Daily Archives: November 2, 2017

Another Day Shot

Another Day Shot

Another day shot.  I did not expect to spend the day chasing tenant problems.  They took longer than I expected.

Most of the problems were electrical.  I replaced a small fluorescent light strip, a thermostat and a dual gang light switch.  The thermostat gave me the most problems.  The 22 ga. wires just didn’t want to stay under the screws.  I hate dealing with hardware.

At Home

At home Elizabethe informs me I can take Friday and do whatever I want.  But, guess what… Friday we’re driving to Pennsylvania to visit our daughter’s family.  Hey, but that’s a fun thing to do.

We decided to do our date night tonight because of our weekend plans.  Nothing like a cheap date to Taco Bell.

It’s funny how many people dislike Taco Bell out here.  To me, Taco Bell is the go-to food of my pre-teenage years.  I guess had I been raised on perogies they would be my go-to food.  (Elizabethe is the same way.  If we’re looking for something fast and tasty, I can sell her on Taco Bell easily.)

Road Trip Tomorrow

Road trip tomorrow to Pennsylvania.  It’s a long drive, but we break it in half with a stop at Cuba Cheese in Cuba, New York.  It makes it a bit more tolerable to drive for 4 hours.  Of course, the real treat is seeing our family when we get there.