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Temple Missionary Shoot

Temple Missionary Shoot

I have a temple missionary shoot this evening.  I am doing a lot to prepare.  These things always make me anxious, but I know things will go well.  Anxiety is what keeps me safe.  (Or, so I tell myself.)

Speaking about anxiety…

Never assume depression is because someone brought it upon themselves.  Anxiety and depression can be organic as the color of your eyes.  Successful people often find ways to let it drive them in positive directions, while unsuccessful people let it force them in to bad decisions.  The rest of us are somewhere in the middle.  For me, it drives me to over prepare.  That’s why I was so good at network engineering and system programming.  On the other hand, it often leads me to avoid risk taking.  (Risk taking can be good if managed right.)

The Shoot

The shoot went very well.  Here is the group picture.  And, here is one of the couples.

copyright 2017 db walton - temple missionary shoot

Temple Missionaries Summer 2017

copyright 2017 db walton - temple missionary shoot

President and Sister Miner

Can’t Take Seriously

I cannot take someone seriously when they attempt to argue and their message reads like, “U dont no what your taking about.”

I admit that I often misspell words, or use the wrong homonym.  The latter isn’t because I don’t know the difference, but I get hasty when picking auto-type words on my phone.

How do you tell people, in a polite way, they look stupid when they use “U” for “you”, for get punctuation, and consistently write stuff in that manner?