2018-beyond Season Watch

2018-beyond Season Watch

Since contracting myasthenia gravis I’m going to discontinue my “Season Watch” posts.  I’m having to selectively choose what I do from here on out.  I’ve gone from working about 60 hours a week to only being able to handle about 30-60 minutes per day!

That means less of everything.  I don’t know how many people actually followed my season watch, but it was mostly for my benefit.  You see, I was doing it because I was an active person.  I could go back and look and see, ‘What was the weather like this day last year… the year before… the year before that…’

Now, I’m pretty much relegated to picking one light activity per day.

Please Look Back

Please look back at my past Season Watch pages.  You can get an idea what the weather is like in Palmyra.  Please don’t compare us to Buffalo or Syracuse.  We’re much more protected and have milder weather.

I have lived in Pocatello, Idaho, Denver, Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Utah Valley, Utah.  I’ll take Palmyra’s weather over ANY of those places.  Yes, my Idaho and Utah friends say, “But it feels colder.”  Yes, it does because of the humidity.  But, once you learn how to dress for the humid cold, it isn’t all that bad.