Daily Archives: November 1, 2017

Berkeley and Jensen

Berkeley and Jensen

That’s what BJ’s stands for – Berkeley and Jensen.  I spent a couple hours there and then most of the rest of the morning, into the afternoon, putting stuff away at home.  For my California/Utah friends, BJ’s is like Costco.

Warehouse stores like this are becoming more expensive.  I went to buy paper towels and the packages were so big I’d have no place to store them.  It seems most products are packaged to be around $20.  That’s too much for empty nesters.

Good Deals

I’m always careful to make sure I’m getting good deals at warehouse stores.  Sometimes the volume/quantity makes it a not-so-good deal.  For example, opening a gallon of mayonnaise at one time isn’t a very good deal unless you can consume it quickly.

Most of the Day

Most of the day was shopping and putting stuff away.  When you have a 9 cubic foot cube of toilet paper, you need somewhere to put it.  Stuff like that takes time.

Before you know it, the day is mostly shot.

Constitutional Convention

I’ve been trying to decide how to vote for this.  There’s a lot of hype that it will take away pensions from police, fire, teachers, etc.  That’s hogwash, and it should be illegal for them to state that.  Pensions are protected by Federal Law.

So, that drove me to look in to who is saying that stuff.  I discovered it is the AFL/CIO and the ACLU.

Why doesn’t that surprise me.

If they are against it, there must be something good to come from voting for it.