Rough Winter

It has been a rough winter. The temperatures have been colder than normal, and longer than normal. But, that’s not the worst part.

The worst part is cold aggravates myasthenia gravis. It intensifies the symptoms, but so does heat and humidity. I tell you, there’s no winning with this disease.

To top it off I got a sinus infection that moved in to my lungs as a result of the cholesterol medication I was on. I never wanted to go on the stuff in the first place, but was convinced it would be okay.

There are a four doctors in Argentina who are theorizing that statin drugs can CAUSE myasthenia gravis. Well, in my case, I know know it made it worse.

Selling Stuff

We are in the process of selling stuff. Elizabethe’s doing most of the work because my brain just won’t focus. Brain fog (as I call it), or cognitive dysfunction (as doctors call it), seems to cloud my ability to pay attention to details. That’s not good when doing financial transactions.

We are in the process of listing the building downtown for $135,000. The good thing is, it is one of the few properties that have been on the market that is a steady money maker. It brings in about $30,000/year net!!! Thus, it will pay for itself in about 4-5 years.

I’m not sure when we are going to list the house. We’ll probably list it for $350,000.

Before we list it, we’ll entertain offers under $350,000.