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Prove it.  Show your proof.  As a mathemetician, I heard this frequently.  The most astonishing proof of all times was when a professor demonstrated, through a mathematical proof, that something divided by zero is NOT infinity, but undefined.

I thought for a while, and my rationalization was that x/y, as y becomes infinitesimally small,  the result approaches infinity.  I watched carefully as he began to write the proof on the chalkboard.  Soon he had shown in some cases where the result could equal Pi (which today is Pi day), 1 or several other values.  Thus, if it doesn’t ALWAYS equal the same number, then it is “undefined”.

Steven Hawking

Steven Hawking passed away today.  He outlived most people with ALS, and in some ways he was a genius.  While his genius was spent on theoretical physics and theoretical cosmology, he proclaimed to believe there is no God, and when we die, that’s it.  We are no more.  I think he said something to the effect that our brains are nothing more than a computer, and when we die, that computer shuts off.

He now knows different.  I say this because he was an example of ever learning, but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.

His death brought out a lot of comments from believers.  People were commenting saying, “I guess he is finding out that God does exist”, and “Looks like he’ll discover there’s more after this life after all”, etc.

Then, you have the atheist commented, mostly trolling, saying, “Prove there’s a God. Hawking has published papers, where are your papers proving there’s a God.”


Prove any of Hawking’s theories.

The tip should be Hawking was a “theoretical” physicist.  That means, nothing he taught had any physical proof, only rationalizations of what “might be”.


How is that any different than most people who believe in God?

Well, the short answer is… God is real.  Theoretical physics may… or may not be real.  In either case, nobody can prove either one to you — especially if you are unwilling to do what is required to find your evidence.

When it comes to Hawking’s theories, I could care less if they are true or false.  It makes no difference in the scheme of things.  However, when it comes to knowing God, it makes all the difference in the world… and the life hereafter.



There’s a realization that the flu did more to me than I initially thought.  3 weeks in bed, followed by weakness, and then the bacterial infection in my leg.  The doctor prescribed antibiotics and guess what… other ailments are clearing up too.

The realization is this… it is a good thing I saw the doctor when I did because now I realize might might have been on the verge of going septic.  I won’t go through all the symptoms that have disappeared after a week of being on the antibiotics, but it’s proof to me that had I not seen the doctor about my leg, things may have got worse.

3D Stuff

I dove head first in to this 3D stuff.  I’ve not invested about six weeks and probably close to $1,000 in digital assets.  The work is fun, but it is also frustrating since the software has some bugs.

I think I’ve got most of the issues ironed out, and now I’m itching to create stuff.  Last night I was thinking I of paintings I want to do.  While I know in my mind what I want, this software will help me visualize it so I can paint it.  (I’m lousy at painting from memory.  Some people can… I have a hard time doing it.)