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Over Doing It

Over Doing It

Over doing it becomes easier as you get older.  When I was young, I’d know I over did it when the next  morning I woke with achy muscles.  While that happens still, it’s more likely that by the end of the day I am just completely exhausted.

The first task of the day was to mow the lawn.  It’s not an easy or quick chore.  It occupies the better half of a day.  Add weed whacking to the list and you’re talking about a LOT of work.

Real Deals

I probably should have called it a day after mowing the lawn, but Elizabethe suggested we go to Real Deals and get more pecan turtles.  At $1 a box ($6.50 a box on Amazon) they are a steal.

We drove to Real Deals in Lyons and purchased 36 boxes.  We then drove to Real Deals in Seneca Falls to see what else they might have that’s a steal.


Going to Sauder’s put me over the top.  When we got home I was so beat.  Talk about over doing it.  I really should have called it quit after the first Real Deals.

Print Competition

International Print Competition entries opens in just a few days.  Once I get my entries submitted that will be a load off my mind and I can concentrate on other, less pressing projects.

I need 3 painting merits, and only 2 photographic merits to earn two master’s degrees – one in art and one in painting.  It would have been way easier and faster to enroll in a traditional college and get a Master of Fine Arts degree.  I might have been cheaper too… but not as fun.

Wait!  Why am I calling this fun?   I’ve put myself through much torchure preparing for print competitions each year.

Additional Photos

Additional Photos

I received orders for additional photos to restore.  This is one area where most photographers don’t venture because it is a lot more than just clicking the shutter. Restoration takes advantage of my painting skills.

This client left a 2″ stack of photos.  Most of them will simply be digital copies of the photos.  The ones that he really has an emotional attachment to he wants hand colored.  So, I’ve got my work cut out for me.


One of my rentals needs a couple of screens replaced.  I tried to find metal grids instead of woven screens.  You’d think that would be something you would find at any hardware store.  Screen material is ridiculous.  It is fragile  and has been around longer than I have.

There’s a market for non-woven, sheet metal grids to replace woven screen material.

I went online and found some.  Unfortunately, it only comes in black.  I could probably paint it, but I’d worry about the holes filling in.

Woven screen it is going to be.

Screen Frames

Then there are the screen frames.  Those stupid plastic splines that have to be pressed in are a pain to deal with too.  Consumers arise and revolt against cheap aluminum screen frames and woven screen material.



I hope none of you experienced the results of this site having been hijacked.  The other day they managed to crash the site.  I thought I had it resolved, but then that night I discovered they had gone back in and hijacked the site.  (Hijacking is where they direct your site to a different site.  In this case, they had directed it to what might have been a porn site.)

There is literally nothing in it for them.  It is a form of cyber vandalism.  The profile of such a hacker is an impotent young man, usually late teens to late 30s, still living at home with mom and/or dad, no job, no girlfriend, few friends (and mostly online “friends”), addicted to caffeine and in general – socially inept.


Someone asked me why they would do it.  Why do people vandalize?

My guess is pent up anger, frustration with an inability to express oneself and a degree of thrill-seeking.  They get a rush by being able to do it.  It’s a more destructive version thrill seeking.  It’s like the kid who throws a rock at a window just to hear it break, and then runs off laughing.

Speaking of Inept

Speaking of inept, Congress is inept in its ability to pass laws that actually work when it comes to cyber crimes.  Law enforcement is inept in its ability to catch perpetrators and enforce such laws.  Congress because they don’t really understand what’s involved, and law enforcement because they can’t afford the training and equipment necessary.

We spend lots of money to prevent hacking, and little to prosecute it once it happens.  The hackers know it.  They know if they can hack their way in to millions of dollars that there is very little chance of them (1) getting caught, (2) being tried for their crime, and (3) being convicted of a crime.


Let’s compare it to burglary.  If you come home and find your front door has been forced open, your house ransacked, and all of your jewelry gone, you’d call the police.  The police would come over, take pictures, statements, fingerprints, etc.  An officer would be assigned to investigate the crime.

But, my website gets broken in to, important information tossed, the site turned in to a porn site, I can’t call the police.  What would they do or say?  Someone has committed a felony, however I doubt there is a police department in the country that would take the complaint.


They wouldn’t know where to start and what to do.

An people wonder why I say BitCoin is a terrible investment.



Temple Vandalism

Temple Vandalism

I was saddened to read about a young man who broke in to the Saint George, Utah, Temple and vandalized it.  This happened Saturday morning, and the assailant was apprehended by some of the temple workers and subdued until police arrived.  The temple vandalism consisted damage to furniture, fixtures, windows and artwork.  What possesses anyone to vandalize?

On the Brighter Side

It’s Mother’s Day and I made a meal exactly to Elizabethe’s request – chicken, baked potatoes, vegetables, and a salad.  We invited Maureen to join us, as well as the sister missionaries.  (The sisters are excited because they got to Skype with their families before coming over.)

For dessert I made brownies with walnuts.  My brownies are always good, and I served these with sliced strawberries.  What a great combination!

Guest at Church

The sisters asked us to pick up a man whom they taught recently.  When we picked him up, I recognized him as being a man who purchased one of my prints.  We had a nice talk on the way to and from church.

Elizabethe and I are reading Lectures on Faith.  As a result, certain  things really stand out to me.  I’ve read them before, however, this time is a little more different.  Because my familiarity with the Book of Mormon has increased, much of what is said in the Lectures on Faith has more impact.

Familiar Face

Familiar Face

I’ve been learning this 3D software and one of the companies came out with a new product.  Another user wrote them and asked why the familiar face.  He said it’s the same face we’ve been seeing on ALL their products.

Well, I’m not sure if that’s completely true, but there isn’t a lot of variation on some of them.  It’s like a painter.  If you look at any painting by Walter Raine you see many of the men look the same, or a variation.  Then, you look at him and you see why the familiar face… it’s his.


It’s true with many artists.  You get use to creating a face a certain way and things all start looking like that.  One of the 3D asset creators has a definite style.  Her women seem to have a very similar lip structure and cheek structure.

I come along and tweek how the faces look.  Someday someone will look at them and say, “All Brent’s faces look alike.”

Not all artists recreate their own face in their paintings like Raine.   However, many have a face they like and they go with that.  I remember the cartoons of the 1970s by Don Bluth.  You can tell his style.

There’s definitely a familiar face in any artist’s work.

Bye-bye BSA

Bye-bye BSA

Soon the church will say bye-bye BSA.  I remember when I was a District Commissioner and having a discussion with another L.D.S. Scouter about the fate of Scouting and its relationship to BSA.  The other Scouter was of the opinion back then (late 1980s) that the church would eventually part company with BSA due to BSA’s relaxing of policy and rules.

At the time, the big issues were (1) camping on Sundays, and (2) adult leaders who were not living the law of chastity.  After all, a Scout is morally straight.  In our own district, this was an issue.  I recall one district award banquet a member of the district committee asking for certain members to leave their girl friends home and bring their wife instead. (Evidently, the guy he was addressing has a mistress on the side.)

I also had it out with the council Order of the Arrow advisor for being overly harsh on L.D.S. Scouts because they would leave the Ordeal on Saturday nights.  His words to me were, “As long as I’m advisor, no L.D.S. Scout will earn his sash.”

Skipping Ahead

bye-bye bsa


Skipping ahead, on my later rounds through church/Scouting callings I was seeing an overall relaxation of Eagle Requirements.  A merit badge counselor could not change the requirements, however, with a wink and a smile he could sign off on a requirement even though the young man hadn’t really met the standard.  This REALLY bothered me.  (It’s kind of like how some universities hand out degrees these days.)  As a result, the Rank of Eagle began to look more like a participation award than it did an achievement.

The Last Straw

There were contentions about women Scouters, women on camp outs with the boys, and more.  While having a woman camping with 11-18 year old boys may not endanger the boys as would having a man camping with girls of the same age group, it was more than impropriety.  There was the issue of male role-models.  And, as sexist as that may sound to some, it was at the top of my concerns.

It wasn’t long before the idea of allowing gay Scout leaders came up.  Many BSA units were sponsored by churches that had moral teachings that sex between anyone other than a man married to a woman is a sin.  The Scout Oath says a Scout should keep himself “morally straight”.  Many saw allowing gay men in as adult leaders would be a violation of this part of the oath.

Bye-bye BSA, that was the last straw.

Still Valuable

My Eagle Award is still valuable.  I think there will come a time when people find out someone is an Eagle Scout and ask, “So, did you receive yours prior to 2018?”  (Or even some earlier date.)

More Site Photos

More Site Photos

I shot more site photos today.  First thing in the morning I went to the Peter Whitmer Farm, Fayette Township, New York, and photographed a few items.   I ran in to the crew from the Church History Department again.  (The same people I’m taking these pictures for.)

On my way there I stopped at Wegman’s to buy some “rustic” looking bread.  The idea is to make it look like the first sacrament meeting in 1830.

copyright 2018 db walton

First Sacrament Concept

Sauder’s – Best Sandwich

When I finished there, I was off to Sauder’s for some shopping.  I bought some healthy snack alternatives.  Then, I had lunch there.

It was, by far, the best sandwich I ever had.  The girl behind the counter really piled it on.  It was a feast.

copyright 2018 db walton

Sauder’s Mega Roast Beef

Part of the secret to its goodness was I had her put onions on BEFORE she toasted it.  The onions melted in to the cheese were delicious.  Part II of the secret is horseradish AND italian dressing.

Veggie Snacks

Sauder’s has these veggie snacks.  I’m not sure if they are freeze dried, or how they get them like this, but they are almost like potato chips (only thicker).  My favorites are carrots and string beans.  I’m switching out salty snacks for these.



Inking Balls

Inking Balls

There one of those things most people can’t tell you what they are.  Yet, in the early days of printing, every book, newspaper and poster owed its value to the inking ball.

I got to photograph a pair of them today.  Looking like big maracas, this leather covered balls were used to evenly distribute ink to the typeface.

Inking Balls - copyright 2018 db walton

Inking Balls

They are part of the display at the Book of Mormon Publication site, also known as the E. B. Grandin Building.  Located just down the street from the Beckwith Mansion, this place attracts tens of thousands a year.

Hard to Know

It is hard to know what the publishers will use.  As a result, I submit lots and lots of photographs, and they choose the ones that fill the need.

Tomorrow is the Whitmer Farm.  I’m looking forward to that session because it involves a loaf of artisan bread.  (That’s a fancy way of saying, “Bread, the way they used to make it.”)  The plan is to rise early, stop at Wegman’s, and on to the Whitmer Farm.

Pork Loin

I decided to cook pork loin chops for dinner.  My sister-in-law commented how she didn’t usually like pork chops, but she likes how I cook them.  I’ve had a bad pork chop, and I can see how that would leave you not liking them.  But, cooked just right… they are good.

Pushing 80

Pushing 80

It’s pushing 80 today.  I mowed the lawn, but first I had to replace a blade.  I remember how excited I was when I bought this tractor.  It has turned out to be a piece of junk.  I will NEVER purchase another Cub Cadet product… and I will never buy from Blazey’s again.

After replacing the blade, I began to mow.  About 1/2 through it, a stick caused the belt to jump off the pulley.  (Yes, that’s another problem with the design of this thing.  It would be so simple to put guides and guards around the belt assembly to prevent this.  At least I know what to look for with my next lawn tractor.  You always learn with the first.)

Poser Poses

I’ve learned how to save poses in Poser.  I started a collection of my own poser poses.  Most of the time spent creating a 3D creation is spent posing your character.  Many of these poses can be reused now that I know how to save them.

Who knows… I might even sell a Poser pose pack.

Posing in Poser is quite difficult to get it right.  When someone’s body is not positioned naturally, we notice.  We notice things like, you can’t bend your fingers certain ways, we hold our hands in certain positions that feel natural, etc.  That’s why it is so important for me to save these poses.

Really Spring

Really Spring

It is really spring!  That’s right.  It is sunny and warm.  It is about time.

Sunday we saw snowflakes blowing around with temperatures in the low 30s.  Today it’s in the mid 70s.  Amazing what two days can do.

We came out of the temple tonight and the air was pleasant and warm.  Yes, it is really spring.  Let’s hope it is here to stay for a while.

Why Being a Republican Doesn’t Make You a Conservative

Okay, I have to state this.  I was watching a rather childish argument between to “Republicans” and the finger pointing was at “conservatives” (where it should have been at Republicans… not conservatives.)

A conservative (politically) is one who holds fast to time-honored traditions.  They are less likely to accept change for the sake of change.  The opposite of conservative is radical.

So, based on some of the things being argued about, here are two:   Extramarital affairs are NOT conservative values, and drug legalization is not a conservative value.

Taking that to the other side, liberalism is not humanitarianism.  It is the doctrine of change.

Liberals like to change things.  Conservatives like to keep time-honored traditions.  A liberal who likes to take change to the extreme is a radical.  Either one (liberal or conservative) who wants to force behavior is an authoritarian.  An extreme authoritarian is a totalitarian.

Why is that so hard for some people to understand?