Daily Archives: October 4, 2018



I take blocking on  Facebook serious.  I don’t block people because I disagree with them, or because I don’t like them.  Blocking people for behaving like jerks online is what I do.  They may be the most delightful person face-to-face, but when they turn in to an ugly monster online, I block them.

Last night I woke in the middle of the night with the impression to block 3 friends.  Yes, they are friends, but not the Facebook type of “Friends” anymore.  The impression was strong.

I signed on to Facebook, ready to do it, and thought… I should pray about this.  So, I did.  I prayed about it and felt even stronger that it was the right thing to do.  I don’t know why I simply felt blocking them was the right thing to do.


When I say behaving like jerks, here’s what I consider to be a jerk…

  • Trolling – this is at the type of my list.  This is a form of cyber-bullying that I won’t tolerate anymore.  It can be innocuous as simply replying in disagreement to every comment specific people make, or as outright as calling people names.
  • Cussing – use the F-word, and you’re blocked.  There is no place for that word — EVER.  There are a few others I have on the don’t use list.
  • Intentionally insulting – Here’s an example, a guy in a group camera group I belong to said everyone who voted for Trump can’t read big words.  I responded letting him know I felt his comment was beneath him and that he was better than that.  (And, I did not vote for Trump!)  His response was even more insulting.   I blocked him.
  • Constantly perpetuation false information – There are few people who spread the dumbest stuff around.  If it is dangerous to people’s health, and they do it often, I’ll block them.  I also block them if the information is slandering someone.
  • Pure Evil – if someone does something that’s pure evil, and I don’t need to enumerate on evil, I will immediately block them.  I see supporting evil as bad as doing it.  I’ve blocked people for death threats against others, as well as agreeing with someone who has made such a threat.

Where I Draw the Line

I draw the line with going beyond disagreement by making it personal.  When someone takes a disagreement and uses their position to belittle or intimidate, that’s where the person now put themselves in one of my above categories.

Yes, I may have been guilty of doing this myself, but I’ve worked on disciplining myself to avoid doing it.  There are times I want to say, “You’re an idiot,” but I don’t.  I’m even working on not thinking it, because if I don’t think it, I won’t say it.

What Makes Me Sad

What makes me sad is when I block a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We are taught to behave better than that.  The scriptures teach to avoid contention.

Years ago I recall seeing a bumper sticker on a car in the church parking lot.  (This was in California.)  It was contentious and vulgar.  I think the bishop might have talked to the person because a few weeks later, you can see where they scratched the sticker off the car.  It left an ugly mark.

It makes me sad because some of these people are unknowingly leaving ugly marks because of their posts on social media.