoshop.  Photoshop Pro and Photoshop CC.

After tonight’s demonstration I have zero interest in subscribing to Adobe’s Creative Cloud.  I think they have become more out-of-touch with reality than the folks who manage Facebook.

Sayounara Adobe.


Elizabethe saw her doctor about her gallbladder.  It has to come out.  She’s got one large stone and that’s what is causing the pain.  After all that poking around she’s in pain again.

Getting Ready

After her appointment we came home and I spent the rest of the mid-day getting ready for my FLPP meeting.  I had to get my laptop, the projector, the FLPP stuff, etc.

It was a busy day.

Irish Meal

Irish Meal

I’m really not a huge fan of St. Patrick’s Day.  But, for the sake of being with friends, Elizabethe and I joined some friends for an Irish meal.  So, we spent the evening with some of the temple and site missionaries.

In the course of the meal I discovered the real secret to good corned beef is brown sugar (or in this case, maple sugar).    I detected some sweetness and during conversation, it came out that our cook (Elder Barney) sprinkled maple sugar over the corned beef.

copyright 2016 db walton

Corned Beef

When we arrived at the Smith Farm, I saw a tall figure standing near the entrance of the grove.  I recognized him as being President Francis.  So, I walked over and talked with him for a while.  They have a tradition of letting exiting missionaries walk through the grove before they return home.  I think that’s a cool tradition.

After my morning appointments, my work day was spent retouching files.  I discovered more quirky things with Lightroom and Photoshop.  It’s always the case with big companies.  When you are having to compete, you make sure your product is good so you can rise to the top.  But, when you’re on top, you soon get lazy and your product quality suffers.  Such is the case with Adobe these days.

And, speaking of bugs, my web site wouldn’t upload some pictures.  It turns out there must be some limitation on file size when using php scripts.  I’ve got to check with GoDaddy to find out.


I Know It Is Friday

I Know It Is Friday

Yesterday I thought it was Friday.  Today I KNOW it is FRIDAY.

The first thing I did was I mowed the lawn.   I did it without the grass catcher because the last time it was too much for me to handle and I was exhausted that night and the next day.

There were LOTs of dandelions in the lawn. The flowers look great, but those white pompoms don’t, so I chopped them off before they got to that point.  (Saturday update:  The neighbor sent me a text message saying her husband wants to know how I do it.  My lawn has no dandelions.  I told her it’s simple.  I mow my lawn.  Her husband is probably rolling his eyes.  LOL)

As I got done, the crowning jewel is the crabapple trees are in bloom!  Yes, how nice it looks with the fresh cut lawn and pink flowers in the trees… just look…

copyright 2015 db walton

Crabapple in Bloom and Fresh Cut Lawn

The maple trees are finally getting leaves, and it is starting to look like spring.

copyright 2015 db walton

Crabapple Blooms

I then went to work on client work.  Stupid Lightroom decided to take over an hour to load the catalog.  Adobe’s quality control has just gone downhill since LR4 was released.  They keep sending me request to join the Creative Cloud.  Why would I do that when they are producing inferior products now?

If you read closely most software licensing agreements indemnify the software company when things like this happen.  But, I wonder if a class-action suit is in order.  They are up to Lightroom 5.7 which has some serious bugs, but they have already released Lightroom 6.  Surely I will not pay to update from a broken program to a new release.  What assurance do I have that the problems have been fixed?

Shame on Adobe.

Lightroom 6 is Announced

Lightroom 6 is Announced

Lightroom 6 is announced today.  While my non-photographer friends would say, “So what?”  For photographers this is a big deal.  But, not so big to me.

I see Adobe’s move to release a major release as a big slap in the face to those who want quality.  Lightroom 4 and 5 were both released with some serious bugs.  In fact, the last release of Lightroom 5, version 5.7 has major performance issues that Adobe hasn’t fixed yet.  Then, they announce Lightroom 6 has improved performance!  That would be like buying a car with a defective accelerator and being told, “We’re not going to recall your car.  Instead, you have to buy this year’s model.”

Of course, a couple of years ago they threw us under the bus when they came out with the subscription based Photoshop.  I’m sorry, I’m not interested in subscribing to a software package.  You can visit my photography blog for more on that subject.  http://blog.dbwalton.com

So, I went to Adobe’s web site and discovered they’ve made major changes to it.  It’s like it is all about the Creative Cloud.

Wow.  They really don’t want my business, do they?

I started poking around for non Creative Cloud products.  No such luck.  Their web site has change to cater to the live-for-today market with little forethought for the future.

Now I’m beginning to see why AT&T dropped Adobe and went to Corel products.


At the temple tonight I got a lot of work done for some of my family names in the 1800s and before.  One person was born in 1706.  That was a good feeling to have completed his work.



Oh, those poor little misunderstood creatures who have been associated with following the pack to the extent of driving themselves to mass suicide.  Lemmings, nonetheless, has become a noun to describe people who follow the pack, even when the pack is wrong.

Nobody likes to be a lemming, yet so many people are.  Look at the fads in electronics!  Look at the number of people still using the iPhone in spite of better technology now existing.  Look at the number of people who use Facebook when there is more secure and better social media.  I could go on.

For me, I like quality.  I choose equipment and software based on quality, not public opinion.  That’s why I get really torqued when I pay good money for software and it crashes.

I spent a good 6 hours today dealing with an Adobe issue.  Sorry, but I can no longer recommend someone buy Adobe products.  Today was the last straw.  And, to top it off, when I went to report the bug, I got caught in an infinite loop on their bug reporting site.  UHG!  Not only does Lightroom 5 have some major bugs, but so does Adobe’s bug reporting site.

(banging my head right here  –  can’t you tell?)

Back when Adobe came out with Lightroom, someone at Adobe had this harebrained idea to do public beta testing.  Basically, the way it works is you put it out there to the public to use for free, and hope (emphasis on hope) they report the bugs.  You know what?  That doesn’t work.

Features vs Quality

I would much rather have quality over features.  Imagine a car with every bell-and-whistle, and how frustrating that car would be if every time you turned the radio on, the power steering died, or if every time you got an oil change the car wouldn’t start until you re-installed the battery.  I’ve just described my frustrations with Lightroom 5.

When you take all of the time I have wasted dealing with restoring my huge Lightroom catalog after a Lightroom 5 crash, it probably totals up to about 40 hours.  At my billing rates, that over $4400 Adobe owes me for dealing with this piece-of-junk release of Lightroom.

Perhaps this belongs in my photography blog, but for now, I’m venting my frustrations here.  If you’re looking for a good alternative to Lightroom, check out ACDsee Pro.  When it comes to file handling and organization, it actually does a far better job than Lightroom ever has.  Another good alternative is DxO Labs’ Optics Pro, however, they don’t support enough cameras for my taste – specifically the X-Trans Fujifilm based sensors.  And, it is a slow running program compared to all the others.  Finally, there is AfterShot by Corel.  AfterShot actually does layers and that, is very cool.

Shooting Themselves in the Foot

The sad part is it is Adobe that has shot itself in its own foot.  Lightroom 5 crashes when you are working in it at the same time an Adobe update arrives.  When that happens, LR5 goes bonkers, dies, kills your computer, and corrupts the database.  Yet, when an updated arrived from Java, it didn’t cause LR5 to lock up.  Neither have updates from other companies.  But, Adobe’s live update somehow interacts with LR5 in a way that LR5 wanders off in to regions where there is no return.

As a former software developer, I find this unacceptable.  With all of the bugs in LR5, they have the audacity to release a new update that offers mobile iPad support for LR5.  FIX THE BUGS and forget the features for now.  Adobe and their Lemmings have ignored the bugs in Lightroom 5 in lieu of features.  They are great features, but the bugs win out in this latest update.

Head in the Cloud

I guess you can say Adobe has their head in the cloud (pun intended) and is more concerned about the masses than they are the select few who have put them at the top.  I’m debating on calling (on the telephone) to report the bug.  I think I will, and when they try to get me to troubleshoot it I will ask what credit card they want my time charged to.  After all, if you want something truly tested, you’ve got to pay your beta testers, and as far as I’m concerned, Lightroom 5 has never made it out of the beta test phase of software development.

Obama Care Overview

I attended my networking meeting and the presentation was an Obama Care overview.  Let’s see, if I heard this correctly…

  • Everyone will have medical insurance except for those who don’t pay for it.  If you don’t pay for it, you won’t have it and you’ll be fined at the end of the year.
  • In New York, you will pay the state, and the state will pay the insurance provider of your choice.  If the state is late, your coverage will be cancelled and you won’t have insurance.
  • If you purchase your insurance between the 1st and the 15th you will be without coverage until the 1st of the following month.  If you purchase between the 16th and the end-of-the-month, you will be without insurance until the 1st of the 2nd month following your enrollment.

So, everyone will be covered except those who don’t pay (because they can’t afford it), and those who are waiting for their coverage to kick in, and those whose payments were late.

How is that different?

Ah, it’s different because you won’t pay your medical insurance directly any more, instead you’ll pay the state and the state, when they get around to it, will pay the insurance company.  In the mean time, your payment may not post on time and you’ll have a lapse in your coverage.

We also won’t find out exactly how much this will cost until 10/1/2013 when the “exchange” opens.  Want to bet the Internet servers at the state grind to a halt on 10/1/2013?


Speaking of crazy things, today Facebook changed their terms of use.  They unilaterally decided that images uploaded to Facebook can be used anyway they see fit.  It is such a drastic move that ASMP sent out a warning to all their members.  As a result, I’ve yanked all my photos off Facebook.

What is going on with companies?

Adobe decides to go to a subscription base for Photoshop.  SmugMug moves from a photo sales site to a photo sharing site, and now Facebook does this.  Are the inmates running these asylums?

I think it is a problem that goes back to a lack of social interaction (face-to-face) among the Y-Generation.  And, now that they are coming in to their prime and taking on management roles in these companies, they are making … yeah, I’ll say it… stupid decisions.

A few years ago, I predicted Facebook’s demise.  It’s coming, it is just a matter of the bigger fish coming along to eat them.

D. Brent Walton, author

D. Brent Walton, author


Day 2 at Imaging USA 2013

Today started with Brian Smith’s lecture on great portrait photography.  He had quite a few anecdotal stories about celebrities and his experiences photographing them.  (By the way, I use his book, Lighting for Outdoor & Location Portrait Photography, for my autumn workshop textbook.) Brian does amazing work and it was nice to learn from him.

From there, I went to Julieanne Kost’s class on Photoshop CS6.  I always learn a lot from her classes.  She’s got to be the foremost expert on Photoshop.  (She’s an Adobe employee.)

It was now time to check out of our hotel room, and for Elizabethe to join me at the trade show.  I didn’t get to see much of the trade show because I had a mentoring session scheduled for my print competition images.  I sat down with a Master Craftsman photographer and she told me what was good and bad about my images.  I only had 20 minutes, so I had to be picky about what I had critiqued.

Next stop was the SmugMug stand at the Bay Photo booth.  There I met Rocky from SmugMug.  She’s over the SmugMug User Groups (aka SMUGs).  We talked about my speaking at some of the meetings.

Rocky (SmugMug) and Me at Bay Photo's Booth

Rocky (SmugMug) and Me at Bay Photo’s Booth

Me and Debbie Thomas (Bay Photo)

Me and Debbie Thomas (Bay Photo)

Debbie Thomas was at the Bay Photo booth.  She’s my sales rep at Bay Photo Labs and was a really big supporter of NCPP when I was president.

I also ran in to Bambi there…

Me and Bambi

Me and Bambi

I didn’t see much of the trade show as I had an image mentor review, had to change in to my tux, had to get my portrait with the PPA President taken, and so on.

Elizabethe, Me, Patricia and Sam Gardner

Elizabethe, Me, Patricia and Sam Gardner

While we were waiting for the awards ceremony, I saw the Gardners.  I met Patricia a few years back when we were both speaking at ProPhoto Expo in Pasadena, California.  Sam and Patricia recently married.

Judy Host and Me

Judy Host and Me

I also ran in to old friend, and former NCPP member, Judy Host.

Before we knew it, it was time for the awards ceremony.  It was like the who’s who of photography.  Greg Goram was given the life-time achievement award, and they presented several other high-level awards.  It was then time for the Craftsman Degrees.

Elizabethe walked out on the stage with me, presented my award, and then after shaking hands with Tim Walden (PPA President), it was back to our seats to watch the presentation of Master’s Degrees.

We took off right after that and drive to Alabama to spend the night.

Memorial Day 2010 Workshop

Today, as well as being Memorial Day, was my Make Your Photos POP! Workshop.  It went well.  We covered everything I set out to cover and had a good time.

We then went to the Morse’ for a pot-luck Memorial Day Dinner.  Gary and Geri cooked meat and potatoes on their dutch ovens.  After dinner, we sat around and talked, sang some patriotic songs, and had cake and ice cream.  (It is also Brother Harris’ birthday.)

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day.  It is also the day of my Make Your Photos POP! Workshop.

I only had two students, but that was nice, in that we had time to answer individual questions without bogging a large class down.

After the class, Elizabethe and I went to the Morse’ to celebrate Memorial Day.  They prepared a Dutch Oven Dinner and people brought some dishes to share.  After dinner, we sang some patriotic songs and sat around and talked.