Temple Training

Temple Training

I am assigned to do some temple training for a new worker.  It’s pretty fun.  We spent most of the evening going over where everything is located.  At the end of our shift, we’re often assigned to clean.  As a result, I was showing him where the mops are kept, and that sort of stuff.

I remember when I was trained in Oakland.  It was much different there.  We didn’t do cleaning, but we did have laundry responsibilities.  Oh, and we also had to wash the dishes in the cafeteria.

Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce

I attended the Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce board meeting.  We discussed our annual Christmas party, as well as the annual meeting.  (Annual meetings are required by law.)

We need a speaker and entertainment.  It is time to be on the lookout.

In Between

In between the Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce meeting and going to the temple I worked on computer stuff.  It amazes me how much time it takes to update everything.

I have a few jobs this week.  Add to that, I have my physical tomorrow.  It is a busy week.  Because it is so busy, imagine my relief when a client asked if she could push her appointment back 1 week.  YES!


Stake President Speaking

Stake President Speaking

When the stake president is speaking, people wonder, “What’s going to happen?”  Such was the case today, but there was no cause for alarm.  He was simply one of our speakers in church.

Our ward was inundated with visitors again.  It’s good to see them coming this late in the year.  I’ve noticed a few are spending more than a few hours here.  This is also good.

Rain Came

The rain came with a vengeance this afternoon.  The wind and rain started around 5pm.  I’m glad I mowed the lawn yesterday.

I have a photo session tomorrow.  It might be indoors if the winds and rain keep up.  We shall see.

Squash Soup

One of the elders really liked my squash soup.  As a result, he had 4 bowls of it.  That’s a compliment.

The soup is made with 1 butternut squash, 1 can of coconut milk, 1 chopped onion, 1 cup of chicken broth, and in this case, I added about 1 pound of shrimp.

We also had cucumber slices for a salad, and bread pudding for dessert.  All of which seemed to be a hit with the elders.  We sent them home with some of the bread pudding.

Next time I need to reduce the heat when baking the bread pudding.  335 was too high.  Next time I’ll cook it longer at about 300.  It got too brown on the top and bottom.

The sauce I made for the bread pudding was maple syrup, some corn starch, butter and rum flavoring.  The elders really liked that too.

Car Registration

Car Registration

You could hear the disgust in the clerk’s voice when I told her I did not receive a renewal notice for my car registration.  The disgust was not aimed at me, but Albany, New York.  Fortunately, there are no late fees and penalties.

She said next year it is best  to go to the web site, print the form, fill it out, and mail the check and form to the county DMV in Lyons.  (That way, the money stays in the county.)

My next stop is Real Deals where I found nothing worth buying.

Annual Review

Just as I arrived home my phone rang.  I was literally still in the car.  It was regarding my annual 401K review.

We talked, suggestions for changes were made. I authorized them, and we were done. It is that simple.  As a result, I’m all set until next year.

CSM Photographer Friends

One of our Church Service Missionary Photographer friends stopped to visit and stay the night.  Bruce Cornwall and his wife are traveling through on their way back to Oregon.

copyright 2017 db walton
Bruce and Me

It was pathetic.  Two professional photographers trying to figure out how to do a selfie.  As I say, “Just say, ‘No’, to selfies.”

Elizabethe and I served our temple shift.  Today was busy.


20 Wonderful Years

20 Wonderful Years

Elizabethe and I have been married 20 wonderful years.  She is the love of my life and supports me in my crazy pursuits.  (Like driving Route 66 for 5 weeks.)

We celebrated with lunch at our favorite restaurant with our favorite waitress.   Stephanie at Longhorn in Victor always treats us well.

Elizabethe ordered her usual.  I had a coupon for a burger, fries and a drink for $10, so I went for the Kobe burger.  (It was GOOD.)  Because it was our anniversary, they brought us dessert (on the house).

Evening at the Temple

We are spending the evening in the temple.  I had a wonderful experience (not suited for posting publically).  The evening was busy, as a result time passed quickly.  It is my last shift before my Route 66 trip.

Other Preparations

Preparing for a 30+ trip is exhausting.  Looking for misplaced items is the bane of my existence.   I search everywhere.  It makes me crazy.

I am missing a pouch that carries 2 batteries.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out where it is.  Looking everywhere, I am ready to give it up.

Wildey Children

Elizabethe watched the 3 Wildey children this morning so their mom could go to the temple.  She excitedly prepared checklists for them.  The children are excited too.

Likes Curry

Likes Curry

She likes curry!  Okay, my wife really doesn’t like curry, but she liked the curry I made for dinner tonight.   It was very mild, mostly turmeric, and she liked it!

In fact, Elizabethe liked everything I made for dinner.  (I should install a “like button” in the placemats.)  The zucchini/eggplant mix was a hit (seasoned with cumin, garlic, and mustard powder).  The green beans (seasoned with ghee and fennel) was liked too.  As a result, I will make these dishes again.

Sister Missionaries

We sent the sister missionaries home with lots of leftovers.  We have so much zucchini and stuff like that we figure we won’t eat them before they rot.

Elizabethe gave them a tour of the house.  Sister Cahoon is new to our ward, and therefore, this is her first time seeing the house.

Stake Priesthood Meeting

A throbbing toe (I stubbed it) is a good reason to stay home.  But, I couldn’t.  As much as I would rather prop my foot and rest, I decided I should go.

I am glad I did.  President Woodworth gave an excellent talk.  I needed to hear it.  He talked about the natural and spiritual man.   He explained it in ways I’ve never thought about.

Perhaps my toe will heal faster because I did the right thing.



Until tonight I have never experienced laryngitis.  I was working at the temple and went to speak and sound didn’t come out, just air.  As a result, I asked for assignments that didn’t require much talking.

I didn’t have a sore throat.  I didn’t feel like phlegm was caught in my vocal cords.  Sound just wouldn’t come out when I attempt to talk.

Earlier in the Day

Earlier in the day I had problems with my allergies and last night was particularly bad.  As a result, it could be the cause.

Route 66 Stress

With less than 2 weeks to go, I’m starting to feel the stress.  A month long road trip is a major undertaking.  I’ve never done anything like this.  I think the longest I’ve been on the road is 10 days.

There is a feeling that I’m forgetting something.  Either I’m forgetting to do something, or I am forgetting to pack something.  It could be anxiety.  Who knows.

The other stress factor is packing the car.  Is the car going to be big enough?  Will it be secure enough?  Will it be comfortable with all our equipment and clothes?

Finally, there’s the stress factor of the yard and house.  There’s a lawn to mow, and things to repair from time to time.

Sister Embley

Sister Embley

We learned tonight that Sister Emberly is going home Tuesday.  These missionaries just fly through here.  She will be missed.  It works out nicely that we fixed a really nice meal tonight.  Dinner consisted of London Broil, salt potatoes, stuffed mushrooms (with blush sauce and a 3-cheese sauce on top of that), grilled zucchini and Swiss chard from our garden.

We took a few pictures outside.  I need to post them in the parents’ Facebook group.

copyright 2017 db walton
Sisters Murdock and Embley
copyright 2017 db walton
Me, Elizabethe and Sister Embley


Visitor Decline

I noticed a huge visitor decline this Sunday.  We still had lots of visitors, but not as many as we have the last 6 weeks.  Comes Labor Day it will drop even more.  Then, comes November 1st, it drops to only a couple each week.

Brother and Sister Hunt (he’s a high counselor) spoke in church.  I really enjoy hearing them speak.  She’s a convert of about 1 1/2 years, and his talks are always right-on.

He mentioned a new stake initiative that will be aimed at helping people find work and start businesses.  The first of such meetings will be while I’m traveling on Route 66.

Challenge from Missionaries

Our challenge from the missionaries was to write down what we learned as we read the scriptures.  This morning’s reading was from Lamentations.  Elizabethe brought up a good point.  It seems the Jews believed and had prophets up until Christ came.  What happened?  Why did they stop having prophets?

While this was more of an observation, it is a good question for one of my Jewish friends.

Pirate Weekend 2017

Pirate Weekend 2017

It is Pirate Weekend 2017.  Bedraces, Kazoo Band, and general scallywaggin’ fun.  I love Pirate Weekend.  Granted, last year’s had a dark spot when my daughter Jennifer broke her ankle.

This year was without incident and I met some great people.  I met a couple from Utah, here as tourist, who entered the 5K run this morning.  That’s cool.

We had two entries in the bed races.  Only two.  I wish there were a dozen.  The bed races are awesome and entertaining.  They are what a small town is all about.  We need more teams in 2018.

Kind of Funny

It was kind of funny.  This guy was trying to sell fox pelts to the sisters at $40 each.  Yeah… “Hey mom and dad… I’m sending home a fox pelt.”  Nope, that’s not what missionaries use their money for.

copyright 2017 db walton
Someone Trying to Sell Fox Pelts to the Sister Missionaries


I’m pleased with this picture of Tony.  It was shot with my new 35mm f2 lens and the detail and bokeh are very nice.  I’m going to love this lens.

copyright 2017 db walton
Tony the Kazoo Band Leader

One of Two Teams

This is one of the two teams.  As a result of only having two teams, they had three heats.  The team winning two heats won the grand prize.  Therefore, maximum heats is three, and maybe only two.   Consequently team 1 won, and then team 2 won.   That meant there was a 3rd heat.

copyright 2017 db walton
Bed Race 2018

I had an afternoon photo session, so I spent the afternoon and evening working on that.

Services for Tom

Services for Tom

We attended services for Tom Chapman tonight.  Today would have been Tom’s birthday.  It was a fitting tribute to the man.

When Brother Beavers talked, the stories he told could have been of me and some of my friends.  I didn’t realize how much Tom and I had in common until tonight.  I really only got to know him the last year of his life.  Tom told me stories, but with the dementia, it was hard to tell what was real and what was scrambled.

I’m sure had I lived in this area my whole life, Tom and I would have been good buddies.

Wegman’s Cheese

Wegman’s cheese counter is amazing.  I tasted some delicious gorgonzola cheese.  It was too good not to buy.  I ended up buying lots of cheese.

Cheese goes with fruits and vegetables.  The guy at the cheese counter suggested the gorgonzola for topping a steak.  Hmmm… I’ve had blue cheese on steak… We’ll see.

Wegman’s is a chef’s delight.  They have so much variety and so many fine foods.  There just isn’t enough time in life to enjoy it all.

27 Days and Counting

27 Days and counting until Route 66.  I talked to Debbie at Bay Photo today.  She asked me to check my sample orders to make sure everything is being processed.

Busy Day

Busy Day

What a busy day.  The day started with me taking Elizabethe for her eye shots.  While she was in the eye doctors I ran errands nearby.  We also stopped at a store on the way home.

As soon as I got home I had a teleconference meeting.  That lasted until 1pm, and then we took Becky to the airport at 1:30pm.  That put us back home around 3:30pm.  We then leave for the temple around 4:30pm.

Yup, there it is… my day in a few words.

Route 31

Elizabethe tells me I should concentrate on completing my NY SR 31 Book – Get It Done on 31.  For the record, I was going to do it first.  However, after my accident I decided to do Route 66 first.  I am doing Route 66 first because 1) it has more notoriety, and 2) it will open people’s’ eyes to what I want to do for Route 31 here in New York.

I see much potential for NY SR 31.  There are two drawbacks to it however.  First, are the high property and school taxes here in New York.  I-40 may have killed Route 66, but high taxes are killing western New York.  Second, getting the word out to the rest of the world that NY SR 31 has much to offer.