3D Assets

3D Assets

I never thought I would get in to 3D modeling.  I never thought I would be using the term 3D assets.  Well, I now own a couple hundred dollars of 3D assets and I’m in to 3D modeling.

Most people use 3D modeling for video games and movies.  Not me, I’m using it for art.  It would cost me about $200 to hire a model for a day.  Now, for $200 I have several models, wardrobe, and more.

Granted, it is difficult to set a face for the right expression, but that’s part of the learning process.  I have to ask questions like, “What makes a person look surprised?”  Or, “What makes a person look like they adore someone?”

copyright 2018 db walton
Close-up of Expression

It’s pretty cool.  (I hope the above captured the expression of a shocked surprise.


Much of my day was spent organizing my 3D assets.  The way they install on the hard drive isn’t very intuitive when trying to find what you’re looking for.  Most of them are installed by the vendor’s name.  So, if I’m looking for a dress, seeing a folder named ADP, for example, doesn’t tell me it contains a dress.

As a result I have spent most of the day putting my assets in to folders that make sense to me.

Better But Weak

Better But Weak

I’m better but weak. By that I mean I’m over the flu, but I am so weak.  This virus really ravished my body.

We went to church today and made it through the entire 3 hour block.  I’m exhausted from it, but feel good that we went to church.

We’re also feeding the sister missionaries tonight, however, it’s all crock pot stuff with a few simple additions.

Current Projects

Now that I’m feeling better, it is time to work on my current projects.  This winter I will prepare my print competition paintings.  I’ve started working on a few.

  • Don’t Stand So Close to Me – Based on the song by the police.  It is a scene of a school teacher being pressed against the wall by a student.  On the chalk board is written, “Reading Assignment – Nabokov, Lolita.
  • The Farmer’s Daughter – an old farm couple on the porch with their young daughter talking to a young man standing on the front lawn.
  • I Shoot RAW – a parody on the old question, do you shoot RAW or JPEG?
  • She Does Her Best Work After 5pm – an office scene with a guy being seduced by his secretary.
  • Are You Coming to Bed? – A young husband wrapped up in a video game while his wife stands in the doorway.
copyright 2018 db walton
Don’t Stand So Close To Me

There are some others, but I need to create at least 4 for this year.  Anything beyond 4 will be saved for next year’s IPC.

Digital Painting

More and more I’m enjoying digital painting as much, or perhaps more, than photography.  It seems everyone thinks if they own a digital camera they can be a professional photographer.  However, painting is something most people won’t take the time to learn and develop the talent.

Amazing Body

Amazing Body

The amazing body cannot be replicated by science.  I’ve learned during this flu that the body asks for what it needs.   I’m learning to listen to my body.

Usually I can’t sleep in.  My body says it is time to get up, and I get up.  However, since contracting this flu I can sleep until 9:30am (like I did today.)  It’s obvious my body needs the sleep.

I’ve also noticed the things I crave to eat, if we have it handy and I eat it, I feel physically better.  For example, I was craving maple syrup.  I had some and shortly after consuming it, I coughed up the gunk that was making me wheeze.   Again, the amazing body knew what it needed.

Getting Close

I feel like I’m getting close to being better.  I looked up how long the contagious period is for this flu, and I’m definitely past it now.  (The CDC said 5-7 days.)  It’s now dealing with the symptoms.

The worst symptom is the fatigue.  You think you’re up to going down to the basement to get a bottle of canned fruit.  So, you make the journey, and when you get back upstairs, that amazing body is saying, “You need to lie down.”

I dragged the laundry basked to the kitchen and felt like I had just ran the 440.  It’s the body’s way of saying, “Take it easy.”

Take It Easy

Speaking of Take It Easy, I watched a YouTube video of the Eagles singing Take It Easy.  The camera would swing to the audience and it was full of young ladies — groupies.  It was funny watching their reactions to the lyrics.

Okay, I’m going to take it easy today.  I want to be feeling up to attending my temple shift tomorrow.

H3N2 Flu

H3N2 Flu

I haven’t been doing updates for 2 reasons.  Reason 1 is I have the H3N2 flu and it is keeping me flat on my back.  Reason 2 is there’s not much to say.  What would I write?  I spent the day in bed today?

Today is the first day my lungs aren’t making a rattle sound.  However, my breathing is weak and when I talk it demonstrates in my weak voice.

People at church have been helpful.  Sister Taylor brought us dinner the other night.  Sister Ward came and did the dishes and cleaned up in the kitchen.  Both acts greatly appreciated.


This flu is unprecedented.  As a child I had mumps, both forms of measles, and evidently chicken pox too.  While this flu isn’t as painful as mumps, it’s kept me down as long.

It’s almost as bad as pneumonia.  It’s like having pneumonia without all the gunk in your lungs.  There’s still some stuff that I cough up, but it’s not quite as yucky as pneumonia.

When I saw the doctor, she asked about muscle aches.  To my surprise, and her’s too, I did not at that time.  Well, it was only a matter of time.  A couple of days ago my legs and back felt like I had just played a major soccer match.

Right before that, the fever hit for a couple of nights in a row.  Fortunately, it wasn’t a very high fever, but it was enough that it drained me.

Today I’ve felt the best since seeing the doctor.  That’s not to say I’m 100% better, it simply means today is an improvement.  I won’t be going anywhere today, or tomorrow for that matter.  I just hope that comes Sunday I’ll feel well enough to go to church.

What’s Helped

I’m fortunate that I don’t have the vomiting that others have experienced.  My nausea has been constrained to just that — nausea.  That said, I thought I’d list somethings that have helped…

  • NyQuil – One dose at bedtime has helped me sleep soundly
  • Lots of water and juice
  • Chicken soup
  • Herb tea
  • Antibiotics the doctor prescribed – I think they have kept this from turning in to bacterial pneumonia.
  • Albuterol – This has helped those wheezing attacks
  • Vaporizer – the moisture in the air helps keep the phlegm moving
  • Guaifenesin – it also helps cough up the phlegm
  • LOTS of SLEEP – If you have this, all you’ll want to do is sleep.  Don’t fight it.  Sleep.

Even Sicker

Even Sicker

Elizabethe is even sicker than I was.  She’s coughing and feels miserable.  She remembered we had some Nyquil and that seems to be helping her rest.  This is a nasty flu.

What I hate most about this bug is how runny it makes my nose.  If I lay on my back the snot runs down my throat and I feel like I’m drowning in my own snot.  It’s a horrible feeling.  And, if my head is down (nose to the ground), it isn’t any better.  The best relief is when I’m standing or sitting up.


I’ve decided sitting is the best position.  So, I sat at my computer most of the day.  I can’t feel productive, however, because a stuffy head means a stuff brain.

The old saying, “You can’t keep a good man down”, didn’t take in to account stuff like this.    While I did manage to run to a store… twice (I had to go back to exchange what I bought), it wasn’t taxing to my body.  I’ll probably pay for it tomorrow.


After a while, boredom sets in.  There is only so much you can do when you zapped like this.  I’ve been spending lots of time looking for ideas for print competition.  At least that feels productive.

Perhaps Not

Perhaps Not

The other day I reported I’m recovering quickly.  Perhaps not.  Both Elizabethe and I have this virus now.  We both are staying home from church and staying in bed.

My friend Matt is still struggling with this bug.  He caught it back around the 2nd week of January.  I hope we’re not in for a long struggle with it.

Print Comp and Pulp Fiction

I’ve been thinking of unique ideas for Print Comp.  I started looking at Pulp Fiction covers to get ideas for both names and images.

Do you realize how many pulp fiction novels have been turned in to movies or TV shows?

LOTS!  Perry Mason, James Bond, Mickey Spillane, and more.  Of course, there are many more that have titles so trashy they aren’t worth repeating.  Some of the covers are great, while others wouldn’t get you any points with the IPC judges.

I’ve been coming up with spins on the titles that relate to photography, and plan to do a series of “covers” with cameras.  For example, “Never Shoot Your Client”.  The double-entendre meaning of shoot should get some points with judges.  The next step is to create the image that tells the story.


Recovering Quickly

Recovering Quickly

I feel like I am recovering quickly from this upper respiratory infection.  Yesterday’s stay home and rest day is paying off.  All I did today was go to my networking meeting and I drove Elizabethe to her class at the library.

This is an irritating one, but I don’t want to end up with pneumonia like my friend Matt did.  So, I’m taking it slow.

Repeated Discussion

It’s a repeated discussion in our networking group why other business owners won’t join.  I’ve heard excuses from, “It’s too early”, to “I’m too busy”.  As to the latter, in one breath they say they are too busy, and in the other they complain about not getting any work.  Aye, yi, yi.  You can’t have it both ways.


The weather continues to be cold.  We haven’t got any snow the last few days, but the temperatures are so low nothing is melting either.  It’s just COLD.

I understand people in the southeast United States are getting colder than usual weather.  Places that usually don’t get cold enough to snow are getting snow.  Airports have closed and people are actually dying because of the cold.

Having grown up where it is cold it baffles my mind that people would let themselves get so cold they die.  I can understand getting stranded in a storm and getting hypothermia because you weren’t prepared.  It sounds like some emergency preparedness instruction is due.

Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Several people at church came and said, “Welcome home.”  It’s not like I was gone that long, but it is nice to feel missed and appreciated.  And, it is a big deal going to Israel for 10 days.  Some of these people will never visit.  I hope I can be their eyes (through my camera).

Right after Sacrament Meeting I was nabbed to play piano in Primary.  It was fun.  The kids were sure wound up, however.


It is cold today.  It’s in the low teens.  As a result, I came home from church and sought warmth.

My fingers, knees and toes are all cold.  I don’t remember my knees getting cold like this before.  It must have something to do with my baker’s cysts.


At dinner I gave the sisters a 10 Argot coin from Israel.  I picked up several while I was there.  Most of them are going to grandchildren.

100 Argots make 1 shekel.  They don’t make 1 Argot coins.  The smallest denomination is 10.  They were worth about 3 cents at today’s exchange rate.

They are also about the same size as a 10 Shekel coin.  However, a 10 Shekel coin is worth about $3.  Unscrupulous shop owners may try to pass a 10 Argot off as a 10 Shekel coin.

Dang Snow

Dang Snow

I often welcome snow, but this dang snow is very COLD.  It started off at 9″ and is now about 12″ (and has stopped for the day.)  It took a while to clear the driveway because the snow would fall to the side of the blower and I’d have to go back for a second pass.

Someone posted a picture on Facebook complaining about the 18″ snow.  They showed two things in the picture that were points of reference:  1) a small snow shovel with a blade about 8″ hight, and 2) the 4″ clapboard on their house.  It was 12″, not 18″.

Snowstorms, like fish, are always bigger than reality.

Blog Updates

I’m working on blog updates for days missed while I was traveling.  It is a lot of work, but the feedback has been positive.

It is so cold in the studio that I can’t get things warm enough for my fingers to move quickly.  Brrr… this cold snap is a strong one.  However, I keep plodding (blogging) along.

Winter Projects

I have not touched my winter projects yet.  Of course, the year started with a 10 day trip overseas, and now I’m playing catch up.

One of my winter projects is a posing corner for my Phicen figures.  Elizabethe gave me a hard time that I wasn’t this interested when she was doing Barbie stuff.  Hmmm… I think part of it is Barbie is not realistic, and Barbie doesn’t pose well.

I ordered an older version that is hard plastic so Elizabethe can use it as a dress form.  The silicone ones are too expensive and fragile.


Toronto Traffic

Toronto Traffic

Toronto traffic sucks.  To save about $200 I decided to drive to Toronto and fly form there to Tel Aviv.  Let’s see how that worked out…

  • drive there – 3+ hours (This was because it was New Year’s day and no commuters on the road.)
  • Parking for 10 days in Toronto – about $270
  • Drive home 6+ hours (I’ve since learned it has some of the worst traffic in the world.)

Will I do that again?  Probably not.  I might do like my friends the Harmers did.  Fly to Toronto from Rochester and there to Tel Aviv.  I would have come out ahead.

On the bright side, I made it home safely.

Other Messes

I also came home to a mess left by a tenant who simply vacated on his lease.  I’ve never seen such filth in my life.  It looks like I have to replace a microwave oven, carpet, mattress and box springs, as well as paying to have it professionally cleaned.

We live and learn.  One lesson I’ve learned from this is if they are slow getting their initial deposit paid, you probably don’t want them for a tenant.

copyright 2017 db walton
Living in Filth

How do people live in such filth.  (This photo doesn’t do it justice.  That orange spot, center bottom is a bleach mark (and there are many) where he tried to clean the carpet with who-knows-what.  The sad part is, why bother cleaning the carpet when you live in filth?

To Do List

I have a major to-do list for today.  This is just one item.  I will be updating and adding updates from my trip in the next few days.

It’s nice that we don’t have Toronto traffic in Rochester, because I have some errands to run.