Inking Balls

Inking Balls

There one of those things most people can’t tell you what they are.  Yet, in the early days of printing, every book, newspaper and poster owed its value to the inking ball.

I got to photograph a pair of them today.  Looking like big maracas, this leather covered balls were used to evenly distribute ink to the typeface.

Inking Balls - copyright 2018 db walton

Inking Balls

They are part of the display at the Book of Mormon Publication site, also known as the E. B. Grandin Building.  Located just down the street from the Beckwith Mansion, this place attracts tens of thousands a year.

Hard to Know

It is hard to know what the publishers will use.  As a result, I submit lots and lots of photographs, and they choose the ones that fill the need.

Tomorrow is the Whitmer Farm.  I’m looking forward to that session because it involves a loaf of artisan bread.  (That’s a fancy way of saying, “Bread, the way they used to make it.”)  The plan is to rise early, stop at Wegman’s, and on to the Whitmer Farm.

Pork Loin

I decided to cook pork loin chops for dinner.  My sister-in-law commented how she didn’t usually like pork chops, but she likes how I cook them.  I’ve had a bad pork chop, and I can see how that would leave you not liking them.  But, cooked just right… they are good.