Daily Archives: July 7, 2018

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever

Elizabethe and I took a field trip today to a strawberry hydroponics farm in Auburn.  The entire time I’m singing in my mind, “Strawberry Fields Forever.”  It’s a pretty small, but impressive operation.

We had a $5 off coupon so we purchased some strawberries and a few other items there.  We’ll be back the next time grandchildren visit in the summer.  It’s a fun place.

On our trip we stopped at a Mennonite store on SR 318, and we had lunch at the little Mexican restaurant in downtown Waterloo.  Their food is about the best Mexican food you’ll find in these parts.

It was a fun date.

Veggie Chips

We also stopped at Real Deals where they had Terra chips for $1 a bag.  I bought 10 bags.  They are normally over $3 a bag.  We also stocked up on a few other items.

One item worth mentioning was Hershey’s chocolate chips (many varieties) for $1/bag.  We bought a few of those because you can never make to many chocolate chip cookies.


In spite of all that, my fatigue level is not bad.  I’ve decided instead of mowing the lawn tomorrow morning, I am going to go for an early morning walk at the Sacred Grove.  I can mow the lawn on Monday.  Today, it’s strawberry fields forever.