I hope none of you experienced the results of this site having been hijacked.  The other day they managed to crash the site.  I thought I had it resolved, but then that night I discovered they had gone back in and hijacked the site.  (Hijacking is where they direct your site to a different site.  In this case, they had directed it to what might have been a porn site.)

There is literally nothing in it for them.  It is a form of cyber vandalism.  The profile of such a hacker is an impotent young man, usually late teens to late 30s, still living at home with mom and/or dad, no job, no girlfriend, few friends (and mostly online “friends”), addicted to caffeine and in general – socially inept.


Someone asked me why they would do it.  Why do people vandalize?

My guess is pent up anger, frustration with an inability to express oneself and a degree of thrill-seeking.  They get a rush by being able to do it.  It’s a more destructive version thrill seeking.  It’s like the kid who throws a rock at a window just to hear it break, and then runs off laughing.

Speaking of Inept

Speaking of inept, Congress is inept in its ability to pass laws that actually work when it comes to cyber crimes.  Law enforcement is inept in its ability to catch perpetrators and enforce such laws.  Congress because they don’t really understand what’s involved, and law enforcement because they can’t afford the training and equipment necessary.

We spend lots of money to prevent hacking, and little to prosecute it once it happens.  The hackers know it.  They know if they can hack their way in to millions of dollars that there is very little chance of them (1) getting caught, (2) being tried for their crime, and (3) being convicted of a crime.


Let’s compare it to burglary.  If you come home and find your front door has been forced open, your house ransacked, and all of your jewelry gone, you’d call the police.  The police would come over, take pictures, statements, fingerprints, etc.  An officer would be assigned to investigate the crime.

But, my website gets broken in to, important information tossed, the site turned in to a porn site, I can’t call the police.  What would they do or say?  Someone has committed a felony, however I doubt there is a police department in the country that would take the complaint.


They wouldn’t know where to start and what to do.

An people wonder why I say BitCoin is a terrible investment.