Power Restored

Power Restored

Power restored!    Or, at least 21 homes on West Main Street in Palmyra.  Early this evening power came on.  After about 54 hours, we have power restored.  Power to the people!

White Christmas

Modern revelation tells us Christ was born on April 6th.  We got snow today.  You can say it is a White Christmas.

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April 6th, 2018

That darn groundhog was right this year.  Spring is late.

Wednesday it was a blizzard.  Thursday we woke to a little snow.  Today, we woke to a blanket of white.

Good Sync

I’m glad I bought a copy of Good Sync.  This software saves a LOT of time and makes backups easy.  A good portion of my day was spent organizing files and using Good Sync in conjunction with ACDSee to rid my drives of duplicate files and then backing them up.  I probably saved a good 100GB of space.

Second Amendment

I watched two friends argue on social media as to the reason for the Second Amendment to the constitution.  One was arguing it was there so citizens could protect themselves from an oppressive government.  The other argues it was to have a well regulated militia.

I’m trying to not get involved in those things on social media.  However, I’d say they are both right.  The government had no army back then.  They were ALL mercenary companies, or groups, who volunteered to fight.  Thus, they had to have their own weapons.  And, what was their fight?  To fight against the oppressive government of England.