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Process of Elimination

Process of Elimination

I’ve spent most of my adult life troubleshooting.  It’s a process of elimination.  You hold all variables constant, and you change one to see if it has an impact.  If it doesn’t, you restore it to its original state, and change another.  You keep doing that until you find the problem.

Since Then

Elizabethe commented that I really haven’t been my same self since the accident.  That’s understandable.  PTSD is, as the T stands for, a traumatic disease.    I say disease because it is a mental illness brought on by a life threatening event.

Since then I had a nasty flu that took weeks to recover from.  Let me correct that… I’m still recovering.  A couple of months after getting the flu I got a septic infection.  The antibiotics cleared up a lot of symptoms, but a few of them came back.

I’ve never experienced fatigue as I have lately.  It used to be I could trim the grass, hedge the bushes and mow the lawn only to feel some muscle stiffness the next day.  Saturday’s experience doing those three tasks nearly killed me.

Convinced Me

Elizabethe convinced me to see the doctor.  The doctor asked lots of questions, listened to my breathing and my heart, and told me the course of action.  It’s a process of troubleshooting, not unlike troubleshooting a computer or network system.

First, they are going to test my blood and urine for a bunch of stuff.  She said it could be an infection (again), electrolyte imbalance, hormonal, blood sugar, etc.  Her first line of troubleshooting is to see if anything appears in the blood or urine.

If nothing appears in the lab tests, the second tier will be to adjust my medications one at a time to see what happens.  She listed off a couple of my medications that could cause fatigue.   One she said could be eliminated.  The others, substituted or an adjustment in dosage could help.

After that, there are other tests.  She suggested sleep apnea.  Something tells me it’s not sleep apnea.  I think it is more “chemical” or “biological”.  She also wants me to see an E.N.T. specialist.  I haven’t been to one for years.  In 1974-1975 I practically lived at my E.N.T.’s office, but that’s another story.

Worse Case Scenarios

Some worse case scenarios were rattled off…  Kidney failure (I’m doubting that since urination seems normal), liver failure (another one I doubt), thyroid problems, Parkinson’s being the ones she mentioned.  Ones I found searching symptoms on the Internet were leukemia, Lupus and Sjogren’s (this latter matching all the symptoms).  It’s all a process of elimination until something conclusive rears its head.

In the Meantime

In the meantime, I have to manage my energy and time carefully.  My voice is a good indicator.  I need to remember to back off when my voice starts going out.  And, I need to accept that my effectiveness can end anywhere during the day.  (Today, it cut out around noon.  That’s when I started to lose my voice.  Losing my voice is coupled with the extreme fatigue I’ve been feeling.)

One thing I won’t be eliminating is prayer.

Server Work

Server Work

I built a good career off my knowledge of computers, mathematics and algorithms.  I say, make the server work.  That’s right, make that server work.

Every computer I own has virus checking software.  These days, it is stupid not to have it on a computer.  The problem is, it can really slow down a computer when scanning LOTS of files.

So, I finally put my former career to use.  I realized all of my computers were doing scans on the server.


That’s a good question.  Why was I doing that when the brains of my server are just sitting there doing what servers do — sharing files.  Why shouldn’t the server being doing all the work?

Yes, my server has virus software too, but without getting in to the nitty gritty, it basically takes care of the server’s internal hard drives.  It’s time to make it take care of the NAS drives too.

Setting it Up

Setting it up is easy.  I just told the virus software on the server to scan EVERY drive it can see.  Now, I can tell my laptops and desktops to only scan files it is opening (with the exception of their C: drive.)  This will sure make things a lot faster.


Oh, and an update… it is scanning it’s 2,133,529th file right now.  That’s over 2 million files that my desktop doesn’t need to scan.  Yeah, my computer is already running faster.

Funny Telemarketing

Funny Telemarketing

Here’s a funny telemarketing thing to do.  When a telemarketer calls, whisper.  Wait for the opportune moment to tell them you are in prison.  Once you tell them that, you can also tell them you aren’t even supposed to have a phone.

I did this the other night.  They guy asked if I have a credit card.  I told him I used to before they took it away and arrested me.  He asked, “You don’t have a credit card?”

I said, “No, they took all of them away when they arrested me.  In fact, I’m not even supposed to have this phone on the cellblock.”


Let’s see… how many ways are they breaking the law.

  1. I haven’t done business with them, or given my permission for them to call.
  2. They did not check the NPA-NXX to see if it was a cell phone.  (It’s illegal for them to call cell phones.)
  3. They did not check the Do Not Call Registry to see if the number was listed.
  4. The call started with a mechanical announcement.  They must first start with a live human being and ask, “Would you be willing to listen to this…”

Hissy Fits

We just had a potential tenant throw a hissy fit regarding our policy that tenants in our house must keep their personal items (including food) in their room.  (All of our rooms have small refrigerators.)

Well, I’m glad they got that out of the way before we accepted a contract from them.

Let’s Talk About

Let’s talk about renting a room in a house where the owners reside.

  1. It’s the owner’s house; it’s their rules.
  2. Owner occupied homes are treated differently than apartment rentals.  Certain laws do not apply because the owner lives in the home.  For example, if the owner deems the tenant a bad fit, personality or otherwise, yes, they can turn the renter away.
  3. Guests are temporary guests living under the roof of the owner’s home with the owner in the house.  As a result, guests must give up certain privileges.  For example, we had a potential renter call asking if he could install a phone line in his name.  The answer is, “No.”  We do not allow any utilities to be listed in other people’s name.  His argument was, he wasn’t planning on living there, he just wants to establish residence in New York.  (Okay, that already sounds hinky.)
  4. Outside your personal belongings, only use/borrow what you’ve been told you can use/borrow.  Then, return it immediately when you aren’t using it.  Return it clean and stow it in the manner the owner wants it stowed.  For example, if you borrow a frying pan, wash it and put it back where the owner wants their frying pans kept.
  5. Read your contract and rules.  Read them until you understand what they are.

Nightmarish Things

Here are a few nightmarish things we’ve had guests do.

  • Ask to keep a small box in our garage.  Before we knew it, our garage was getting full of boxes.
  • Taking our dishes to their room to eat, and then, instead of going to the kitchen and washing them and putting them away, they put them in a trash bag in their closet. (Ewwww!)
  • One had such bad personal hygiene you could tell where they sat days after they had been in that room.
  • Damage done to the room without immediately reporting it and taking personal responsibility.

We’re considering putting an end to renting rooms.  Craigslist tenants seem to be a bit on the undesirable side, and airbnb guests seem to be on the want-something-for-nothing side.  I guess we’re getting too old for this.

A Month Away

A Month Away

It’s hard to believe pageant is only a month away.  They have trucks staged in the big parking lot at Hill Cumorah.  It looks like the stage construction will begin soon.

My workshop classes for photography are during pageant this year (again).  This means I’ll be in school from about 8am to 5pm daily.  I’ll miss much of the daytime stuff that accompanies pageant, but I’ll be able to watch the show one of those nights.

Social Media Fast

President Russell M. Nelson asked the youth to do a 7-day social media fast.  If the prophet asks the youth to do it, it must be good for others too.  But, like any fast, there are some things to consider.

  1. Do it in private.  Christ warned not to be as the publicans who disfigure their faces and dress in sackcloth and ashes.  In modern terms, I would take it to mean, don’t post stuff on social media like, “Okay, I’m going on a 7-day Facebook fast.  I don’t know how I’m going to manage, but I’m doing it okay.  Starting right now.”
  2. Social media is more than just Facebook.  It’s Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, chat rooms, message boards, etc.  A 7-day social media fast must include all of them.
  3. A fast isn’t complete without an offering.  What will be your offering at the end of your 7-day media fast?  I’ve been thinking a lot about this.  I think it would be appropriate for 7 days worth of internet or phone charges donated to the fast offering fund.
  4. It should start and end with a prayer.  You should have in mind what Heavenly Father wants you to learn from the experience, and you should pray for understanding and strength.

I guess one learning might end up being that people can do with out so much social media.



I believe service is what will separate the wheat from the tares.  Doing a survey for my trade guild I learn that those who say they do not have time to serve complain the most.  Don’t we see the same thing in the church?  Those most critical of church leaders are those who don’t serve.

It is discouraging to see fewer and fewer youth doing service.  A friend told me in his volunteer fire department, an alarm called for 8 volunteers, but only 2 showed up.  That’s a scary thought.  A lack of commitment and service, in this case, could cost lives.

We are seeing the same thing in the Chamber of Commerce.  Members want certain benefits of membership, but unless we have people volunteering to help, it just doesn’t happen.  The benefit comes from serving each other.

Foul Mood

I guess I’m in a foul mood today.  Saturday’s 2 out of 8 people showing up on time, and then 1 considerably late for doing service has me a bit ticked.  Then, to read comments in the survey for my trade guild only makes me more angry.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too in a volunteer organization unless you get out and help.  Granted, the church really isn’t a “volunteer” organization.  Things are done by calling and assignment by those in authority.  Nonetheless, when someone accepts an assignment, they have an obligation to be there.  And, if something comes up, they have an obligation to find someone to fulfill their assignment.

Business Volunteer Organizations

Business volunteer organizations are there to help business owners help each other succeed.  Anyone who thinks they can come along for a free ride is mistaking.  It’s like our network group.  You can’t expect to show up and have referrals handed to you.  You have to work at finding referrals to hand out.  “Givers Gain” is the motto of one such referral group.

In our guild there are some young folks who whine and cry about us not having webinars.  Well, folks, who is going to produce, record and manage those webinars?  Webinars don’t just happen.

Then, they expect this stuff to be ‘free’ or cheaply priced.  Again, you can’t have ‘free’ or ‘cheap’ unless you have people volunteering to help.  Without service, everything comes with a premium price.  It’s supply and demand.  If the workers are few, the cost goes up.

Yard Work

Yard Work

Elizabethe has been doing a lot of yard work with the Reynolds boys.  They are hard workers and she’s grateful. They have got a lot of work done.

Lunch at Longhorn

We had lunch at Longhorn today.  Our favorite waitress was off, but the waiter we got was quite attentive to our needs.  It’s always a good experience there. He went overboard and ran all our gift cards and printed statements for each one!

My steak was cooked to perfection.  Thus, It was the best steak I’ve ever had.  That’s one of the reasons I love this place.

New Shoes

Elizabethe needs new shoes.  As a result, we stopped at the shoe store.  Three pairs later, we were ready to go.

We also stopped at Home Depot to look at toilets.  They are all white.  I asked about ordering a black one, and they pointed me to their website.

It’s decision time.

Poser Stuff

My  learning continues in Poser 11.  Today I learned how to save my own character.  The answer was in front of me all the time.  I just didn’t see it.  I will now be creating characters ready for action.  This will save a LOT of time.

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Pirates on the Palmyra Flag Pole

Both Ways

Both Ways

You can’t have it both ways, as the old saying goes.  Yesterday I wrote about priestcraft.  Well, that link came up again.

Here’s the deal…

There are two apostate groups in the church that are diametrically opposed.  One says bishops ask too many sexual probing questions of youth, which in turn drives youth towards sexually acting out.  The other group says bishops don’t ask enough questions which leaves pornography addictions uncovered.

Why people leave the church over this stuff is beyond me.  The one group claims bishop’s go overboard.  While I’ve only had this experience with one bishop, it is my understanding bishop’s are supposed to stick to the recommend questions.  The other group wants bishops to ask detailed questions — especially about things viewed in pornography  — to determine if a person has a pornography addiction.  While the first group is probably right — bishops should not go in to details about ways a person can commit a sexual sin.  The other group is probably wrong.  You can’t have it both ways, and neither is a reason to leave the church.

Word of Wisdom

The same is true about the Word of Wisdom.  The bishop whom I felt went overboard would go in to long drawn out questioning about the Word of Wisdom.  Much of it was his asserting his own doctrine.

So, applying the arguments of these two opposing groups, should bishops go in to details like these?

Do you drink energy drinks that contain tea or coffee?
Have you ever eaten mocha ice cream?
Have you ever used alcoholic beverages in cooking?
Do you only eat meat sparingly during the summer?

I think you’d agree that it’s a little overboard.  It’s simple.  The question to be asked is, “Do you live the Word of Wisdom?”

I think beyond that it is up to the individual to ask for clarification  if they don’t understand, or confess if they do understand.  By the time one makes it to the temple recommend interview, they’ve been around long enough in the church to understand what each of the recommend questions mean.  When it comes to 12-18 year old children, their parents should prepare them for the questions.


The 14 or 15 questions asked are more than adequate — either way.

I’ve asked myself, “What would I do if I were asked a question that I felt was entirely inappropriate?”

I think I’ll ponder and pray about it.  When I have my answer, I can’t promise I’ll share it.  That’s something you’ll have to ponder and pray about too.




More Energy

More Energy

I have more energy today.  I’ve been paying closer attention to what I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as how much water I’m drinking.  In addition, I picked up a B12 supplement.


A couple of months ago I wrote about priestcraft.  Well, I saw a well meaning member of the church post a link to a website with an article.  The article had a few disturbing comments and so I thought I’d look at the site in its totality.

The purpose of the site, without going in to specifics, is to “train” and “correct” LDS leaders.

Hmmm… The Quorum of the Twelve, the Seventy, and area and local authorities must not be doing their job according to this website.  When a website/organization says they exist to educate church leaders, and it isn’t sanctioned by the First Presidency, then I have to question their “inspiration”.

The site reads like a corporate website.  They ask for financial donations and they have corporate officers.  They have set themselves up to be popular and get gain.  That’s priestcraft my friends.

I don’t care what the cause is.  You may feel it is for a great cause, if it circumvents the Lord’s established Priesthood authority, then no matter how good the cause, there’s evil lurking.


Extreme Fatigue

Extreme Fatigue

I have never felt extreme fatigue like I have today.  I woke up sleepy, and spent the entire day feeling like I was about to fall asleep.  This is the strangest feeling I’ve ever experienced.

Taking a walk didn’t help.  In fact, it made me feel more sleepy.  Dinner didn’t help either; it didn’t have an impact either way.

Let’s hope tomorrow I don’t feel like this.

More History

The house on Teal was my parent’s first home.  Prior to buying the house, we lived in rentals.  My little brother never knew what it was like living in a rented house.  In a few cases, they were houses with tenants upstairs and downstairs.

Trouble on Teal

I’ve mentioned a couple of times I got in to trouble when we lived on Teal.  There was the flooding of the farmer’s fields.  Setting the shed on fire (even though that happened near Grandma’s house, it was during the time period we lived on Teal.)

While they were building the homes nearby, I decided to play Superman and dive through the insulation.  I didn’t know how stupid that was, but I must have torn out the insulation of at least 5 or 6 framed homes.

Another time I had Karen and Lisa sit in the front scoop of a tractor with a payloader scoop.  Back then, they left the keys in these things.  I managed to get them off the ground.  I was probably 5 or 6.

I’d also wire up “electric” fences and connect the wires to the fuse box and then throw the switch.  Sparks were all I got.

The Tree House

I found some boys playing in the barley field the last summer we lived in Pocatello.  They were building a treehouse and invited me to join them.  It was at the far end of the field near the Yellowstone Highway.  (Later, that would have been the entrance to a K-Mart parking lot.)

They were a few years older, but I learned how to get a 4×8 sheet of plywood  25 feet off the ground and secured as a floor in a tree house.  It was awesome.  To this day, I can’t believe we pulled it off.  We were 3 stories off the ground and looking across the highway into the 3rd story windows of the Naval Weapons Plant.

They also taught me how to drive a nail without bending it.  It took a lot of practice, but they were patient with me… as long as I brought them lots of nails… which I would scrounge (actually steal come to think of it) from the local housing construction.

The Big Move

When Mom and Dad announced we were moving to Moscow, I was quite excited.  To me it meant friends.  I really didn’t have many in Pocatello.  Many of the kids (boys) near us had farm chores and weren’t outside playing.  I fantasized about meeting new friends.

We had visited Moscow once before.  We stayed in a strip motel next to the railroad tracks and the freight trains kept us awake most of the night.  Dad said our new apartment was on the bluff above where the motel used to be.  He said they tore it down that winter and built a Chevrolet dealership there.  Gubb Mix Chevrolet.

Mom and dad were also going to be the apartment managers in this 40-unit, 2 building complex.  To a 10 year old, that sounded pretty cool.  “Apartment Manager”, just had a sound of prestige.

This also meant we were going to live very close to Jeff and John – our cousins from Mom’s sister Shirley.  They lived in Pullman where Uncle Dick was a professor and audiologist.    Jeff was a couple years younger than me, and John was a little younger than Mark.  They would become our best friends during the year we lived in Moscow.

Riced Potatoes

Riced Potatoes

I like my potatoes riced.  Riced potatoes involves pushing it through a grid.  It comes out looking like rice.

The first time I had them was in Sweden.  While it’s just a texture thing, I sure like them better than mashed or baked.  So, as you may have guessed, I made riced potatoes to go along with our salmon today.

History Continued

The Thunderbird Drive-In provided much entertainment.  We didn’t have VCRs or DVDs in those days.  If you wanted to see a movie, you went to the theatre or the drive-in.  In our case, the drive-in was across Quinn Road.

I’d go out into the barley field with my dad’s binoculars and watch the cartoons.  I couldn’t hear them, and often wished I could somehow pipe the sound over to the field.

As a family, we’d go to the drive-in every so often.  There was a playground there and I would spend my time at the playground until the ads started.

Dinners at Grandma’s

Sunday dinners were often at grandma’s.  Most of the time it was pork or beef roast.  While grandpa had his background in butchering, the roasts were usually well done.  It wasn’t until later that I discovered a medium cooked roast was much more tasty… and tender.

They had a garden and snap peas, rhubarb, apricots, gooseberries, chokecherries, carrots and onions were the main crops I remember.  Grandpa loved his apricot tree and it grew HUGE apricots.

Most of the fruit ended up as preserves.  Grandma was the best jam and jelly maker ever.  She was also an excellent bread maker and the combination of her bread with her homemade jams and jellies was superb.


I didn’t have many friends out where we lived.  There were two girls who lived next door — Karen and Lisa, but no boys in the area.  That’s probably another reason I liked going to Grandma’s.  There were a couple of boys in the neighborhood that were my age.

Even then, it was hit-n-miss at Grandma’s.  When I couldn’t find a boy may age to play with, I was of on an adventure.

Once, I was at the park and a bus pulled up.  I got on the bus and spent a day with a bunch of older kids at a park near the mountains.  When I came home that night, I was greeted by some very upset grandparents and my mom.  At the time, I didn’t see what the big deal was, but as an adult, I can see where that would have been one scary day for them.