Bent Blade

Bent Blade

This is the first bent blade since switching to the heavy duty blades.  A brick hidden in the leaves caused the bend.  I’m so frustrated.

The good news is in spite of a bent blade, I have much of the leaves picked up.  We will hire someone to do the rest.  I’ve had it with that mower this year.

Elizabethe is on the hunt for a new bag.  She wants one that is narrow and will fit under an airline seat.  She’s very particular.

We looked at Best Buy, Staples, BJ’s and we even looked at tool bags at Home Depot.  Best Buy hardly carries anything in a roller bag.  Staples, the choices are a little better, and BJ’s is always hit-n-miss with those type of things.

Gift Cards

We are also hunting for gift cards for grandchildren and children.  Because we have so many to purchase, we are looking for special offers.  For example, buy $50 worth of gift cards and get a $5 gift card free.

The Hunt Goes On

The hunt goes on after we get home.  Elizabethe is looking on-line for a suitable bag.

I know my experience with finding the right camera bag was difficult.  I ended up paying about $300 for a bag that is really only worth $150 max.  Why?  Because it was the ONLY brand/model I could find.