Two Down

Two Down

Two down, and two paintings to go for International Print Competition.  The due date is in the end of May, but it’s never good to wait for the last minute on these things.

Last night I started on the third painting.  So far, the list includes:

  • Are You Coming to Bed, Dear? – a social commentary on game and Internet addiction. (done)
  • Don’t Stand So Close to Me – based on the song by Police – a male teacher with a female student who is coming on to him. (done)
  • I Shoot RAW – a humorous take on the question, “Do you shoot RAW?” (in progress)
  • undecided

PPSNYS Focus Convention

We’re going to the PPSNYS Focus Convention later this week.  I’m glad it is a little closer than New Jersey, and I hope it is a good convention.  I have my anxieties about it since they’ve been dwindling in numbers.

I was reading some of the reviews of the venue.  It’s funny, Yelp has only bad reviews about the place.  (I guess they haven’t paid Yelp their extortion fees.  Yes, Yelp extorts business owners.  You can’t trust their reviews – especially the bad ones.)  Google on the other hand, has a mix of good and bad.  I guess we’ll find out later this week.

Cold Month

March has been a cold month.  It’s been about a week since it last snowed, but the freezing temperatures have kept the snow from melting.  Spring starts on Thursday, hopefully that will start turning things around and it will start warming up.

I was noticing the garden.  I’m thinking it is going to be off to a late start this year.  Last year we didn’t get a lot of tomatillos.  I’m going to suggest to Elizabethe we move them back to where we had them two years ago, and to plant more.  We can always use more green sauce.

If it’s Not One Thing, It’s Another

If it’s Not One Thing, It’s Another

The old saying, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another”, certainly applies this year.  After returning from Israel (where I had to deal with Achilles tendon problems), Elizabethe and I came down with that terrible flu.  I start getting better, and was doing great when we went to Utah for Rebecca’s wedding, and then my right leg acts up after we get home.

This is the same leg I broke when the car hit me about 4 years ago.  I don’t know what’s going on, and the doctor can’t see me until Thursday, but it hurts worse than when the car hit me.

I did some research and it sounds like tibial tuberosity.  That’s a fancy name for an inflamed ligament that connects to the top of the tibia.  Whatever it is, IT HURTS.

Getting Elected to Congress Turns One into a Moron

I’m not going to  hold back on this one.  Congress, as a whole, has done some stupid things.  Back when they banned fluorocarbons, the unexpected consequence was asthma and COPD sufferers how have to pay an outrageous amount for rescue inhalers.

As I’m laying there with pain ranging from 9.5 to 10, I was thinking… “I’d welcome some pain killers right now.”  I don’t like taking pills.  I only do it if I absolutely have to.  And when it comes to pain killers, 99% of the time I’d rather put up with the pain.

The latest move to crack down on doctors who write too many scripts for opiods, only hurts those who 1) could really use the pain pills, and 2) don’t abuse or get hooked on the stuff.


I went to the doctor this morning and it turns out my leg doesn’t have anything to do with my accident, it has to do with that nasty flu I had back in January.  The flu weakened my immune system and I got a bad infection in my bursis just under the kneecap and down into the top of my shin.

Who would have thought?

March is Here

March is Here

March is here and it’s a nice day outside.  The weather reports warn tomorrow won’t be so nice, so I’m enjoying it today.

We went to a late lunch/early dinner with our friends Ron and Mary Harris.  Elizabethe had a coupon for a free meal, so that governed our choice.  It wasn’t bad.  They had prime rib!

We stopped at the Indian store after dinner.  Elizabethe noticed she didn’t have her purse (credit cards, phone, ID, etc.)  Back we went.  Thanks to the alert people at Golden Corral, the purse was recovered with everything in tact.

Good and the Bad

That’s the good.  The bad is I noticed a charge on my business credit card for about $200.  So, I had to cancel my card.  It’s ironic.  The charge occurred immediately after I purchased an update to my WinZip software.

More Good

I wanted to stop at Best Buy on our way home.  I saw a very nice hp 32q monitor.  It was on sale.  Elizabethe came in the store to use the bathroom, and when she saw me looking at it, she said, “THAT’S WHAT YOU CAN GET ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY.”

I’m jealous.  It’s a very nice, better than 4K, monitor.  Easy on the eyes and BIG.

I took her old monitor, a 27″ 720p, and put it on my office computer.  It looks like crap next to my LaCie monitor. (But, then, most monitors do.)  I’m getting a new monitor.  That’s all there is to it.


I then got looking at PCs.  Hmmm… 6 cores, 16 threads, 16GB, … well, if it had 32GB, I probably would have bought it.

Hill Cumorah Pageant 2018

Can you believe it will be Hill Cumorah Pageant time soon.  We already have people inquiring, however, with fewer rooms to rent, we’re limited to small groups (couples and individuals mostly.)


Home Again

Home Again

We’re back home again.  It is becoming increasingly more difficult to update my blog while on the road.  But, I’m home again and here’s a re-capture of the last two weeks.

Software Issues

I’ve been dealing with software issues with a program by Smith Micro called Poser 11.  The software does what it does quite well — that is 3D rendering and animation.  What it doesn’t do well is file and data management.  I’d give them an A+ on the 3D stuff, but an F in file and data management.

With my expertise in the Windows file structure and data handling, for me to have issues with a software package does not speak very highly of that software package.  Again, they do the 3D stuff well, but their programmers could use some schooling on Software Quality Assurance, file handling, and data structures.

A summary of the issue is this…

You cannot create a Poser scene on computer A, save it to a USB drive, and then take it to computer B and open it.  The only way it will work is of Computer B looks just like Computer A in every aspect.

I’ve spent days on getting their software to find these files.

Utah Trip

We went to Utah for Rebecca’s wedding.  We got there on Friday, and spent most of the day helping her and Stephen pack the moving van.  We spent the evening with Amber and Jason and their friends.  I treated everyone to a huge ice cream feast after dinner.

Wedding Day

The wedding was at the Provo City Center Temple. It is quite beautiful.  I remember the night the Provo Tabernacle burned down.  Now, it is a lovely temple in the center of the city.

We had a bit of a break between the wedding and reception.  When we got to the reception we were all a bit surprised at the decorations.  Rebecca wanted to keep it very simple.  At least there wasn’t any drama during the wedding or reception.


We attended church with Amber and Jason.  After church we went to Sarah’s house and had a BBQ.  Natalie and Amber and their husbands and kids got to meet Sarah, Becky, and some of the nieces and nephews who live in Utah.


Monday was Amber’s day to do stuff with us.  Natalie joined us and we went to the Church History Museum and saw the interactive display I provided images for.  I thought it was going to be one on the Hill Cumorah.  Instead, they used pictures from Fayette and did a virtual tour of the log home there.


Amber was off for her IVF treatment, and Natalie and boys joined us for breakfast at Becky and Glenn’s.  After breakfast, Natalie, Brad and Mike and I went and got In and Out Burgers.

In the evening, we had dinner at Amber’s and celebrated Bethe’s birthday.  Jennifer arrived just a few minutes before we had to leave for the airport.


We had a wonderful trip and got to see all 5 of my daughters and their children!!!

3D Assets

3D Assets

I never thought I would get in to 3D modeling.  I never thought I would be using the term 3D assets.  Well, I now own a couple hundred dollars of 3D assets and I’m in to 3D modeling.

Most people use 3D modeling for video games and movies.  Not me, I’m using it for art.  It would cost me about $200 to hire a model for a day.  Now, for $200 I have several models, wardrobe, and more.

Granted, it is difficult to set a face for the right expression, but that’s part of the learning process.  I have to ask questions like, “What makes a person look surprised?”  Or, “What makes a person look like they adore someone?”

copyright 2018 db walton
Close-up of Expression

It’s pretty cool.  (I hope the above captured the expression of a shocked surprise.


Much of my day was spent organizing my 3D assets.  The way they install on the hard drive isn’t very intuitive when trying to find what you’re looking for.  Most of them are installed by the vendor’s name.  So, if I’m looking for a dress, seeing a folder named ADP, for example, doesn’t tell me it contains a dress.

As a result I have spent most of the day putting my assets in to folders that make sense to me.

Better But Weak

Better But Weak

I’m better but weak. By that I mean I’m over the flu, but I am so weak.  This virus really ravished my body.

We went to church today and made it through the entire 3 hour block.  I’m exhausted from it, but feel good that we went to church.

We’re also feeding the sister missionaries tonight, however, it’s all crock pot stuff with a few simple additions.

Current Projects

Now that I’m feeling better, it is time to work on my current projects.  This winter I will prepare my print competition paintings.  I’ve started working on a few.

  • Don’t Stand So Close to Me – Based on the song by the police.  It is a scene of a school teacher being pressed against the wall by a student.  On the chalk board is written, “Reading Assignment – Nabokov, Lolita.
  • The Farmer’s Daughter – an old farm couple on the porch with their young daughter talking to a young man standing on the front lawn.
  • I Shoot RAW – a parody on the old question, do you shoot RAW or JPEG?
  • She Does Her Best Work After 5pm – an office scene with a guy being seduced by his secretary.
  • Are You Coming to Bed? – A young husband wrapped up in a video game while his wife stands in the doorway.
copyright 2018 db walton
Don’t Stand So Close To Me

There are some others, but I need to create at least 4 for this year.  Anything beyond 4 will be saved for next year’s IPC.

Digital Painting

More and more I’m enjoying digital painting as much, or perhaps more, than photography.  It seems everyone thinks if they own a digital camera they can be a professional photographer.  However, painting is something most people won’t take the time to learn and develop the talent.

H3N2 Flu

H3N2 Flu

I haven’t been doing updates for 2 reasons.  Reason 1 is I have the H3N2 flu and it is keeping me flat on my back.  Reason 2 is there’s not much to say.  What would I write?  I spent the day in bed today?

Today is the first day my lungs aren’t making a rattle sound.  However, my breathing is weak and when I talk it demonstrates in my weak voice.

People at church have been helpful.  Sister Taylor brought us dinner the other night.  Sister Ward came and did the dishes and cleaned up in the kitchen.  Both acts greatly appreciated.


This flu is unprecedented.  As a child I had mumps, both forms of measles, and evidently chicken pox too.  While this flu isn’t as painful as mumps, it’s kept me down as long.

It’s almost as bad as pneumonia.  It’s like having pneumonia without all the gunk in your lungs.  There’s still some stuff that I cough up, but it’s not quite as yucky as pneumonia.

When I saw the doctor, she asked about muscle aches.  To my surprise, and her’s too, I did not at that time.  Well, it was only a matter of time.  A couple of days ago my legs and back felt like I had just played a major soccer match.

Right before that, the fever hit for a couple of nights in a row.  Fortunately, it wasn’t a very high fever, but it was enough that it drained me.

Today I’ve felt the best since seeing the doctor.  That’s not to say I’m 100% better, it simply means today is an improvement.  I won’t be going anywhere today, or tomorrow for that matter.  I just hope that comes Sunday I’ll feel well enough to go to church.

What’s Helped

I’m fortunate that I don’t have the vomiting that others have experienced.  My nausea has been constrained to just that — nausea.  That said, I thought I’d list somethings that have helped…

  • NyQuil – One dose at bedtime has helped me sleep soundly
  • Lots of water and juice
  • Chicken soup
  • Herb tea
  • Antibiotics the doctor prescribed – I think they have kept this from turning in to bacterial pneumonia.
  • Albuterol – This has helped those wheezing attacks
  • Vaporizer – the moisture in the air helps keep the phlegm moving
  • Guaifenesin – it also helps cough up the phlegm
  • LOTS of SLEEP – If you have this, all you’ll want to do is sleep.  Don’t fight it.  Sleep.

Perhaps Not

Perhaps Not

The other day I reported I’m recovering quickly.  Perhaps not.  Both Elizabethe and I have this virus now.  We both are staying home from church and staying in bed.

My friend Matt is still struggling with this bug.  He caught it back around the 2nd week of January.  I hope we’re not in for a long struggle with it.

Print Comp and Pulp Fiction

I’ve been thinking of unique ideas for Print Comp.  I started looking at Pulp Fiction covers to get ideas for both names and images.

Do you realize how many pulp fiction novels have been turned in to movies or TV shows?

LOTS!  Perry Mason, James Bond, Mickey Spillane, and more.  Of course, there are many more that have titles so trashy they aren’t worth repeating.  Some of the covers are great, while others wouldn’t get you any points with the IPC judges.

I’ve been coming up with spins on the titles that relate to photography, and plan to do a series of “covers” with cameras.  For example, “Never Shoot Your Client”.  The double-entendre meaning of shoot should get some points with judges.  The next step is to create the image that tells the story.


Recovering Quickly

Recovering Quickly

I feel like I am recovering quickly from this upper respiratory infection.  Yesterday’s stay home and rest day is paying off.  All I did today was go to my networking meeting and I drove Elizabethe to her class at the library.

This is an irritating one, but I don’t want to end up with pneumonia like my friend Matt did.  So, I’m taking it slow.

Repeated Discussion

It’s a repeated discussion in our networking group why other business owners won’t join.  I’ve heard excuses from, “It’s too early”, to “I’m too busy”.  As to the latter, in one breath they say they are too busy, and in the other they complain about not getting any work.  Aye, yi, yi.  You can’t have it both ways.


The weather continues to be cold.  We haven’t got any snow the last few days, but the temperatures are so low nothing is melting either.  It’s just COLD.

I understand people in the southeast United States are getting colder than usual weather.  Places that usually don’t get cold enough to snow are getting snow.  Airports have closed and people are actually dying because of the cold.

Having grown up where it is cold it baffles my mind that people would let themselves get so cold they die.  I can understand getting stranded in a storm and getting hypothermia because you weren’t prepared.  It sounds like some emergency preparedness instruction is due.

Toronto Traffic

Toronto Traffic

Toronto traffic sucks.  To save about $200 I decided to drive to Toronto and fly form there to Tel Aviv.  Let’s see how that worked out…

  • drive there – 3+ hours (This was because it was New Year’s day and no commuters on the road.)
  • Parking for 10 days in Toronto – about $270
  • Drive home 6+ hours (I’ve since learned it has some of the worst traffic in the world.)

Will I do that again?  Probably not.  I might do like my friends the Harmers did.  Fly to Toronto from Rochester and there to Tel Aviv.  I would have come out ahead.

On the bright side, I made it home safely.

Other Messes

I also came home to a mess left by a tenant who simply vacated on his lease.  I’ve never seen such filth in my life.  It looks like I have to replace a microwave oven, carpet, mattress and box springs, as well as paying to have it professionally cleaned.

We live and learn.  One lesson I’ve learned from this is if they are slow getting their initial deposit paid, you probably don’t want them for a tenant.

copyright 2017 db walton
Living in Filth

How do people live in such filth.  (This photo doesn’t do it justice.  That orange spot, center bottom is a bleach mark (and there are many) where he tried to clean the carpet with who-knows-what.  The sad part is, why bother cleaning the carpet when you live in filth?

To Do List

I have a major to-do list for today.  This is just one item.  I will be updating and adding updates from my trip in the next few days.

It’s nice that we don’t have Toronto traffic in Rochester, because I have some errands to run.