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Funny Telemarketing

Funny Telemarketing

Here’s a funny telemarketing thing to do.  When a telemarketer calls, whisper.  Wait for the opportune moment to tell them you are in prison.  Once you tell them that, you can also tell them you aren’t even supposed to have a phone.

I did this the other night.  They guy asked if I have a credit card.  I told him I used to before they took it away and arrested me.  He asked, “You don’t have a credit card?”

I said, “No, they took all of them away when they arrested me.  In fact, I’m not even supposed to have this phone on the cellblock.”


Let’s see… how many ways are they breaking the law.

  1. I haven’t done business with them, or given my permission for them to call.
  2. They did not check the NPA-NXX to see if it was a cell phone.  (It’s illegal for them to call cell phones.)
  3. They did not check the Do Not Call Registry to see if the number was listed.
  4. The call started with a mechanical announcement.  They must first start with a live human being and ask, “Would you be willing to listen to this…”

Hissy Fits

We just had a potential tenant throw a hissy fit regarding our policy that tenants in our house must keep their personal items (including food) in their room.  (All of our rooms have small refrigerators.)

Well, I’m glad they got that out of the way before we accepted a contract from them.

Let’s Talk About

Let’s talk about renting a room in a house where the owners reside.

  1. It’s the owner’s house; it’s their rules.
  2. Owner occupied homes are treated differently than apartment rentals.  Certain laws do not apply because the owner lives in the home.  For example, if the owner deems the tenant a bad fit, personality or otherwise, yes, they can turn the renter away.
  3. Guests are temporary guests living under the roof of the owner’s home with the owner in the house.  As a result, guests must give up certain privileges.  For example, we had a potential renter call asking if he could install a phone line in his name.  The answer is, “No.”  We do not allow any utilities to be listed in other people’s name.  His argument was, he wasn’t planning on living there, he just wants to establish residence in New York.  (Okay, that already sounds hinky.)
  4. Outside your personal belongings, only use/borrow what you’ve been told you can use/borrow.  Then, return it immediately when you aren’t using it.  Return it clean and stow it in the manner the owner wants it stowed.  For example, if you borrow a frying pan, wash it and put it back where the owner wants their frying pans kept.
  5. Read your contract and rules.  Read them until you understand what they are.

Nightmarish Things

Here are a few nightmarish things we’ve had guests do.

  • Ask to keep a small box in our garage.  Before we knew it, our garage was getting full of boxes.
  • Taking our dishes to their room to eat, and then, instead of going to the kitchen and washing them and putting them away, they put them in a trash bag in their closet. (Ewwww!)
  • One had such bad personal hygiene you could tell where they sat days after they had been in that room.
  • Damage done to the room without immediately reporting it and taking personal responsibility.

We’re considering putting an end to renting rooms.  Craigslist tenants seem to be a bit on the undesirable side, and airbnb guests seem to be on the want-something-for-nothing side.  I guess we’re getting too old for this.