Suddenly Fall

We had a few months of spring, about 3 hot days of summer (by hot, I’m talking high 80s/low 90s), and them September came around and it is suddenly cool.  On the drive in today, 51 degrees outside.   Now, imagine it being in the 50s in California the 1st week of September.   No way.

My fall squash is starting to turn golden.

Fall Squash
Fall Squash

I love squash, so I’m looking forward to eating this one.

The trees are still green, but you can start to detect a hint of yellow setting in.  Typically, the peak of fall color in this are is mid-October.  But, watch my blog and you’ll get to see the colors change gradually.

My Garden
My Garden

Now for something a little on the photographic technical level…

The photo I posted yesterday of the Presbyterian Church I re-took last night with my Canon G10.  You can see a major difference in the detail, especially in the shadows and high-lights.  But then, the G10 is a $500 point-n-shoot and the iPhone 3GS has a junky 3MP camera that if sold at Walmart as just a camera, would probably go for under $99.

Presbyterian Church - Palmyra, NY
Presbyterian Church – Palmyra, NY

Welcome Elders Flynn and Boudreaux

I got tied up in a meeting until about 6:15pm today.  Elizabethe was surprised when I came to pick her up and explained that we were running very late.  She must have been engrossed in a book or something.

We got to the house and Elders Flynn and Boudreaux were waiting for us.  They had to move on short notice so we’re taking them in for a couple of weeks.  Elder Flynn is from Bath, NY, and Elder Boudreaux is from the Atlanta, GA, area.  Both are serving service missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I met Elder Flynn when I was attending the Hill Cumorah Pageant with Srini.  He remembers me and was excited to see we’d be their new landlords.

We spent the evening getting them settled.

Need a Freezer?

I took Jim Hippen over to Happiness Garden to look at where I need the door built.  (I just don’t have time to do-it-myself right now.  I’m hiring Jim to do the cellar door.)  While we were there, Jerry came down stairs and asked if he could get rid of this old, very old, freezer.  I’m guessing this freezer is about 1940 vintage.  It has several bays on top with these 1/2 fold, flip-flop, style lids.

If anyone wants it – to sell it for scrap, restore, or part-out, let me know.

I attempted to drill a soffit hole unsuccessfully.  This means I have to do something else for the ceiling insulation.  I’m not sure what at this point.  The roof should have been built with soffits, but it’s too late now.

President Clawson called and asked if we would house a couple of service missionaries.  They need a place by tomorrow.  So, it looks like we’ll have a couple of full-time elders living with us temporarily.

There were some very dramatic clouds in Rochester today.

Clouds in Rochester
Clouds in Rochester

(The iPhone camera really under exposes.  As a result, images like the above turn out pretty noisy.  I got a chuckle out of another photographer’s blog where he said the 3GS camera was so good he might abandon his dSLR.  Really?)

Speaking of iPhone photos, this one turned out better than expected.  This is of the Presbyterian Church at the Corner of the 4 Churches.  I took this as I was leaving Jim’s house yesterday.

Palmyra Presbyterian Church
Palmyra Presbyterian Church

Lake Ontario

All this work around the house recently made me feel a need to get out and see a little bit of our surroundings.  So, I suggested to Elizabethe we take a drive up to see what Lake Ontario looks like.  (It’s just a few miles north of us, but we have never seen it.)  We came home from church and had lunch and hopped in the car for a short drive.

We stopped at the Pate’s house and said, “Hi.”  They live in Williamson. 

The Pates
The Pates

She showed us her ostrich eggs that she decorates.  (Some time, I’ll have to ask her if I can photograph them.)

Across the street from there house was an old service station  that reminds me of the type of places you find along Route 66.

Old Service Station
Old Service Station

From there we drove to the lake…

Lake Ontario
Lake Ontario

The lake is so big you can’t  see Canada (but you can see Russia from here… just kidding).  However, you can see the curve of the earth.  We are talking a BIG lake.  Looking at them on the map doesn’t do any justice.

Petunea Patch
Petunia Patch

Where we parked the car there was a patch of petunias growning.  The flowers here are remarkable. 

So, that was our Sunday afternoon.

North Wall Complete

Elizabethe Out Front of Amy's Apartment
Elizabethe Out Front of Amy’s Apartment

After helping Amy and her son, Mike, move, I came home and with Jonathan’s help we got the north wall of the dry-house complete.   I think the hardest part of doing a wall like that is all the bending and stooping down to reach the lower boards. 

We also got both walls stained.  It is really starting to look cool as you can tell (or maybe you can’t) from this picture:

Dry-house progress
Dry-house progress

Those patches of white paint ar going to be coming off and I’ll do some cleanup, re-staining and varnishing of the window frames.  It will look spiff when it is all done.

That was about all I could  take today.  So, I spent the rest of the afternoon making some stuffed peppers and a meatloaf for tomorrow.

Soft Rain

“Rain, rain, soft rain at my window…”

I do like a nice soft rain once in a while.  It makes things smell nice and brightens up the place.

Looking Towards the Kitchen in the Rain
Looking Towards the Kitchen in the Rain

While I was out enjoying the rain, I noticed this plant.  Does anyone know if this is poison ivy or not?

Poison Ivy?  Virginia Creeper?  Something else?
Poison Ivy? Virginia Creeper? Something else?

Found out today I’ll be spending a week in Dallas mid-September.  Going to a class there.  With so much to do around here, I’m not real thrilled about traveling right now.  But, I am sure once I’m on my way with my camera in hand I’ll change my attitude.

Tomorrow will be another day of working on the dry-house.  My main goal is to get the north wall covered with tongue-and-groove.  Nothing more.

Oh, and a Happy Birthday to Nathaniel.  He’s 5 today.  Happy Birthday Bud!  Grandpa loves you!!!

More About the iPhone 3G[S]

So, why is it I can’t even get an app for the iPhone that will allow me to use the USB cable and treat my iPhone’s data storage area like a USB drive?

There are apps that let you WiFi and share files, however, you can’t use your USB to do the same thing.  Likewise, you can’t use your Bluetooth to do the same thing.  Just WiFi.   I poked around a lot at the app store looking for such apps.  The closest thing I found was one that lets you use your USB cable HOWEVER, at the computer end, you have to buy their $10 program. 

I bought it.  It lets me create folders inside of folders and I can drag and drop to it.  Everything was looking dandy until I tried to look at the pictures I dragged to my iPhone.

The first picture came up perfect.  At the top of the screen, a little pair of arrows appeared.  One pointing left, and the other pointing right.  So, I clicked on the right arrow to see the next picture.  Whoa!  That’s  not the next picture.  That’s a picture in a different folder.  So, I clicked the right arrow again.  That’s another picture from ANOTHER folder.

So much for their folder structure.  As you go through the files, no matter how you organize your folders, it treats all of the files as though they are in one big folder in alphabetic order.   (Don’t you just hate that?  I do.)

iPhone sky capture - unretouched
iPhone sky capture - unretouched

So, a friend posts a letter written by his mother-in-law to a certain senator about how this senator should push Obama’s heath care plan.  This bugs me.   It bugs me because it was written from an emotional point of view, and not armed with facts about the bills being presented on the floor. 

Be informed.  Visit and read the bills for yourself.

A Very Long Update

Microsoft sent out and update today and required a reboot.  The reboot resulted in waiting forever for my machine to come back up.  Let’s just hope it was worth it.

I spent a good portion of the day sneezing.  Those who know me that when I sneeze, I sneeze a LOT.  The problem with sneezing a lot is that it takes your strength away.  So, aside from fixing dinner and going to bed, that is all that is on my mind.  (The rest was sent spraying through the air with several dozen ‘ka-choos’.)

A Response to a Popular E-mail

I’m sure you have received e-mails like the following:

 Dear Friend,

 How are you and the members of your family? I hope all are in good health. I’m Miss Tonia Edward the only child/daughter of my parent,

 I am 19 years old girl. I lost my parent, and I have an inheritance fund from my late mother, My parents were very wealthy farmers and cocoa merchant when they were alive, After the death of my father, long ago, my mother was controlling his business until she was poisoned by her business associates which she suffered and died. Before the death of my mother, she secretly called me on her bed side and disclosed to me about the sum of Nine million Five hundred thousand U.S dollars she left in suspense account in one of the bank.

 It was the money she intended to transfer overseas for investment before her sudden death She also instructed me that I should seek for a foreign partner in any country of my choice who will assist me transfer this money in overseas account where the money will be save and invested wisely, Because of the current problem I decided to transfer the money to abroad where it will be save and invested, therefore, I am crying and seeking for your kind assistance in the following ways:

 (1) To provide a safe bank account into where the money will be transferred for investment.

(2) To serve as a guardian of this fund since I am only 19 years old.

(3) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education and to secure a resident permit for me in your country.

 I will offer you 10% of the total amount for your willingness to help me, please kindly response to my mail immediately with your full personal information,

 Get back to me.

 Miss Tonia Edward.

My response:

I’m not sure how I’m your “Friend”, but I am concerned about your plight. 

Because things in the U.S. aren’t going to well with the current administration.  I’d rather keep things on a cash basis.  You say you’ll give me 10%.  That sounds fair.  I could use $950,000. 

So, here is how it will work.  E-mail me back with your bank account information.  Then, simply have them place the $9.5 million in a plastic trash bag and leave it in the park by the green bench near the playground.  Make sure they are all U.S. bills.  Tell them to come alone.  After I remove my 10%, I will deposit the rest of the cash in your bank account.  

Oh, and don’t bother coming over here.  Spend your money over there.  You’ll just end up having the IRS take it from you here.  Once they take it from you, our president will then loan it to his friend George Soros who will probably spend the money drilling for oil in your country anyway.  So, just save yourself the trouble.  (Oh, and you don’t need a guardian for your money since you are of a majority age. )

One final word… 

Use your money to invest in an education.  You need it.


You Know Who (after all, you contacted me)


Temple Presidency & Temple Missionaries

Today was a busy day.  The morning was full of administrative type work (backing up my server, copying files, etc.)  It is the type of stuff for which you wish you had an assistant who was on-the-ball and able to keep that stuff organized.

Tim Nickel started on the foundation of the 212 E Main Street building.  I met with him to get him started on that.

After lunch I photographed the temple presidency and all of the full-time temple missionaries.  We took a pictures of the group and each couple on the steps of the temple. 

Twenty-one Happy Couples
Twenty-one Happy Couples

Now, I would gather to guess that the average time-married for the above couples is 50 years (plus or minus).   I know for a fact that Elder and Sister Wallace just celebrated their 50th Anniversary.  Isn’t that cool!  In a day and age where people are lucky if their marriage last more than 2 years, here are a handful of couples who work at making their marriages last.  (A good reason for this is that Latter-day Saints are married for eternity in the temple — not “until death do you part”.)

I posted this picture because President Siebach (Palmyra Temple President) suggested all of the couples kiss.   At first, I think they were all too shy.  I said, “Ah, come on.  ALL of you!!!”  I had one chance for the shot and I got it.  :^)

Like any shoot, I went home and immediately started copying my memory cards. 

From there, it was off to Lowe’s to get more supplies for my remodel of the dry house.  Paint, stain, staples, screen, rafter trays, and another $125 plopped down for the job.  My plan was to come home and start painting the rafters.  However, I couldn’t find my roller tray and paint roller.  Uhg!  I should have bought new ones.  Two hours of hunting around. 

I did manage to get the spice rack on the wall.  So, the afternoon wasn’t an entire waste.  I promised my daughter Jennifer that I would post a photo.  Here’s the completed spice rack:

The BIG Spice Rack
The BIG Spice Rack