After the Rain

The ground was wet, but the skies were clear.  The rain has paused, and the air is clear.  (Gee wiz… I’m starting to rhyme.)

After a rain colors seem so much more saturated.  It is truly a fun time to take pictures, especially when there is no sun.  This morning was one of those cases.

I love the building where my friend Mary has her shop.  Palmyra has lots of cool buildings, but this one is at the top of my list.  It has such character, and so does the Village Hall (which is next door). 

Not having a tripod with me, I had to search around for a suitable place to set my camera.  Then, putting the camera on auto-timer, and setting it for auto-bracket (+1/0/-1), I positioned it on a bus stop bench and pressed the shutter button.  Here’s what I got…

Mackinzie's and Palmyra Village Hall


When you get about 4″ of rain a month, there are lots of people who don’t like it.  I would not like living somewhere where it was dark, cloudy and rainy all of the time.  But, when it rains for a few minutes, stops, and the sun comes out, that is my type of place.  Palmyra is such a place.

Here we are a week away from Thanksgiving , and it warmed up to the 50s when it rained today.  Around 8:30pm, it stopped for a bit.  When I went out to get something from my car, it was so warm the wet ground was steaming.  And, ironically, it felt more like the high 60s than it did the low 50s.  No wonder things are so green around here.

Even with the frost, my lawn has new green growth.  Yes, nearly all of the trees have lost their leaves, but the grass and evergreen plants are as green as they can be.

Our quartet, minus Bruce, practiced Christmas songs tonight.  Bruce’s wife took ill and needed emergency surgery.  Bruce, our prayers are with you and your wife.

This morning’s walk was beautiful, as usual.  I caught this great sunrise and then rendered it in a sketch…

(If you’d like to save the above as a wallpaper, you may.  Click on the image, then when the image by itself appears, right click on it to “set as background”.)