Something to Watch

 I found an old abandoned building with woodbine growing all over a tank.  I’m going to attempt to capture images of it as fall sets in.  Keep watching my blog for the next few weeks so you can watch the change.

Tank on the 3rd Day of Fall

Tank on the 3rd Day of Fall

I have noticed the maple trees have some of the most dramatic color.  Some trees go yellow, others go brown, but the maple tree has all the colors.  Here is a leaf in the process of changing…

Maple Leaf - 3rd Day of Fall

Maple Leaf – 3rd Day of Fall

If you have not visited Palmyra in the fall, you need to do it.  Sure, if you are LDS, or have an interest in seeing the Hill Cumorah Pageant, you’ll want to be here for the summer.  But, if you’ve seen the pageant, and want to see some spectacular sights, come in the fall.


You can’t imaging how beautiful the Sacred Grove is in the fall.  The view from Hill Cumorah is breathtaking.  To drive around these rolling hills, you will be amazed at the the beauty.  It is truly a wonderful place to be.

Of course, every season here is beautiful.  That was one of the reasons we moved here.  Elizabethe wanted lots of trees, and we’ve got them here.

I think people are afraid to visit in the winter.  But, our winters are not nearly as bad as we used to get in Pocatello, Idaho, or Provo or Salt Lake City, Utah.  It is a different kind of cold, but much less snow, and the snow doesn’t stick around as long.  (I know, someone will disagree with me, but we’ve been here for 2 winters so far, and visited two different times the winter before that.  Both visits were during “big” snow storms.)

I am looking forward to the fall, and the winter that follows.  This place is a place of four seasons and each one is a gem in itself.

Leaves Turning Quickly

Isn’t it amazing how nature knows when fall starts?  Here it is the second day of fall, and the colors of the leaves are noticeably different than they were yesterday.  I’m sorry to say that I was not able to get any pictures today due to a full schedule, but check back frequently this month for some spectacular images.

Here’s a pic from yesterday on the hill…

Moroni Monument

Moroni Monument

First Day of Autumn

I had to go to the Social Security Office today to apply to replace my card.   What a disorganized system.  I find it sad that something that started out to be a way for people to save for retirement has turned into a form of national welfare.  No wonder the program is going broke.  It took over 1 hour just to drop off my application and show my ID.  That “administration,” needs a lesson or two in queueing theory.  It will all be too soon if I have to return to that office.  (This is a prime example of why you do NOT want government taking over the medical industry.)

I’ve been watching the leaves to see when they start to turn colors.  Today, I noticed a dramatic change over yesterday.  Many maple trees have a few red leaves.  My elm tree has yellow leaves and they are dropping.  My burning bush is red on top.  It’s exciting to see the changes.  Summer is over.

Today is the anniversary of Joseph Smith receiving the gold plates.  It was just past midnight on the morning of September 22nd, 1827, that Moroni allowed Joseph to remove the plates and other artifacts from the stone box where they lay hid for over 1400 years.

Hill Cumorah

Hill Cumorah

I took the trail (see photo above) to the top.  I thought about how Joseph was so familiar with the hill that when Moroni described the place, Joseph knew right where it was.  He must have spent time logging the hill with his father, or playing up here.

I met the Luedtke family from Southern California.  I also met a couple from Bountiful, Utah.  The Luedtke’s asked me to take a photo of their family, which I happily obliged.


Luedtke Family

Luedtke Family

Driest I’ve Seen the Place

I think this is the driest I’ve seen this area.  We haven’t had a lot of rain, and portions of the lawn are starting to turn brown and dry.  But, that’s supposed to change starting tonight.  Ah, yes.  More rain.  I love it.

We had dinner at Happiness Garden.  While I was there I checked out the door Jim put in.  He did an excellent job.  It looks very nice. 

As this is the last day of summer, I bid it farewell.  The days will now be shorter than the nights, and less sunlight will be the trees will begin to turn gold, orange, red and crimson.  I will take pictures.

Traffic Re-routing

Canaltown Days were going on today, but I don’t participate in those activities on Sundays.  So, on the way home from church, they had Stafford road blocked off.  We drove a block over, and came down to Main Street, and it was blocked off too.

Now, keep in mind that the parade was yesterday.

We asked the office if we could get through since we only lived a block down the road.  Instead, he wanted us to go east and come on to main heading the other direction.

We did as directed, only to find they were not using that section of Main Street for anything.  Very strange.

Chris Lauren and I did some of our home teaching today.  (In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, families are visited each month by two priesthood holders.  The purpose of the visit is to check on the welfare of the family and to instruct them.)  We have 3 families – the Green’s, the Scott’s and the Nichols’.  We visited the Green’s and the Scott’s.

Being new to these families, we spent the time getting to know them.  The Green’s are both from this area.  Bro. Scott is from Southern California, and his wife is from the Buffalo Area.  Both families are delightful and it is going to be fun home teaching them.  

At church I was sustained as the ward organist.  This is in addition to being the Primary Pianist.  There is nothing like using the tallents God has given you.  It is rewarding and fulfilling.  I just hope I don’t fat-finger too many notes when I play.

Canaltown Days – Palmyra

Well, this was it.  The big event Palmyra lives for each year – Canaltown Days.  I had to take a walk down to the village to see what it is all about.

I was amazed.  The place was FULL of vendors selling food, hand-crafted things, clothes, you name it.  It was like a fair.  They had a hot-rod show.  Live bands at two venues.  It was quite the event.

The parade wasn’t like our other parades.  This parade was BIG.  And, it passed right in front of the Beckwith Mansion.  I had people all along the front of my property starting at 8 am.  (The parade was at 4pm.  That’s 8 hours of holding their place for watching the parade.  I think next year… I should sell tickets.  Just kidding… maybe.)

Here’s some pictures…

If you come to visit for fall colors, come a couple of weeks early and enjoy Canaltown Days.  Sorry I didn’t get any pictures of the boats.  Perhaps next year.  I was too busy taking in all of the happenings along Main Street.  (Oh, if you find the photo that shows the fire plug, that’s the one in front of my house.  So, you can get an idea of how close we are to the action.)

Escape From Dallas

I had to leave the hotel at 4:30am this morning to get to the airport, get the car checked in, and check in for my flight.  It is a good thing I did.  The only drawback was my flight left at 7am, which meant they started boarding around 6:30am, and none of the food concessions opened until 6:30am.

I managed to make it to Atlanta before I had “brunch”, at the Atlanta Airport.  If you have never had to change flights at Atlanta, you haven’t experienced the world’s longest walk through an airport.  The place is huge.  And, you would think that gate D17  is real close to C20.  Wrong.  They are probably a mile apart.

But, I made it home, had dinner with Elizabethe, and then went to the temple with her for our Friday night date.

Touring Facilities in Dallas

Our class worked through lunch today and got out early.  A co-worker took me on a tour of some of our facilities in Dallas and Richardson, Texas.  It was kind of nice to be able to see equipment I’ve configured and shipped over the last 8-plus years.  Having never been to Dallas, except to change flights at the airport, it was interesting to see the BIG HQ building and our big data centers.

One AT&T Plaza (iPhone pic)

One AT&T Plaza (iPhone pic)

Too big for iPhone camera, so I looked up.

Too big for iPhone camera, so I looked up.

And, inside the lobby is the “Golden Boy” .  This statue (below) started on the Western Electric Building in Manhattan, it’s been moved around a bit,  and eventually settled in Dallas in the 7-story lobby of the Ed Whittaker Building at One AT&T Plazza.  (Here’s a photo gallery dedicated to the statue – )
Golden Boy

Golden Boy

On the way back to my hotel, I made a wrong turn so I went around the block and actually found something I wanted to photograph.  This section of Dallas is called Farmers Branch.  There’s a little park with a couple of old log homes and some other homes built in the mid-1800s.

You can see a pic at my photo blog at

Another Day in Dallas

All I have to report today is that I found a great burger and ice cream place.  It is in North Dallas and it is called Braum’s.  The burger tasted fresh and had quality ingredience.  And, the ice cream was darn good too.

Now, if I could find a t-shirt for my grandson Texas that says, “Don’t Mess with Texas”.

Voices and Faces

I met several people today with whom I have only talked with over the phone.  It is always fun meeting people and putting their face with their voice.  Are they old?  Are they young?  Slim?  Heavy?  You kind of build these mental photos of what the person at the other end of the phone looks like.

No BBQ today.  I ate breakfast at Sonic (love their Super Sonic Breakfast Burrito.)  Then, for lunch, the group wanted to go to a Chinese buffet.  It was actually pretty good.  Their presentation was lacking, but the taste was good.  I know, you don’t associate Texas with Chinese food.  Neither do I.

I will have to ask for a reference tomorrow for good BBQ.

No pictures today.  I haven’t had time.  I also haven’t seen much I want to photograph.  This is a visually boring part of town.  I never thought there could be such a thing, but I think I have found it.