Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror

So I have figured out how to make a mirror in Poser.  It’s pretty cool, except you cannot see how the reflection will look until it goes through the rendering process (a process that can take a long time.)

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This Constitutes a LOT of WORK

As time goes along, I’m sure I’ll figure out how to position the “mirror” without a bunch of trial and error.  Currently, my mirror just looks like a black square.  After it is rendered, it shows the reflection, and in the above case, you can’t see the edges of the mirror because it is hid by the woman on the left, and is off the edge of the picture on the right.  Because you can’t see the reflection, you don’t really know if your subject is in the reflection until you render it.


Pino often used mirrors in his compositions.  I’d like to create some Pino-esque images using a mirror as part of the scene.  This is a start.  I’ll probably start with what I’ve started here, but poser her differently and have her doing something like primping or putting on lipstick.  (This was an exercise in “can I do it”.)

A Painting by Danae Pino

Families Grow

Families Grow

It’s fun watching families grow.  The Wildey Family talked in church today.  When we first moved here, they were just starting to have children, and now all three of the children talked in Sacrament Meeting.  What a wonderful event to witness.

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From a Workshop Years Ago

Sister Wildey and her children have volunteered to model for my workshops over the years.  I just realized I don’t have a single picture of them with Brother Wildey.  Tthe next time I’ll have to schedule my workshop around his schedule.

I think we don’t see how rapidly our own family grows until we go back and look at pictures.  But, the others around us, it seems like they grow right before your eyes because you only see them once a week or even less.

Beef Stew

The sister missionaries weren’t able to make dinner tonight.  So, Elizabethe and I had lots of beef stew.  The meat turned out perfect.  (Browning it in bacon grease is the key!)

There are few soups that I like.  On the other hand, I do like stews and chowders.  I think it is the thickness and heartiness because they make me feel satisfied after eating.


It is the first day this year that it feels like spring.  The sun is shining.  I hope it continues like this for a few days.  I could use the Vitamin D.

Springtime Blizzard

Springtime Blizzard

It is the strangest weather I’ve ever seen.  Here it is April 20th, and the lawn is covered in white… yes, snow.  Last night, it looked like a blizzard for a while.  It is indeed strange to have a springtime blizzard like this.

We left the house early for my annual prostate exam.  (What a way to start a day.  Elizabethe was asking what it involved and so I gave her the perverse details.)  We got there, got in and out quickly and headed to Henrietta to do some shopping.

Harbor Freight Tools

I think I’m going to stop going to Harbor Freight Tools.  I bought Elizabethe a light for Christmas, and with the flu and everything else that happened at the first of the year, I’m just now getting around to returning it.

They wouldn’t take it back, even though it is still in the box, because it has been longer than 90-days.  For me, that’s enough to say I’m through shopping there.  Besides, Amazon is more convenient.


We had a coupon for a kabob place.  Elizabethe read the reviews and they said the food was good, especially their french fries, but the service is slow.  Well, they nailed it 100%.  It took quite a while to get our food, and the french fries were very good — even without catsup.

In their defense, everything was very fresh.  I can put up with slow when I know my meal was cooked after I ordered it.  It comes across as a fast-food place, but in reality, it’s sit-down restaurant quality.

Judging Through Judgement

Judging Through Judgement

Why is it the most judgemental people are those who get upset when they think people are judging them?   Judging through judgement is what I’ll call it.

One of my recent goals for self-improvement is to avoid priestcraft in all its forms.  I didn’t realize how prevalent it is until recently when I decided to research it more.  The encouragement to do this came from my Book of Mormon reading.

Before I go any further, I’m going to flat out say it… in order to avoid pitfalls, one must make judgements as to what is right and what is wrong.  We do this all the time.  An extreme example would be if someone told you drinking arsenic would cure cancer, I would hope your better judgement would tell you to not drink arsenic.

Judging People

When I read Jesus’ admonition to ‘judge not, lest thou be judged’ (see Matt. 7:1-3), I understand that to mean we shouldn’t judge people’s motivation or intent.  There’s no scriptural basis to say we shouldn’t say something is a sin, when the scriptures and the prophets say it is a sin.  There is, however, scriptural basis that says we shouldn’t question a person’s reason for sinning, or condemn because they have sinned.

I got the willies when I read where a guy was touting various forms of inequity and the message of his writing was this:  Don’t give a hoot what others think.  Just keep on sinning.  Anyone who tells you your sinning is judging you.


These judges who accuse active church-goers of judgement place labels on people:  gay, straight, LGBT, black, latino, white, etc.  Wait… after Christ visited the New World, doesn’t the Book of Mormon say there were no ‘-ites’ among them?

Aren’t these labels forms of ‘-ites’?

If you’re not convinced, anciently a gay man would be called a Sodomite.  A latino a Lamanite.  Need I continue?


Re-reading this guys writing made me feel yucky inside.  I don’t know what his motivation is for writing the stuff he writes, but for me, past experience has shown those yucky-inside feelings means something is amiss with what I’m reading.  Or, another way to say it is, the Spirit of the Lord is telling me it is false doctrine and meant to lead people away from the truth.

The Litmus Test

I was introduced to litmus paper at a very young age.  I think I got my first chemistry set when I was around 5 or 6 years old.  Litmus paper tells you the pH of a solution.

When it comes to the gospel teachings, my litmus test is my gut.  When my gut tells me something is wrong, it is usually wrong.    There is also a secondary test I apply.  It is what have the current apostles and prophets said?

I’ll give you an example:  Someone was saying the church just needs to get with the times, and eventually they will when it comes to gay marriage.  When Elder Christofferson was asked about that, his answer was an authoritative, “Never.”

So, to have someone write about the subject in such a way that encourages behaviours contrary to the teachings of the Savior, and then attempt to use the Saviors teachings as justification… well… it fails both tests.


Is it Priestcraft?

If he’s doing it for the praise of men and money, it fits the Book of Mormon definition of priestcraft.

Dinner Yesterday

Dinner Yesterday

Since we had the missionaries for dinner yesterday, we didn’t feed them today.  I was supposed to have a meeting in Batavia, but it got postponed a couple of weeks.  So, we fed the missionaries yesterday, and today after church we just relaxed.

There was a small ice storm last night.  The handrail and snow shovel were the only things with a lot of ice on them.  Some of the tree branches had ice, and as the wind blew you could hear cracking and popping as the ice broke.  It was a sound I had never experienced before.


I had a couple of t-bone steaks in the freezer.  The last time I took one out, it turned out kind of tough.  This time, I got smart and soaked up all the liquid by pressing the steak between some paper towels before plopping it in the skillet.

It was a good idea to do that.  It turned out perfect this time.  Plus, I have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

World Tensions

As usual, the news media blew the whole bombing of Syria out of proportion.  Now, it isn’t even front page news.  Russia purported has said, ‘… if you do it again…’

As a kid I used to wonder how the news in communist countries could be so deceptive.  I see our news media has become what theirs has been all along — deceptive.

John Tesh

John Tesh

I like the John Tesh show.  When returning home from a late appointment or meeting, he’s often on the air with his Intelligence for Your Life Show.  They research little helpful tidbits and give them between songs.

The other night he was talking about a recent study that reported during the 1st quarter of 2018, those people getting the new jobs were the baby boomers.  He went on to say employers like hiring baby boomers because they work harder and make fewer mistakes.


I can relate to that going back about 20 years.  About 20 years ago I was looking to fill 3 technical job positions.  Most of the young college graduates I interviewed had little to no life skills.

Turning to a co-worker I said, “If this trend doesn’t change, we’re in for a world of hurt in the next 20-30 years.”

We’re in a world of hurt.

A general contractor friend says he can’t find decent workers.  He interviewed a kid who had a bachelor’s degree in construction management, but no work experience.  The young many wanted more that he was worth because he had a degree.  My friend explained to him that he has no experience.

Another friend says he grandson sits and plays video games all day.  When he turned 16 he couldn’t pass his driver’s license test because his peripheral vision hadn’t been honed through going outside activities where you have a 360-degree world coming at you.  His world was 15-degrees in front of his computer looking at a 2D world.

Eagle Scout

From the time I was 11 years old, the most important thing in the world was achieving Eagle Scout.  I had in my mind if I had my Eagle Scout, I could do anything.   It was the one thing at 11 years old where I was right.

Earning those 21 merit badges, the service projects, and Scouting skills that went along with becoming an Eagle Scout gave me the confidence needed for life.    I had to gain experience and knowledge in 21 topics.  My service project required I supervise, manage, and direct a project.  Before I could even start on the project, I had to write a proposal and have it approved.  After the project, I had to write a report and present it to a committee of adults.

Where have we gone wrong?


I completed my first pirate painting today…

copyright 2018 db walton - John Tesh
2018 Pirate Commemorative Painting

Driving 101

Driving 101

I will deviate today from photography and other happenings.   It’s time to say something about people’s driving.  This is Driving 101 – lanes – their use and meaning.  If they still teach driver’s ed and driver’s training, lots of people are failing while still getting a license.


Lane – guide for where you drive.  It is delineated by lines – either solid or dashed, and either yellow or white.

Yellow line, solid – divides on-coming traffic lanes.  Solid on your side means you cannot cross it except to make a left-hand turn in to a driveway, or u-turn, where legal.

Yellow line, double-double – this is to be treated as if it were a concrete wall.  You cannot cross it even to make a turn.

Yellow line, dashed – divides on-coming traffic lanes.  May be used to pass a car in your lane if it is safe to cross the dashed yellow line.

White line, solid – may only be crossed in an emergency, or making a legal right turn in to a driveway, or to cautiously pass a stopped vehicle (that does not have its right turn signal blinking) in your lane.

White line, dashed – divides your lane from the one to your right.  May be crossed to change lanes, but may not be crossed to pass a car on its right.

Passing – overtaking a slower vehicle

Number 1 Lane – the left most lane in your direction.

Number 2 – X lanes – starting with the left most lane, lanes are number from left to right.  Thus, if there are 2 lanes in your direction, then the #2 lane would be the right lane.  #1 would be the left lane.

Lane Rules

When there is only…

1 lane in your direction – then you may only pass on the left when you have a dashed yellow line.  You must stay in your lane if the yellow line on your side is solid.

2 lanes in your direction – Lane 1 is for passing only.  Lane 2 is for driving.  Lane 2 may not be used for passing.

3 lanes in your direction – Lane 1 is for passing only.  Lane 2 is for passenger cars.  Lane 3 is for entering and exiting and trucks.  Lane 3 may not be used for passing.  Lane 2 may only be used for passing vehicles in Lane 1.

4 lanes in your direction – Lane 1, if not designated as a HOV lane (High Occupancy Vehicle Lane – aka Carpool Lane) is for passing.  Lane 2 for fast passenger vehicle traffic.  Land 3 is for trucks.  Lane 4 is for entering and exiting and slow vehicles.   In all cases, passing is to the left.  If lane 1 is an HOV lane, then treat lanes 2-4 as you would a 3 lane highway.

5 or more – see 4 lanes, and figure the extra lanes are for passenger vehicles with the slowest traffic to the right, and fastest to the left.  Lane 1 is either HOV or passing only.  If lane 1 is an HOV lane, then lane 2 becomes the passing lane.

4 Car Rule – if there are more than 4 cars behind you AND you are leading the pack (i.e. no cars in front of you for a considerable distance), move to the right, and let the others pass.  This applies to all cases, regardless of the number of lanes, with the exception of where there is a double-line to your right (e.g. HOV lanes).  In this case, you probably should have got in to that lane in the first case.  If you are the leader of the pack, and there are more than 4 cars behind you, you are impeding traffic and can be cited.  In the case of being in the right most lane, you must find a safe spot to pull to the shoulder and STOP until traffic has cleared.  (This is the case with farm equipment, and slow moving vehicles that cannot drive the speed limit.)

Note:  The ONLY time you can pass on the right is when the vehicle in lane #1 has come to a complete stop, and does NOT have its right turn-signal going.

2-second Rule – the distance between you, and the car in front of you, should be 2 seconds.  To measure that, pick a stationary mark on the side of the road.  When the car in front of you passes it, say, “One Mississippi, Two Mississippi.”  If you’ve already passed that marker, then you are too close.  Back off, and try it again.  Tailgating, as it is called, is illegal in ALL states.

Blind spot rule – driving in someone’s blind spot can cause an accident.  The blind spot is any spot where the driver cannot see you through their side-view mirror.  If you can see their face through the mirror, then you are NOT in their blind spot.  If you cannot see their face, then back off until you can, or speed up and pass if you safely can.

Flashers on – If a vehicle has its flashers on, you must move a lane to its left and slow down to pass.  If you are on a single lane road, then the 4-car rule applies and you may have to wait.  If the vehicle is on the shoulder with its flashers on, and you are in the right most lane, then you must move one lane to the left.  (e.g.  On a 2 lane in your direction, this means you would move to lane 1.)

If That’s Too Much…

If that’s too much to remember, here are some tips to help you remember…

  • Never cross a solid line except to make a legal turn
  • Never pass on the right
  • Never drive in a blind spot
  • Never tailgate
  • When in doubt, drive in the right most lane
  • Be courteous and let people pass if there are more than 4 behind you

There… I got that off my chest.  Of course, this comes after some moron on the thruway passed me on my right after I passed a semi-truck, and had my right blinker on.  They then, got on the bumper of the car in the right lane, and rode them like two snails in heat.

Where’s a state trooper when this stuff happens?

Darn Electronics

Darn Electronics

We have become so dependent on these darn electronics, when they fail, they get us in trouble.  I missed a meeting today because I fat-fingered it in to my calendar.  Oh, I hate when that happens.

These darn electronics are not nearly as reliable as the old pen and paper, yet, we’ve grown conditioned to use them instead.  It is more than fat-fingering.  It’s having them mysteriously disappear from your electronic calendar.  That has happened more than one time.  (I think it has to do with the trend for applications to synchronize with “the cloud”.  Personally, I wish there was a button that says, “I don’t use the cloud.”

The Cloud

The cloud has its place, but not for personal data.  Yeah, it might be convenient to see your calendar on your phone and PC, but when the cloud fails you… what do you get?  A missed appointment!

Like I said, it isn’t the first time.  I caught one last week.  I put it on my calendar over 10 days ago.  After I put it there, I double checked.  It was there.  Then, last week, it was GONE.

I really hate cloud services.


I thought they would reorganize the Elder’s Quorum today.  The released the High Priest Group Leadership, and the reorganization will take place on the 29th.

Best Fast Meeting

We had the best Fast and Testimony Meeting ever.  There were only two people who veered from testimony bearing.  (One, I don’t think will ever get it.)  The rest were really good.

Power Restored

Power Restored

Power restored!    Or, at least 21 homes on West Main Street in Palmyra.  Early this evening power came on.  After about 54 hours, we have power restored.  Power to the people!

White Christmas

Modern revelation tells us Christ was born on April 6th.  We got snow today.  You can say it is a White Christmas.

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April 6th, 2018

That darn groundhog was right this year.  Spring is late.

Wednesday it was a blizzard.  Thursday we woke to a little snow.  Today, we woke to a blanket of white.

Good Sync

I’m glad I bought a copy of Good Sync.  This software saves a LOT of time and makes backups easy.  A good portion of my day was spent organizing files and using Good Sync in conjunction with ACDSee to rid my drives of duplicate files and then backing them up.  I probably saved a good 100GB of space.

Second Amendment

I watched two friends argue on social media as to the reason for the Second Amendment to the constitution.  One was arguing it was there so citizens could protect themselves from an oppressive government.  The other argues it was to have a well regulated militia.

I’m trying to not get involved in those things on social media.  However, I’d say they are both right.  The government had no army back then.  They were ALL mercenary companies, or groups, who volunteered to fight.  Thus, they had to have their own weapons.  And, what was their fight?  To fight against the oppressive government of England.