Daily Archives: December 3, 2017

Dinner Cancellation

Dinner Cancellation

We had a dinner cancellation for tonight.  Usually we feed the missionaries, but a conflict came up in their schedule.  It’s okay, because neither Elizabethe or I are feeling up to par.

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality has been with us for 7 years now.  Someone was trying to tell me we need it because it will open the door to more ISP options being available and at a cheaper price.


I don’t see there being any more ISP options for my area than there was 7 years ago.  But, that’s besides the point, the guy hadn’t a clue what it is about.  There is nothing about Net Neutrality that will give us more ISPs or cheaper prices.

When I pointed out there are over 2,500 ISPs he grumbled that doesn’t help him where he only has 1 option.  (Oh, and I looked up his zip code.  He has a minimum of 7 options.  He just hasn’t researched it.)

Basically, Net Neutrality says ISPs cannot block or throttle IP addresses based on content being sent.  (The porn industry loves this because ISPs can’t block or throttle their data.)  As a result, the oponents argue it will do away with free speech on the Internet.

That’s odd.  It wasn’t a problem before 2010, and now we need a law governing it?

I really hope the FCC drops the regulation.  If it is an attempt to protect free speech it is a lousy one full of loopholes.