Busy on Route 66

Busy on Route 66

If you’ve noticed I’m not posting lately, I’m busy updating a blog on Route 66 — Route 66 Photographers.  Visit it, click on BLOG (top menu), then select 2017.

It is just too much to do two blogs while I’m on the road.  Besides, much of it would be redundant.  I am posting daily there until I return home (early October).  Once I get home, this blog will resume.  However, until then, please read my Route 66 blog at http://www.route66photographers.com.

You can also join our Facebook Group.

We’ve been attempting to do YouTube videos, but it is just so slow (YouTube, that is).  Our YouTube channel – http://youtube.route66photographers.com is where you can see them.

For Now

For now, just go to our last post (click here) and then look at the calendar to see updates for specific dates.

Here’s some teaser photos so you can see why you should join our Facebook group and watch our blog.

Sharing a Frozen Custard


A Sense of Humor


He is Walking Across America



So, go to Route66Photographers.com and check it daily.  I’ve put a lot in to posting nightly.  In fact, I’ve been up to midnight nearly every single night posting photos and writing about our adventures.  Please make it worth my while.

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