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Welcome to the “Grandpa Blog”.  Yes, I’m a grandpa blogger.  (see http://beckwithmansion.com/blog/2014/07/04/grandpa-blogger/ to learn more about grandpa bloggers.) Among blog websites, Beckwith Mansion and Estate owner D. Brent Walton will try to keep you up to date about things in and around Palmyra, New York and the Beckwith Mansion and Estate. A little about Beckwith Mansion and Estate…

About Beckwith Mansion & Estate Blog

In October 2007, Brent and Elizabethe Walton purchased the Beckwith Estate and Mansion, located at 213 W Main Street, Palmyra, New York.

This blog will keep you up-to-date with the comings and goings of Brent & Elizabethe and visitors to their home.  Brent will try to keep you up-to-date with photos.

May 2014 Ensign

The Beckwith Mansion 2014

Brent is a Certified Professional Photographer and Photographic Craftsman.  His studio is located on the estate, and you can see his work at http://dbwalton.com and http://FineArtbyDB.com.   In addition to creating fine art photography, Brent also teaches workshops and classes.  Those who stay at the mansion will receive a package deal if they enlist his photographic services or attend a class or workshop.  (Classes can be found at http://palmyra-ny.com.)

Walton’s work has won awards and prizes, and has been published in several magazines and newspapers.  (Most recently, his work was featured in the Friend Magazine.)  His business tag-line says it all:  db walton – CAPTURING BEAUTY.  Visit his web site at http://www.dbwalton.com and click on Galleries to see some of his portraiture work.

While you are staying at the mansion, make sure you visit the front parlor where you will find postcards and prints by db walton.  They are available for sale there, or you can also find them at Latter-day Harvest House, Palmyra Pharmacy and some at Historic Palmyra Museums.  (You can also purchase prints on-line at http://www.FineArtbyDB.com.)

Elizabethe is your hostess while staying at the mansion.  She will handle reservations and most likely be the one to show you to your rooms.  Elizabethe does quilling as a hobby and you may purchase her cards in the foyer.

2016-2017 season rates:

You must pre-pay in order to reserve a room and prepayments are not refundable are non-refundable (unless you pay the refundable rate).Plan to reserve at least 6-12 months in advance for Pageant weeks!

NOTE: Pageant 2016 is over and we are now taking reservations for the 2017 Hill Cumorah Pageant.  Plan ahead and don’t get stuck here without a place to stay.  (Yes, it happens.  A friend drove from Cleveland to

We prefer checks, but we also accept PayPal and credit cards. We charge a 3% service charge on PayPal and credit card payments.


Click here for our rates.
If you haven’t visited the mansion’s main page, you can visit the Beckwith Mansion and Estate main web site at http://www.beckwithmansion.com.Rates are subject to change without notice.

We look forward to your staying with us.

0 thoughts on “About Beckwith Mansion & Estate Blog

  1. Caroline Gomes

    Hi Brent and Elizabethe!

    I am Tod Gomes wife, Caroline, and I have been following your blog. I just wanted to let you know that I look forward to your updates! Your area is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing with all of us – especially on the West Coast.

    Take care,

    1. beckwithmansion


      Thanks for the nice comments. It has been fun sharing our experiences and photos on the blog. I do my best to update it daily. (Some times, a little late, but I get it posted.)

      Let us know when you and Tod want to come visit.


  2. Steve Davis

    Hi Elizabeth and Brent:

    I was given your name by an old friend who suggested that I contact you regarding lodging during the 2014 Pageant. Planning a reunion of sorts to Palmyra after serving a mission 40 years ago in the land of Cumorah. We are planning to attend the Pageant on either July 15th or 16th and could book your loverly home with all our family members.

    Do you have any rooms available for those days? Thanks for your help.

    Steve Davis