Daily Archives: November 18, 2017

Nice Baptism

Nice Baptism

Elizabethe and I attended a nice baptism today.  A couple, Cliff and Alice Dodge, were baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Many people from our ward attended.

Lance Camp and I talked about our missionary days.  We both served in the Colorado Denver Mission.  I served several years before he did, however, he says there was still talk of a mission president who made his missionaries spit shine their shoes and starch their shirts.  That was President Lambourne (my mission president from the start of my mission until June, 1978.)

The only overlap was Arvada.  We both served in Arvada.

Alien Skin Bug

I discovered a bug in the Alien Skin Exposure 2 software.  If you have an “@” symbol anywhere in the file’s path it won’t recognize the image.  It knows a file is there, however, it won’t open it or render a thumb nail.

They acknowledged the bug and said it will be fixed in the current version.  Once they fix it, I’m going to ask for a free copy.  After all, I found the bug, and as a result, should not be forced to buy a new version.

I keep hearing horror stories about Adobe Creative Cloud problems.  I don’t understand.  Actually, I do understand.  The same things happened at AT&T.  A company gets so big they forget who their customers are and they live off their economy of scale.