March is Here

March is Here

March is here and it’s a nice day outside.  The weather reports warn tomorrow won’t be so nice, so I’m enjoying it today.

We went to a late lunch/early dinner with our friends Ron and Mary Harris.  Elizabethe had a coupon for a free meal, so that governed our choice.  It wasn’t bad.  They had prime rib!

We stopped at the Indian store after dinner.  Elizabethe noticed she didn’t have her purse (credit cards, phone, ID, etc.)  Back we went.  Thanks to the alert people at Golden Corral, the purse was recovered with everything in tact.

Good and the Bad

That’s the good.  The bad is I noticed a charge on my business credit card for about $200.  So, I had to cancel my card.  It’s ironic.  The charge occurred immediately after I purchased an update to my WinZip software.

More Good

I wanted to stop at Best Buy on our way home.  I saw a very nice hp 32q monitor.  It was on sale.  Elizabethe came in the store to use the bathroom, and when she saw me looking at it, she said, “THAT’S WHAT YOU CAN GET ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY.”

I’m jealous.  It’s a very nice, better than 4K, monitor.  Easy on the eyes and BIG.

I took her old monitor, a 27″ 720p, and put it on my office computer.  It looks like crap next to my LaCie monitor. (But, then, most monitors do.)  I’m getting a new monitor.  That’s all there is to it.


I then got looking at PCs.  Hmmm… 6 cores, 16 threads, 16GB, … well, if it had 32GB, I probably would have bought it.

Hill Cumorah Pageant 2018

Can you believe it will be Hill Cumorah Pageant time soon.  We already have people inquiring, however, with fewer rooms to rent, we’re limited to small groups (couples and individuals mostly.)


Toronto Traffic

Toronto Traffic

Toronto traffic sucks.  To save about $200 I decided to drive to Toronto and fly form there to Tel Aviv.  Let’s see how that worked out…

  • drive there – 3+ hours (This was because it was New Year’s day and no commuters on the road.)
  • Parking for 10 days in Toronto – about $270
  • Drive home 6+ hours (I’ve since learned it has some of the worst traffic in the world.)

Will I do that again?  Probably not.  I might do like my friends the Harmers did.  Fly to Toronto from Rochester and there to Tel Aviv.  I would have come out ahead.

On the bright side, I made it home safely.

Other Messes

I also came home to a mess left by a tenant who simply vacated on his lease.  I’ve never seen such filth in my life.  It looks like I have to replace a microwave oven, carpet, mattress and box springs, as well as paying to have it professionally cleaned.

We live and learn.  One lesson I’ve learned from this is if they are slow getting their initial deposit paid, you probably don’t want them for a tenant.

copyright 2017 db walton
Living in Filth

How do people live in such filth.  (This photo doesn’t do it justice.  That orange spot, center bottom is a bleach mark (and there are many) where he tried to clean the carpet with who-knows-what.  The sad part is, why bother cleaning the carpet when you live in filth?

To Do List

I have a major to-do list for today.  This is just one item.  I will be updating and adding updates from my trip in the next few days.

It’s nice that we don’t have Toronto traffic in Rochester, because I have some errands to run.

55 Plus Interview

55 Plus Interview

Paul and I were interviewed for 55 Plus Magazine — a magazine devoted to those over 55.  It was a fun interview.  We’re told our story will be in the January 2018 issue.  You can darn well bet I’ll be sharing links to it when it comes out.  I felt our 55 Plus interview went quite well.

Prior to the interview I was searching photos from the trip.  I didn’t look at all 40,000 images.  I selected certain days I knew contained good human interest images.

Cheap Dates

Elizabethe and I are cheap dates.  We went to Burger King and used a 2 for 1 coupon.  Two Whoppers, two fries and two drinks for the price of one.  And, if that wasn’t being cheap, we then went to Wendy’s and used our keytags for our free frosties.  (You must make a purchase, but cookies are only a buck.  A cookie and ice cream for $1.  You can’t go wrong.

After Thanksgiving Sales

I didn’t go to any stores or malls today.  I hate shopping crowds.  Instead, I waited for my favorite camera store — B&H to e-mail me.  They had 64GB SD cards for under $20.  And, they had 8TB drives, like the ones I use on my server, for $160.  So, I stocked up on storage stuff.

A photographer can never have too much backup space.

Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake Factory

We order gift cards as our credit card rewards.  Often you can get more dollars for your points that way.  So, I ordered a $100 Cheesecake Factory card.

I took it today to buy a cheesecake for Thanksgiving dessert.  Asking if I could mix and match, I got the shock of my life… “Yes, but you will pay the per-slice price.”

Hmmm… $8.50 to $9.50 per slice… 12 slices per cake… there goes my $100.

She then added I could get half a cake of one and half of another.


Elizabethe likes plain, and I like something more exciting.  So I got 1/2 plain and the other half pecan chocolate turtle.  That’s about 1/2 the price of buying by the slice.

Early Taste

After dinner tonight both of us took an early taste of the cheesecake.  It’s not like we’re going to run out tomorrow especially since it will just be the two of us.  In fact, we might have cheesecake for dessert on Sunday when we feed the sister missionaries.

The pecan turtle cheesecake was really good with one exception… the pecans don’t taste very fresh.  It’s not worth the drive back to Pittsford to ask for an exchange.  But, I will mention it the next time I’m there.  When you spend that much for a cheesecake, you expect it to taste fresh.

Wegman’s Bakery

The Wegman’s bakery had a pretty nice cake.  I think the next time I’m in the mood to splurge for a dessert it will be their cake that is half cheesecake and half ultimate chocolate cake.

Note to Self

Note to Self

A note to self:  Don’t shop at Wegman’s on a Saturday!

Well, that’s not entirely valid.  I did run in to a friend at Wegman’s, but I hate the crowds on weekends and days before holidays.  So, I’d rather not shop on Saturday’s.

To top it off, I had a list a mile long of things I need to get — all at various stores.  I stopped at Lowe’s, Staples, BJ’s, and Wegman’s.  As a result, it took me hours to get through it all.


I hate dates on coupons.  A couple of times at BJ’s I’ve got bit because I didn’t check the dates close enough.  Well, it happened again today.  Fortunately for me, the cashier had a book that was current and found coupons that applied to other things in my cart.

The problem would be solved if coupons had no expiration date.


Elizabethe worked all day on the garden.  She enlisted a few neighbor children to help move compost from the compost pile to her tires.  They worked hard.  At the end, Elizabethe said she wanted to go out to eat.

Burger King it was.

Speaking of coupons, I like that Burger King has an app.  The coupon is only good while you are there, and it is a one-time use.  That’s okay.  You walk in, bring up the app, and decide what deal you want.  Perhaps that is the future of coupons.


Anxious to Get Home

Anxious to Get Home

I’m anxious to get home.  It is nice seeing friends and family, but I really dislike California.  I didn’t realize how much I disliked it until this visit.

There are just enough crazy people on the freeway that it becomes scary.  I saw two cars playing cat-n-mouse and endangering everyone in their path.  I saw a LOT of very aggressive drivers, and others who are simply rude.

Just the traffic situation makes me glad I live where I live.

Spending the Day

We returned the rental car this morning.  Enterprise gave A-1 service.

After returning the car, we borrowed the van (I figured it wouldn’t overheat going to and from the NutTree).  We picked up our See’s Candy to take home, and had lunch at Rubio’s (a Mexican taco place you won’t find in NY.)

We planned to take Elizabethe’s mom to dinner, but just before we were ready to leave, Jeff and Brenda came and invited to take us to dinner.  We ate a nice dinner (ice cream) at Fenton’s.  This is my last chance to have Fenton’s Swiss Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with Fenton’s Caramel Sauce.

To the Airport

After dinner, Marilyn took us to the Sacramento Airport.  We’re on our way home.

Lunch with the Miners

Lunch with the Miners

Elizabethe and I had lunch with the Miners today.  Brent and Karen Miner work in the temple with us.  He is one of the counselors in the temple presidency, and prior to that, he was my shift coordinator.

copyright 2017 db walton
Brent & Karen Miner

We met for lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse in Victor.  We have a favorite waitress there who works on Fridays so we asked to be seated in her section.

Someone assumed we were coming with 20 guests.  (I’m not sure how they came to that conclusion.)  It was just the four of us.

We had some nice conversation and some great food.  It is Elizabethe’s favorite restaurant.  Plus, the chef knows how to cook a steak rare. Unfortunately, many restaurants don’t have a clue as to what rare, medium and well done mean.

We also had a couple of coupons which we shared with the Miners.

Cold Sweep

We have another cold sweep moving in, and it is coupled with high winds.  They have set up a Red Cross emergency shelter in Macedon.  Many homes are without power and that’s not good when the temperatures are dropping in to the teens tonight.  It is also supposed to snow tonight or tomorrow.

RIT Bookstore

RIT Bookstore

I was in the neighborhood and  visited the RIT Bookstore (aka Barnes & Noble at R.I.T.).  Their art department is nice.  The book selection is no different than other Barnes & Noble.

Why is it most of the creative software magazines are from the U.K?

Aside from NAPP’s magazine you don’t find any U.S. published Photoshop, Painter or artistic software magazines.  Yet, they have more publications on how to draw Manga art than any other.  Is it really that popular?

Golden Corral

I will never go to Golden Corral on a Friday night again.  It is noisy, crowded and weird.

You’ve seen those pictures of “The People of Walmart”?

They should do one on the People of Golden Corral.  The evil side of me wanted to go up to a lady and say, “Ma’am, if you can see your cellulite, then your pants are too tight.”

I had the impression I was the only person in the place who had shaved today.  I was probably the only person who had shaved all week.  All the men looked pretty scruffy, as did lots of the women.

On the drive home I said to my wife, “As I looked around at Golden Corral I had a terrible thought.  I thought, ‘Do we fit in with this crowd?’  Heaven forbid.”

I did a quick inventory…

  • Am I wearing a t-shirt 2 sizes too small?  Nope.  I’m wearing a button down collared shirt.
  • Are my pants down around my butt?  Nope.
  • Does my shirt say NASCAR, Insane Clown Posse (whatever that is), or I’m With Stupid?  Nope.
  • Did I shaved in the last couple of weeks?  Yup.
  • Am I wearing a baseball cap with some sports related logo?  Nope.

Okay, I’m a misfit at Golden Corral.  They are looking at me and asking, “Whose that clean-cut guy with a collared shirt?”

Studio Door

The studio door is installed.  It looks very nice.  When it warms up outside I will paint it green to match the studio’s trim.


MAG Visit

MAG Visit

I took Elizabethe for a MAG visit today.  She has never been to the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, and while it isn’t her thing, she appeased me by going.

The current guest display is of Escher’s work.  I learned much of his work are woodcuts.  All this time I thought they were pen and ink.  It is impressive to see his work.

My favorite painter is William-Adolph Bouguereau.  They have two of his paintings.  Of the two, this is my favorite:

copyright 2017 dbwalton
William Bouguereau Painting

Elizabethe was so impressed with the detail she asked me to get a picture of the toes.  For a 19th Century artist, his detail is impressive.  They didn’t have cameras back then, so this young lady had to pose for a LONG time.  This was painted just a few years before he died.

While we were out and about we had lunch at Aja Noodle at 12 Corners for the first and last time.  The place was cold, unattractive, over priced and the service wasn’t very good.  (The waitress was a little curt.)  The flavor of the food was so-so.

You know, for $35 for two people for LUNCH, you’d expect to have a GREAT meal, not a so-so meal.  For $7-8 at Happiness Garden I can get noodles or rice and be quite pleased with the taste.

Senior Deals

Senior Deals

One of the nice things about being a senior citizen are senior deals.  We went to lunch at Golden Corral because we had $20 in gift cards.  We get there and we’re told we qualify for a senior early bird special.  Hot dog!  Our lunch was free.

I’ve noticed that not all stores tell you if they have senior discounts.  The age isn’t consistent either.  I feel funny asking, so I think I’ll say, “Don’t forget my discount.”

Years ago my dad was getting gas at Sear’s.  After telling him how much, the attendant said, “Oh, I forgot your discount.”

He then gave my dad a revised price.  After that, my dad would always tell him, “Don’t forget my discount.”

One day, that man wasn’t there.  My dad said to the new attendant, “Don’t forget my discount.”

The attendant looked at him and asked, “Do you work here at Sear’s?”

Not to get the other guy in trouble, my dad told him he did not.

Weeks later, the original attendant was working and my dad asked him, “Why do I get a discount?”

The man then said, “Don’t you work in the appliance department?”


After lunch I decided to see if JoAnne’s had something that looks like fish skin.  Well, they did, and nearly $100 later I’ve got all sorts of fabric.  I should keep away from fabric stores.

I also got some black broad cloth to use as scrims.