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A Month Away

A Month Away

It’s hard to believe pageant is only a month away.  They have trucks staged in the big parking lot at Hill Cumorah.  It looks like the stage construction will begin soon.

My workshop classes for photography are during pageant this year (again).  This means I’ll be in school from about 8am to 5pm daily.  I’ll miss much of the daytime stuff that accompanies pageant, but I’ll be able to watch the show one of those nights.

Social Media Fast

President Russell M. Nelson asked the youth to do a 7-day social media fast.  If the prophet asks the youth to do it, it must be good for others too.  But, like any fast, there are some things to consider.

  1. Do it in private.  Christ warned not to be as the publicans who disfigure their faces and dress in sackcloth and ashes.  In modern terms, I would take it to mean, don’t post stuff on social media like, “Okay, I’m going on a 7-day Facebook fast.  I don’t know how I’m going to manage, but I’m doing it okay.  Starting right now.”
  2. Social media is more than just Facebook.  It’s Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, chat rooms, message boards, etc.  A 7-day social media fast must include all of them.
  3. A fast isn’t complete without an offering.  What will be your offering at the end of your 7-day media fast?  I’ve been thinking a lot about this.  I think it would be appropriate for 7 days worth of internet or phone charges donated to the fast offering fund.
  4. It should start and end with a prayer.  You should have in mind what Heavenly Father wants you to learn from the experience, and you should pray for understanding and strength.

I guess one learning might end up being that people can do with out so much social media.

March is Here

March is Here

March is here and it’s a nice day outside.  The weather reports warn tomorrow won’t be so nice, so I’m enjoying it today.

We went to a late lunch/early dinner with our friends Ron and Mary Harris.  Elizabethe had a coupon for a free meal, so that governed our choice.  It wasn’t bad.  They had prime rib!

We stopped at the Indian store after dinner.  Elizabethe noticed she didn’t have her purse (credit cards, phone, ID, etc.)  Back we went.  Thanks to the alert people at Golden Corral, the purse was recovered with everything in tact.

Good and the Bad

That’s the good.  The bad is I noticed a charge on my business credit card for about $200.  So, I had to cancel my card.  It’s ironic.  The charge occurred immediately after I purchased an update to my WinZip software.

More Good

I wanted to stop at Best Buy on our way home.  I saw a very nice hp 32q monitor.  It was on sale.  Elizabethe came in the store to use the bathroom, and when she saw me looking at it, she said, “THAT’S WHAT YOU CAN GET ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY.”

I’m jealous.  It’s a very nice, better than 4K, monitor.  Easy on the eyes and BIG.

I took her old monitor, a 27″ 720p, and put it on my office computer.  It looks like crap next to my LaCie monitor. (But, then, most monitors do.)  I’m getting a new monitor.  That’s all there is to it.


I then got looking at PCs.  Hmmm… 6 cores, 16 threads, 16GB, … well, if it had 32GB, I probably would have bought it.

Hill Cumorah Pageant 2018

Can you believe it will be Hill Cumorah Pageant time soon.  We already have people inquiring, however, with fewer rooms to rent, we’re limited to small groups (couples and individuals mostly.)


Sister Embley

Sister Embley

We learned tonight that Sister Emberly is going home Tuesday.  These missionaries just fly through here.  She will be missed.  It works out nicely that we fixed a really nice meal tonight.  Dinner consisted of London Broil, salt potatoes, stuffed mushrooms (with blush sauce and a 3-cheese sauce on top of that), grilled zucchini and Swiss chard from our garden.

We took a few pictures outside.  I need to post them in the parents’ Facebook group.

copyright 2017 db walton

Sisters Murdock and Embley

copyright 2017 db walton

Me, Elizabethe and Sister Embley


Visitor Decline

I noticed a huge visitor decline this Sunday.  We still had lots of visitors, but not as many as we have the last 6 weeks.  Comes Labor Day it will drop even more.  Then, comes November 1st, it drops to only a couple each week.

Brother and Sister Hunt (he’s a high counselor) spoke in church.  I really enjoy hearing them speak.  She’s a convert of about 1 1/2 years, and his talks are always right-on.

He mentioned a new stake initiative that will be aimed at helping people find work and start businesses.  The first of such meetings will be while I’m traveling on Route 66.

Challenge from Missionaries

Our challenge from the missionaries was to write down what we learned as we read the scriptures.  This morning’s reading was from Lamentations.  Elizabethe brought up a good point.  It seems the Jews believed and had prophets up until Christ came.  What happened?  Why did they stop having prophets?

While this was more of an observation, it is a good question for one of my Jewish friends.

Recommend Desk

Recommend Desk

Working at the recommend desk in the temple is always a delight.  Meeting people as they come to the House of the Lord is an awesome responsibility when you think about it.  It is your job to assure people have the correct documents to enter the temple.

Being a “destination temple”, you meet people from all over the world too.  People come from around the world to visit the Palmyra Temple.  Many ask to look out the window to see the Sacred Grove from the temple — something no other temple has.

As one person put it, it is the only temple you can look out a window and see one of the Lord’s outdoor temples.

Sacred Grove

Becky took the car after dropping us at the temple so she can visit the Sacred Grove.  She returned later to go to the 7:30pm session.

In spite of Hill Cumorah Pageant being over, we had several guests.  They had enough for a sealing session that it wasn’t necessary to augment it with ordinance workers.  I wish every night was like that.


Rain is slowing the progress on the roof.  They are 90% complete.  They have a few pieces to attach and rain gutters and then they are done.

Another Angelic Performance

Another Angelic Performance

As I mentioned last Sunday, angels attend the Palmyra Ward.  Today was another angelic performance as the congregation and choir sang The Spirit of God.

Palmyra is a special place, but during Hill Cumorah Pageant, it becomes more special.  Every night at Hill Cumorah Pageant is an angelic performance too.  The rest of the year, we’re special too.

After church we were going to go for a walk in the Sacred Grove, but Becky was feeling tired and we’ll have other opportunities.  We came home and everyone rested.  (We had a very busy day yesterday too.)

Zucchini Lasagna

For dinner I made zucchini lasagna.  Basically, I slice the zucchini very thin and layer it like you would lasagna pasta.  It’s quite good and not as heavy feeling as pasta.

Elders Falter and Astle came to dinner.  They really liked the lasagna.  We also had mango pudding with fruit on top for dessert.  It was a pretty healthy dinner.  Oh, and we had a tossed salad too.


After the missionaries left we watched a movie about a boy who was born on Mars and when he was a teenager, came to earth.  It was cute, but like many movies like that, farfetched.


We have a couple staying who are from San Francisco, California.  They are riding their bikes from Buffalo to Albany.  I think they were surprised when I knew the area around Twin Peaks.  I asked, “Oh, do you live in Pacific Heights?”  Their eyes got big as if to say, “Oh, you do know the area.”

Sam Patch with Becky

Sam Patch with Becky

We went on the Sam Patch with Becky today.  We took the noon cruise.  When we got to Lock 32, we had to wait for a while.  We sat for a long time waiting for the lock doors to open, but once they did, we entered the lock, rose to the next section, exited it, turned around, and went back.

We stopped at Wegman’s on the way home and got some cheese and bread to snack on during pageant tonight.  We took Becky to the cheese counter so she could sample some of the cheeses.

Pageant – Last Night

It is the last night of Hill Cumorah Pageant 2017.  We got there early and bought dinner from the Lion’s and Rotary Clubs.

I wandered around and took photos of missionaries and cast members.  My goal was to photograph every full-time missionary there.  I think I got all of them, but it was like finding a needle in a haystack.

copyright 2017 db walton

Sister Missionaries with a Guest

I especially like this next picture.  I managed to catch Elder Bradford’s expression just right…

copyright 2017 db walton

Elder Bradford Meets Lehi

I also ran in to Sister Crofts.  She served in our ward last year around Christmas time.  She has been home for a while and returned to see pageant.  (She’s also playing her viola in Sacrament meeting tomorrow!)

copyright 2017 db walton

President and Sister Evans and return missionary Sister Crofts

copyright 2017 db walton

Sister Missionaries

Workshop’s Last Day

Workshop’s Last Day

Today is workshop’s last day. We watched a couple of slideshows of Jim LaSala’s work and some of the students’ work.

Workshop's Last Day

Jim LaSala’s Class

Luncheon for Tom

We got out a little early which meant I didn’t have to rush to attend a luncheon we held for Mary Chapman.  Several of us met at Burger King in Williamson and treated Mary Chapman to a lunch in honor of Tom.

Attending was Mary Chapman, the Collie’s, Harris’, Dick Holstead, Gary Morse and Elizabethe and me.  While Burger King doesn’t sound like a fancy lunch, it was a place Tom liked to go. The people at the Williamson Burger King always made Tom feel welcome.

copyright 2017 db walton

Friends of Tom Chapman

Sam Patch

Tomorrow we are planning on going on the Sam Patch Cruise.  After that, we’re planning on going to Hill Cumorah Pageant.  Sounds like tomorrow will be a busy day.

This means I need to head to the hill early tomorrow to save our seats.  I then need to check my e-mail and we’ll have to head to Pittsford to catch our cruise.  There isn’t much time left.  I think we will be very tired by the end of the day.

Angel Attendance

Angel Attendance

I can with assurity say angel attendance happens in the Palmyra Ward.  When it is pageant time there are angels present.  There is no way our tiny choir sings like that.  I hear the basses, altos and sopranos during practice.  That’s not them singing during the closing hymn on pageant Sundays.

The cultural hall in addition to the chapel was filled during Sacrament Meeting.  Many of those people leave after Sacrament Meeting, while a good number stick around and attend the rest of the meetings.  It’s always fun to hear where they come from.


Workshop starts today.  While they start on Sunday, a few years ago I decided to start attending Sunday evening so I could get in the group picture.  It’s kind of a bummer to get a group shot of your class and you’re the only one not in it.

Someone commented, “I thought you couldn’t go places on Sunday.”

I explained that I believe in keeping the Sabbath Day holy.  The choice is mine as to how I do that.  I went on to explain I want to be in the group photo for myself, and also for others.  I make friends during these classes and I’d be disappointed if one of them weren’t in the photo.

While I wish they would do away with the Sunday night group photo and take the group photo on Thursday night, it would be a long uphill battle.

BBQ Invitation

BBQ Invitation

Right around dinner time we got a BBQ invitation from a neighbor.  His message was they have too much food and to come help eat it.  So, we did.

copyright 2017 db walton

Elizabethe, Becca and Matt

It’s one of those great things about living in Palmyra.  There we sat in front of their house on Main Street, eating.  A group of youth came by and he invited them to have some food too.

Earlier in the Day

Earlier in the day I was responding to a call that a tenant’s air conditioning was blowing hot air.  While walking there I saw our town supervisor, Ken Miller, talking to some guy in the park.  I didn’t pay too much attention.  I just waved to Ken and continued on my way.

On the way back, the same guy was in the park, but Ken was not.  As I got closer I thought, “Hmmm… that guy looks like Bob Lonsberry from WHAM.”

As I got closer I could see he had a WHAM shirt on.  Since I’ve worked with his wife on some Hill Cumorah stuff (providing photos), I thought I would go say, “Hello.”

I introduced myself as having worked with his wife in my church position, and as 1st VP of the local chamber of commerce.  Bob asked if he could ask me some questions.  (They were on station break at the time.)

Before long he was live on the radio and talking in to the mic.  He signaled me to come closer and started to ask questions about the Canal Connection Chamber of Commerce and businesses in Palmyra, Macedon and Walworth.  Like most radio personalities, Bob kept the conversation flowing and it seems like it only lasted a minute or two, but he managed to get a lot of information in there.  (He’s good!  I’ve been interviewed on the air before, but nobody has ever fired the questions and comments as quickly as he did.)


I haven’t seen the interview online yet, but when they post it I’ll share the link.