Birthday Coupon

Birthday Coupon

I used my birthday coupon at Golden Corral today.  It’s not my favorite place to eat, but the price was right. Once you know what they do well and what you like, you can have a tasty meal.  However, there are times the clientele leaves something to be desired.

We then hit Harbor Freight Tools.  I had 2 25% off coupons burning holes in my pocket.  Hmmm… I could say the same things about HFT as I did GC.  It must be those coupons.

Action Figures

My brain has been turning with ideas about photographic action figures.  They have their pros and cons when using them as models.  The pros are:  They are never late for appointments.  They hold their pose very well.  You don’t have to pay them.  The cons are:  They only have one expression.  You have to change their clothes for them.

Before I closed shop for the night, I set up a counter-high table.  Tomorrow I will photograph the Book of Mormon figures one at a time to create knock-outs for composite images.  I plan to build a toolbox of figures in various positions so I can drag-and-drop as I create a story.

My first project – 2,000 stripling warriors.


FLPP 2017 Christmas Party

FLPP 2017 Christmas Party

Elizabethe and I attended the FLPP 2017 Christmas Party.  It was quite fun and well attended.  It’s nice to have such a good group of professional photographers in the area.

We played a fun game called the Saran Wrap Game.  The game is played with a ball of plastic food wrap (about the size of a basket ball). The ball contains a goody every 3 feet or so.  The object of the game is to unwrap the ball to get to the goodies before the next person in line can roll doubles on a pair of dice.

copyright 2017 db walton - FLPP 2017 Christmas Party
Elizabethe was the first to go while I rolled the dice.
copyright 2017 db walton - FLPP 2017 Christmas Party
Paul went after I did.
copyright 2017 db walton - FLPP 2017 Christmas Party
… and it went around the table…
copyright 2017 db walton - FLPP 2017 Christmas Party
You can see by the expressions it is a fun game.

I also received a $250 scholarship for the 2018 PPSNYS Workshop.  I guess it is someone else’s turn for the full-ride scholarship.  It went to my 1st VP, Al, and it is well deserved.

The gift exchange, as always, was fun.  Elizabethe came home with a cheese and summer sausage box, and I got a couple of silicon grill mats and battery powered can opener.

copyright 2017 db walton - FLPP 2017 Christmas Party
Gift Exchange Table

More Games

We played charades.  The subjects were easy, but fun.

copyright 2017 db walton
First Word… You’ve got it…
copyright 2017 db walton
Making Gestures
copyright 2017 db walton
Come on…


We have been getting snow today.  Time to update my Season Watch page.

Almost Snow

Almost Snow

It’s almost snowing.  We’ve had so many light dustings, we finally got something that looks a little like snow.  I’ll call it “almost snow”.

They say we’re supposed to get dumped on tonight.  I have to take Elizabethe to Geneva in the morning so I better get up at 6 a.m. to shovel snow… just in case it is a dumping.

During Elizabethe’s eye appointment I updated both my tablet and laptop software.  (Free WiFi in the waiting room is sure nice.  You can actually get work done.)

Good Idea

It was a good idea to get a high-end tablet (i7 processor) for Painter, and a high-end laptop (also an i7 processor) for everything else.  On my tablet I don’t go to the Internet except to install software updates.  It is strictly a painting machine.  The laptop, however, is my office-away-from-home machine.  It’s actually a little more powerful than my desktop, but my desktop is 5 years old.  (That desktop has turned out to be a good decision.)

Funny Email

I got what I consider to be a funny email from Adobe.  The email claimed, “The all-new Lightroom CC just got better”.

There are only two ways it could get better.  1) Go back to a perpetual license, and 2) go back to LR version 4 speeds.

I hit the delete button.


Retro 1950s

Retro 1950s

Doing a retro 1950s shoot was quite fun today.  Two young women whom I’ve photographed quite a bit came prepared with clothing that looks like it belongs in the past.  My favorite was this one that is straight out of the camera…

copyright 2017 db walton - Retro 1950s Look
Retro 1950s Look

Or this one that’s a little more 1940ish glamour…

copyright 2017 db walton
1940ish Glamour

Because I had two models, there was little down time.  One would change while the other was in front of the camera.  I took about 375 photos.

copyright 2017 db walton
From the Silver Screen Era

It’s funny how we look back on various eras.  I laugh at the trend to make photographs look old and faded, however, this is not that.  This is black and white at its finest.


SOOC, or straight out of the camera, works well given my camera has built-in B&W film simulations as well as color filter.  The above were shot with Acros film and a green filter.  Well, not really, but the camera simulated the effect of Acros with a green filter.

The top picture in today’s post is SOOC.  No post processing.  You’re looking at what I saw in the viewfinder without any changes. (Of course, it’s nice to work with Angela because she has flawless skin and features.)


55 Plus Interview

55 Plus Interview

Paul and I were interviewed for 55 Plus Magazine — a magazine devoted to those over 55.  It was a fun interview.  We’re told our story will be in the January 2018 issue.  You can darn well bet I’ll be sharing links to it when it comes out.  I felt our 55 Plus interview went quite well.

Prior to the interview I was searching photos from the trip.  I didn’t look at all 40,000 images.  I selected certain days I knew contained good human interest images.

Cheap Dates

Elizabethe and I are cheap dates.  We went to Burger King and used a 2 for 1 coupon.  Two Whoppers, two fries and two drinks for the price of one.  And, if that wasn’t being cheap, we then went to Wendy’s and used our keytags for our free frosties.  (You must make a purchase, but cookies are only a buck.  A cookie and ice cream for $1.  You can’t go wrong.

After Thanksgiving Sales

I didn’t go to any stores or malls today.  I hate shopping crowds.  Instead, I waited for my favorite camera store — B&H to e-mail me.  They had 64GB SD cards for under $20.  And, they had 8TB drives, like the ones I use on my server, for $160.  So, I stocked up on storage stuff.

A photographer can never have too much backup space.

Portrait Day

Portrait Day

I dub this portrait day.  A morning setting up the studio is followed by an afternoon of shooting portraits.  Thus, it doesn’t get much better for a portrait photographer.

It is cold and wet, but not quite snowing.  Because of the weather, it is a good day for working inside.  Trips to and from the house are unpleasant because the ground is muddy.


Elizabethe is spending time updating our rental contracts.  We’ve learned as landlords there are a few things we need in our contracts.  For example, we will start requiring renter’s insurance, payment by check or credit card, and a few more details about tenant responsibilities.

How do you get a tenant to change the furnace filter every quarter?

You do it yourself and bill them.  Actually, I’m not going to bill them for my changing it, but require they have a filter ready for me, or they pay $25 if I provide one.  The same will be true for smoke and CO detector batteries.  However, as the smoke and CO detectors die I am replacing them with sealed, 10 year units.  I figure the furnace is my investment and I need to look after it because they aren’t.

Cold Floor

Cold Floor

It dropped in to the 20s last night.  My client complained that I have a cold floor.  I guess the little heater couldn’t keep up last night.

Note to self:  Next time place the heater where the client will stand.  At least that way the floor will be warmer there.

They say we’re supposed to have a cold, but dry week.  Perhaps on Monday I can get the leaves raked.  Right now, most of them are in piles.

Out of Gas

As soon as the shoot was over my big heater ran out of gas.  Time to go swap the cans.  I saw BJ’s has a really good price.

Church Tomorrow

I’m still not adjusted to not being the ward organist.  A couple of times today I found myself wondering what the hymns are for tomorrow.  I had to remind myself not to worry about it.


I just discovered our Roku has a Roku Channel.  It has quite a few free movies.  A few we have not seen, while there are others we haven’t seen in a while and might be worth re-watching.

Getting rid of Dish Network and getting the Roku was the best decision.  It is so much cheaper than all the other options.  Yes, you have to have Internet access, but we’d be paying for Internet either way.

Counting Postcards

Counting Postcards

I’ve become very good at counting postcards.  While I’m tempted to weight them, and count them that way, I don’t think it would be much quicker.  When you sell thousands of postcards, you have to count efficiently.

While taking my walk I stopped to make an appointment for a haircut.  She said she could take me right then.  As a result, I don’t have to make an appointment or go back in a couple of day.

Investment Review

It is time for our annual investment review.  Since November the market has done well.  A businessman in the White House is always good for the market.  What’s good for the market is good for the economy.  (I wish Congress would get that.)

Speaking of Congress, it is budget time in Washington, D.C.  It is unfortunate that Congress, collectively, doesn’t have a clue on how to cut taxes. I won’t be re-electing my congressman, and I hope others feel the same.

Monitor Blues

I’m still fretting over my studio computer monitor.  My old 19″ LaCie has great color, but at some point my computer will be obsolete and it will be time to upgrade.  As a result, I’m thinking it might work well to upgrade the monitor, then later get a new computer.


Fall Cleaning Day

Fall Cleaning Day

It’s fall cleaning day in my studio.  I am taking time to vacuum and sweep.  Leaves and dead bugs seem to find their way inside. I also have a photo shoot this afternoon.

Cleaning up is not my forte.

My photo session went well, and now it is time… like after every photo session… to do backups.  The new 8TB drives are working great.  Let’s see how long before I need more space.



My networking meeting went well, but again, sparsely attended.  Next week I am the speaker, and we are pushing to get people to come check us out.

What people don’t realize is (1) the cost is affordable, (2) there’s no pressure, (3) people tell others about your business and if they are interested, they give you the contact information.  How cool is that?

We had an interesting discussion last night about people who think they can work without human interaction.  Networking groups require human interaction, however, they make it easier.  It’s not like knocking on doors to get business.  Instead, you take 60 seconds to tell people what you do, and what makes a good customer.  After that, they let you know if they have someone who fits that bill.

Router Problems

Router Problems

After working with GoDaddy and Spectrum Internet it appears the problem is with my router.  My router problems are keeping me from seeing my own web site.

This is frustrating.  I can ping, trace route to it, and I can even ftp to it.  I just can’t see it using http.  Isn’t that strange.

I’ve tried everything I can think of.  All of my websites are hosted by GoDaddy and they are all accessible except  (I’m updating my blog from a different network.)

Nima’s Calzones

I’m still beat and suffering from car lag.  We called out for calzones from Nima’s Pizza.  They are the best.  As a result, I can just kick back and enjoy the rest of the evening.


Tomorrow I plan to attack the router after getting a good rest.  I’m overlooking something.  I don’t know what.  Once I figure it out I’ll know what to do if it happens again.

There is a lot of data to back up.  My file servers are running out of space.  Coming home with 2TBs of data doesn’t help the space problem.

I am looking at 8TB drives.  That’s the next step.  The old drives will serve as off site backups, while the new ones will be on the active server.