Dave Made My Day

A few weeks back while taking one of my walks, I photographed a local named Dave.  Dave rides an adult-sized tricycle around the village.  He’s there at every event and he is always glad to make sure people are safe.

Well, I finally got a print made of it so I set out this afternoon to find Dave.  I tried the park.  He wasn’t there.  I tried the bowling alley, and he wasn’t there.  I finally saw his trike at Mark’s Pizza (best Pizza around, by the way).

There was Dave at the counter.  I got his attention and showed him the photo.  He got so excited!


“That’s me!” he exclaimed to the people working at Mark’s.

“Yes,” the manager said, “that’s you Dave.”

“He gave it to me,” Dave said pointing at me, “He’s my friend.”

Dave’s my friend too.  I’m glad to have made his day, and his gratitude and cheerful response made my day.

My day started off going out into the rain to pick a gallon of crabapples.  I had asked Elizabethe if I picked them if she’d make crabapple jelly.  (My Grandma Knowles used to make crabapple jelly.  It was one of my favorites.)  So, I picked until my fingers were numb from the cold wet rain.

I came in and decided I would do some work on the dry house.  After surveying the situation  I decided to head to Lowe’s to purchase a 1×4 for facing off the front door.  The inside trim was missing.  I had already insulated it and now it just needs to  be trimmed.  So, I got it measured.

I also measured where a window used to be at the bottom of the stairs.  (A really dumb place to put a window.  Imagine falling down the stairs, or dropping something?  So, I’m sure there is a good reason for it being boarded up.)  I’m going to fill the opening with a plywood panel so I measure for it too.

The stairs are now red and the trim orange.  (Yeah, who paints a room brown with red and orange trim?)  I’m going to paint the stairs and the wall behind it 50% gray.  I took my white balance target to Lowe’s and had them match the gray in it.  Where the window was, I’ll use that section for hanging small prints for clients to see.

Went Lowe’s and it is amazing I can fit a piece of plywood in my Grand Prix.  Okay… I had to have them cut it.  But, I can put several 8′ boards on the passenger side.  I can easily haul 8 2x4s in 8′ lengths.

I met a nice guy in front of WalMart.  He was with his son selling popcorn for his son’s Cub Pack.  Steve Stopp was his name.  He invited me to come to their church if we hadn’t found one yet.  In our conversation it came out that I am a Latter-day Saint.  We talked about why I moved from California to Western New York.

Got home and got the boards put in place, caulked, and cleaned up, and decided to call it quits on that.

After retouching several images from Thursday’s shoot (see below), I decided to go find Dave and give him his picture.

Beth Rose, model
Beth Rose, model

The day, weather wise, turned out to be a great day too.  Check out some of the colors in my yard…

One of the maple trees on the estate. (Look at that patch of sky too!)
One of the maple trees on the estate. (Look at that patch of sky too!)

And this flowers just came up the other day…

Snow Crocus and Fallen Leaves
Snow Crocus and Fallen Leaves

I’ve been showing photos of this door all summer and now look at the leaves.  Soon, there will be now leaves at all on this vine and I will tear it off the wall for it to repeat this next year.  So cool.

Woodbine Vine Early Fall 2009
Woodbine Vine Early Fall 2009

Leaf Watchers

Well, the leaf watchers are descending on Palmyra.  The colors are coming out, and so are the people to see them.

We have guests arriving tonight and staying until Sunday.

On the down side, I had to cancel my PPA Super Monday due to lack of registrants.  That’s too bad because this is the best time of the year to visit here.  Now, if autumn colors motivate you, put it on your calendar to attend PPA Super Monday here in Palmyra in 2010.

Where to Store?

I spent the morning unpacking wardrobe from the studio.  The clothing racks actually  take up less floor space than the boxes did, but the question comes up as to where to store the clothing racks.  My ceiling is not yet insulated in the dry house and I’m hesitant to put them out there until I get the place “workable”.

My afternoon was filled with a photo shoot.  This one was for portfolio work and creative expression.  We took some of the pictures at the Erie Canal Park on the edge of the village, around the house, and in one of the guest rooms.

Model:  Beth Rose
Model: Beth Rose

The barbershop quartet is coming along.  We seem to have Jingle Bells down pretty well, now we just need to memorize it.  Bill Grogan’s goat is also coming along quite well.  But, most of all, we’re having fun singing.


There was a song in the late 70’s.  I think the name of it was, “I’ll Paint You a Rainbow.”  It was about a little boy whose mom was dying.  The mom sensing the sadness of the little boy tells him that she’ll paint him a rainbow from the other side.

It was a real tearjerker.

This morning, there was a HUGE rainbow.  I didn’t have a wide enough lens to capture it, so this is the best you’ll get.

Rainbow off SR 31 in Macedon
Rainbow off SR 31 in Macedon

The ACC group in the building where my office is had a Fiesta luncheon.  They invited me.  It was very good.  Now, you’d think if a bunch of New Yorkers could have a Mexican feast for lunch that you could find Mexican restaurants in this area.  We only know of one Taco Bell, and I think I’ve seen only two sit-down Mexican places.  Perhaps there are enough south-westerners in the group they could pull it off.

My plan is to take tomorrow off to work on the room for the elders.  So, I schedule a shoot tomorrow afternoon.   A lack of shooting is getting to me.  I actually am starting to feel like a pianist that didn’t practice before a big concert.  Yeah, I’ve done a family shoot and a few small things, but this is a big shoot for my portfolio work.

Let’s hope for good weather tomorrow too.  That way, I can get some shots around the estate too.

Here’s a parting shot…

Flynn's Breakfast
Flynn’s Breakfast

Temple Re-opened

The temple re-opened yesterday and so Elizabethe and I worked our Tuesday evening shift tonight.  It is nice to be back.

I don’t really have a lot to write about.  I was busy the whole day.

Oh, I did make it to the DMV in Lyons to get my NY license.  This time, I had all the required documents and papers.  (They do require a lot.  But, that’s a good thing when it comes to a little 2×3 inch plastic card that is accepted as proof of who you say you are.)  Within an hour, I drove to Lyons, got my license, and drove home.  That would be impossible in California.  Absolutely impossible.

Gratitude for Old Friends

I really like Facebook for the main reason of re-connecting with old friends.  I found David Reoch on FB this weekend.  I also found DeWayne Stephenson – I don’t think I’ve seen DeWayne since we had a going away party for Dave Lupton years ago at Fred’s house.

Guys, if you’re reading my blog, I want you to know that it is nice to have found you again.

Today I saw what was meant by a “silver lining”  I hope it comes out with my iPhone photo, but here goes…

Cloud with a Silver Lining
Cloud with a Silver Lining

Okay, it didn’t come out in the iPhone pic.  But, that top edge of the cloud was really dark and outlined by this line of bright white light.  It looked like it was lined with sliver that was reflecting the sun.  I’ve never seen a cloud like that before.

It was a dramatic sky tonight.

As I was coming back from picking a RedBox DVD, the sky in front of me looked like fire against the rolling clouds.  This, did pick up quite well…

Fire in the Sky
Fire in the Sky

And, as a parting shot before I go off to eat dinner and watch a movie with my sweetheart…

The elders watching General Conference.
The elders watching General Conference.

Grand Central Station

It was grand central station here today.  I could not believe how may people stopped by the house.  It was quite the afternoon.

The morning started off much slower, however.  After breakfast, I decided to take a walk, since conference didn’t start until noon. So, I grabbed my cameras and off I went.

I headed to the Canal Park at the edge of the village.  It was overcast and gray, but that’s just the light I love for taking photos.

Palmyra Aquaduct
Palmyra aqueduct

I decided to take a trail back home.  The trail went along an older section of the Erie Canal.  It was absolutely beautiful back there.  Water separated me from the backyards of the homes along Main Street.   And, on the others side, was another section of the canal that had been closed for years.


There were ducks feeding, and at one point, a beautiful woodpecker landed on a dead tree branch.  He was only about 3′ in front of me, and my effort to turn on my camera spooked him and he flew away.  He was black & white with a red crown.

Dead Trees in the Canal
Dead Trees in the Canal

I made it home before conference stated.  It was a wonderful walk.

Woodbine on the Greenhouse
Woodbine on the Greenhouse

The elders watched the 1st session of conference with us.  After that, we had a taco feast. 

About the time we started eating, the Crookstons and their guests came home.  Then, some people from West Valley City, Utah, stopped in to see the Crookstons.  It was one of Elder Crookston’s students from back around 1980 or so.  He heard the Crookstons were serving missions here and stopped to see them. 

Then, Kevin Lane, Elizabethe’s dad’s cousin, and his sister stopped to visit.  Then Elder and Sister Semedeni stopped in to see the Crookstons.

Like I said, it was like Grand Central Station around here.

Conference was great.  General Conference always is.  I loved Elder Holland’s talk Sunday morning.  I love the directness with which he spoke regarding the Book of Mormon.  All of the talks were great, but I think his will go down as one of my all-time favorites.

Beckwith Mansion (shot with Lensbaby Composer)

Oh, and a Happy 30th Birthday to my eldest daughter, Rebecca.  It’s hard to imagine that it was 30 years ago that we brought her home from the hospital.

Paint, Paint and Painting

Wiith only being able to work until noon today, I started painting in the office-to-be space.    I put primer on all of the rafters, scrubbed and scrapped the old clap board on the west wall of the room, and primed it.  I also painted the new threshold.  (Now, I just hope the rain doesn’t come until that paint is dry.)

I only had one sheet of sheetrock, so it went up.  Now, I just have to find someone with a pickup who will go with me to Lowe’s to buy 3 more double-sheets.

Office-to-be Progress 10-3-2009
Office-to-be Progress 10-3-2009

The newspaper this morning says the fall colors will be at their peak in this area around October 27th.  So, anyone wanting to attend my PPA Super Monday workshop on 10/26/2009 will be in luck and able to get some fall colors.

Here is a sample of how colors are starting to come out.  Enjoy…

Ruby Tuesday on a TGIF ?

Isn’t there some rule about going to Ruby Tuesday on a Friday?  Shouldn’t we be going to T.G.I. Friday’s ?

Well, tonight is date night and Elizabethe and I had a coupon for Ruby Tuesday.  We went there for dinner.  I think we had the nicest waitress I have ever had at a restaurant.  She was quick, responsive, accommodating, just all-around a good waitress.  (If you go to the Ruby Tuesday in Henrietta, her name is Wendy.)

I walked out of there so stuffed that I can’t even think about ice cream.  I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.  Aside from that, Chill-n-Grill is closed until spring.  (It is a family run business where their kids work at the place during the summer, and then they shut down for the school year.)

Tomorrow is General Conference, so I’ll only have the morning to work on the dry-house.  I have some painting to get done.  Still no insulation.  I talked the contractor and they said they are really busy and trying to squeeze me in in the next week or two.

If there is a break in the rain tomorrow, I’ll get some autumn color pictures to post.  It has been raining all day, and the 10-day forcast is real simple — rain.

Barbershop – 2nd Practice

We had our second practice with our barbershop quartet which consists of Bruce Nickell, Sam Roberts, Mark Evangelos and myself.  Strides have been made since last week.  We actually have a gig for December if we can be ready for it.  Bishop Wildey asked us to sing at a community Christmas program that the ward puts on.  So, we started practicing an arrangement of Jingle Bells.  For the first time, it really sounds like we can knock it out by then.

Lisa and Lori said they saw my postcards at the bookstore.  It is kind of a kick hearing someone say they saw them.  It is even more of a kick when they don’t expect it, turn the postcard over and see that it is a post card by “db walton”.

Lisa (Natalie's friend) and Lori (Lisa's sister) from Lehi, Utah
Lisa (Natalie’s friend) and Lori (Lisa’s sister) from Lehi, Utah

I’ve been busting hump all evening with a list of “to do” things.  Someone was supposed to come buy the old dryer, but didn’t show up.  However, we spent a portion of the night clearing a path so we can get the dryer out the basement door.  Oh, well, the next person to come along with $100 has a clear path to carry it out the door and into their truck.

Oh, I completed and passed the test for Six Sigma Yellow Belt.  It is a lot stuff I learned in college statistics, but with some different acronyms thrown in there.  But, at least I passed the exam.  (My goal was actually to pass it by 9/30/2009, but oops!)