More Energy

More Energy

I have more energy today.  I’ve been paying closer attention to what I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as how much water I’m drinking.  In addition, I picked up a B12 supplement.


A couple of months ago I wrote about priestcraft.  Well, I saw a well meaning member of the church post a link to a website with an article.  The article had a few disturbing comments and so I thought I’d look at the site in its totality.

The purpose of the site, without going in to specifics, is to “train” and “correct” LDS leaders.

Hmmm… The Quorum of the Twelve, the Seventy, and area and local authorities must not be doing their job according to this website.  When a website/organization says they exist to educate church leaders, and it isn’t sanctioned by the First Presidency, then I have to question their “inspiration”.

The site reads like a corporate website.  They ask for financial donations and they have corporate officers.  They have set themselves up to be popular and get gain.  That’s priestcraft my friends.

I don’t care what the cause is.  You may feel it is for a great cause, if it circumvents the Lord’s established Priesthood authority, then no matter how good the cause, there’s evil lurking.