Husbandly Duties

Husbandly Duties

I take my husbandly duties seriously.  My wife’s request for me today was to stay by her side as she recovers from surgery.  That’s just what I did.

It makes for a great excuse to do nothing else – just be at her beckon call.  For the most part, she’s sleeping and making very little, if any demands.  Oh, I think she asked for Jello water at one point.

Heaven knows how many times she’s had to wait on my the last few years.  After the accident I wasn’t able to do much, but she was always there.  She never complained and gave me emotional support as well as physical support.


I was quite grieved years ago when a co-worker announced she was leaving her husband and getting a divorce because he was too sick to care for himself.  Who knows, it could have been all financial for all we know.  It just goes against the worldly marriage vow of “in sickness and health”.

I have great admiration for my friends who stayed by their spouses as their spouse was dying.  There is something beautiful about a commitment like that.  On the other hand, there is something very sad about those who leave because they can’t handle the burden – whether emotionally, financially, or physical.