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Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

If a man says, “I have this little black dress”, you kind of raise an eyebrow.  I knew what my friend meant, but it was still funny all the same.

A few years ago I decided to do a project called, “Little Black Dress — Never Tell Your Daughters They Can’t”.  It got pushed aside by life.  But, more so, a lack of enthusiasm and interest from others.  My goal was to photograph 50 women in black outfits and publish a book with a small 1 page bio for each one.

I’d still like to do it some day.  However, before doing it I want 50 enthused women who will participate.

Something For Nothing

Everybody wants something for nothing.  I’m no different.  Buy one, get one free sales happen all the time.  It’s human nature to want something for free.

I am amazed how many people want me to work for free.  Another photographer wrote a funny blog about calling other businesses and asking for free product or services.  He drove the point home.

The Shoot

Paul and I did a shoot together.  It was one I planned way back in November.  The plan was to get a bunch of photographers and hire a model.  Well, it was just me and Paul.  Oh, well.  (The model did a great job and we got our money’s worth.)

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Model in LBD