Daily Archives: November 19, 2017



It’s time to make chicken enchiladas for the missionaries.  I plan to make it with a white sauce and white cheddar and jack cheeses.  The nice thing about it is that it is mild and people can add their own heat (hot sauce) to it.


Our speakers at church talked about the Book of Mormon.  A comment was made about the impact it has on people’s lives.  It is so true.  As a result, reading and studying it people tend to behave better.

There are misconceptions as, well as false information, floating around about the Book of Mormon.  (The musical has nothing to do with the book, by the way.)  Thus, skeptics should put aside their bias about how we got the Book of Mormon, and read it carefully.  They discover there’s is something to it.  Careful reading dispels the myths that Joseph Smith plagiarized the book or made it up.

Sunday School

Sunday School is equally good.  Our lesson is on living prophets.  The instructor used Moses and the fiery serpents as an example. (Matt’s a great instructor.)

After Priesthood opening exercises I was asked to play the piano in Primary.  It has been a long time.  I’m rusty on many of the songs because I haven’t played them in ages.


Having dinner with the missionaries is fun.  We enjoy their company, and they enjoy the food (and hopefully our company too.)