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Making History

Making History

Making history today, President Donald Trump announced the United States will officially acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and begin construction on a U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.  Without demeaning previous administrations, he explained the reason behind not doing this sooner was hopes it would further peace between Palestinians and Israel.  That hasn’t happened, so we aren’t going to wait any further.

This is big.  This is courageous.  It is the right thing to do.

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View from the Dedication Spot

This, of course, has brought out the trolls on social media and the Internet.  So far, most of the media news coverage has been about how terrible this is, and how the president doesn’t have this authority, etc., etc., etc.    He was given the authority to do this two decades ago.  It’s just that his predecessors chose to ignore it in hopes doing so would soften the hearts of the terrorists.

Newsflash – Terrorists aren’t negotiators.

The bottom line is this…

Palestinians will stop at nothing short of destroying the Jews (i.e. Israel).  The Israeli Government can turn over the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Bethlehem, Jericho, and more, and as long as a Jewish state exists, they won’t be happy.  While I’m sure there are Palestinians who wish this unwillingness to cooperate would stop, as long as groups like Hamas exist there will be contention.