Spending Too Much

Spending Too Much

One of the things Elizabethe says she loves about me is that I’m frugal.  One of the things that gives me great anxiety is spending too much.  Believe me, I agonize over spend… regardless of the amount.  Call me “cheap”, if you will, but I take great comfort in known I have a financial reserve – a liquid financial reserve.

We dropped Jennifer and kids off at the airport, and since we were down that way, I went to Harbor Freight Tools to use a couple of coupons.  Mentally trying to keep track, I went over my self-imposed limit.  Oh, that wasn’t good.  While I can afford what I spent, the agony of spending more than I wanted to eats at me.

That Did It

That did it for me.  In my mind I was planning on stopping at a couple other stores for some last-minute gifts.  Nope.  I spent my budget.  This needs to do.  No more spending money today.

See what I mean?


Wendy’s has those little key tags you can purchase.  If you buy anything, you can get a free Jr. Frosty.  So, for lunch I got the 4 for $4.  That’s way too much food for someone in their 60s.  The next time I’ll see if Elizabethe wants the burger, I’ll take the chicken nuggets and we’ll split the fries.  Besides… we’re getting a Jr. Frosty for dessert too!

They make kid’s meals.  The should make senior meals.  Smaller portions in a little box.  Instead of a toy, they could package something us older folks could use.  How about a 3-pack of wet wipes?  Or a small package of antacids?   A package of flossers?  Hearing aid batteries?

After all, the Baby Boomers are coming of age… old age.

Almost Here

Christmas is almost here.  I think I’m set with gifts.  Oh, I forgot two I told Elizabethe I’d take care of… Later.