Black Mustard

Black Mustard

I love mustard as a condiment.  Spice, sweet, mild, yellow, you name it, I like it.  This has resulted in my pursuing making my own mustard.  And, it’s quite easy.  Here’s the basic recipe…

1/2 pound of black mustard seeds
1T salt
1.5 – 2 cups white vinegar
1T Turmeric
2T Mustard powder

Soak the seeds in a glass bowl in vinegar overnight.  (They will swell and absorb the vinegar.)  They are also going to expand as they absorb the liquid.  Make sure you allow for expansion – use a large bowl.

Next morning, mix the salt, turmeric and mustard powder with a little vinegar until smooth, and mix it in with the seeds.  You may need to add more vinegar.

At this point, you don’t want to taste-test the mustard.  It will be sharp.

Place the mixture in a food processor and pulse it until the desired texture, leaving some of the seeds whole.  Add more vinegar to preserve a usable consistency.

Place in sterile bottles and let sit for a few days to age.    After it has aged you can taste it and adjust seasonings if you want.  You can add honey, sugar or other spices to modify the taste.  You can heat process it to seal the bottles.  The heat will cause the mustard to mellow a bit.

Other Uses of Mustard

There are other uses of mustard.  Not too long ago it was used as a paste to stimulate healing.  (See Wikipedia)    It was also used in baths for the same purpose.

Most people today only think of it as a condiment.  The leafy parts of the plant can also be used.  In some parts of the country, mustard greens are a staple.