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Adobe Koolaid

Adobe Koolaid

So many people have drunk of the Adobe Koolaid.  I decided to pit Lightroom against ACDSee today. After returning from a walk where I shot about 100 photos, I decided to see what’s quicker. Well, Lightroom is STILL loading the images and rendering the thumbnails. During that time I was able to rate all of my photos in ACDSee and modify three of them.

Oh, and if you’re running Lightroom on a PC and want it to run faster, there are two things that speed it up. 1) disable Adobe update (run it manually when you want to update), and 2) uninstall QuickTime (uninstalling QuickTime will make your PC run faster in general.)

It looks like Lightroom is about done importing those files. (Yeah, I was able to type this too.)  Waiting… waiting… Okay, maybe it isn’t done yet.

Why am I so adamantly against Adobe Creative Cloud?

Supporting it feeds mediocrity.  Not in what is created by Adobe products, but the products themselves.  Yes, they produce some cool features others haven’t thought of yet, but the lack of quality control and assurance means you end up with a mediocre software package.  (i.e. riddled with bugs).

The entire idea that you’ll just update the software and see what bug reports you get goes against everything I was taught as a software engineer.  SQA is what we called it.  Yet, I understand what Adobe is doing.  In this, “We want it now”, society customers grow impatient.

I would gather to say most of Adobe’s income comes from non-professionals who don’t care about speed and reliability.  If you can get that crowd to buy your product, then more power to you and your shareholders.  I just hope it doesn’t come back to bite them in the butt.

What was the winery back in the 1970s that said, “We’ll sell no wine before it’s time?”

Well, Adobe abandoned that concept a few releases ago and now has placed most of their products in that bucket except for Photoshop and Premiere Elements.  I just wonder how much longer before both of them become on-line use-at-your-own-risk applications.

A Recent Complaint

A recent complaint from a fellow photographer left me shaking my head and wondering, “Why do you put up with that?”

Yes, if you know Photoshop inside and out, switching to a new program has a learning curve.  I’m still going through that learning curve with Photoshop alternatives.  However, I believe I will be the better for it (financially and professionally) for having done so.  (Of course, most software is use at your own risk, however, when you purchase a perpetual license of a product that has been thoroughly tested, you can at least hold on to a version until you are sure the bugs are fixed.)

Wow!  Lightroom is STILL loading those photos.  We’re going on about 25 minutes now.

Here Not There

Why is this rant here and not on my dbwalton.com web site?

I put it here because my photography clients wouldn’t care about my rant.  And, perhaps you don’t either, however, this is my personal blog and you’ll have to put up with my ups and downs.

Oh, I’m still waiting for Lightroom to complete the import of those images.  Ah, that Adobe Koolaid comes with a bad aftertaste.

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Sacred Grove This Morning

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