Over Doing It

Over Doing It

Over doing it becomes easier as you get older.  When I was young, I’d know I over did it when the next  morning I woke with achy muscles.  While that happens still, it’s more likely that by the end of the day I am just completely exhausted.

The first task of the day was to mow the lawn.  It’s not an easy or quick chore.  It occupies the better half of a day.  Add weed whacking to the list and you’re talking about a LOT of work.

Real Deals

I probably should have called it a day after mowing the lawn, but Elizabethe suggested we go to Real Deals and get more pecan turtles.  At $1 a box ($6.50 a box on Amazon) they are a steal.

We drove to Real Deals in Lyons and purchased 36 boxes.  We then drove to Real Deals in Seneca Falls to see what else they might have that’s a steal.


Going to Sauder’s put me over the top.  When we got home I was so beat.  Talk about over doing it.  I really should have called it quit after the first Real Deals.

Print Competition

International Print Competition entries opens in just a few days.  Once I get my entries submitted that will be a load off my mind and I can concentrate on other, less pressing projects.

I need 3 painting merits, and only 2 photographic merits to earn two master’s degrees – one in art and one in painting.  It would have been way easier and faster to enroll in a traditional college and get a Master of Fine Arts degree.  I might have been cheaper too… but not as fun.

Wait!  Why am I calling this fun?   I’ve put myself through much torchure preparing for print competitions each year.