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2017 FLPP Picnic

2017 FLPP Picnic

Today is the 2017 FLPP Picnic.  Same venue and same routine, but that’s what makes it great — it’s a tradition.  This 2017 FLPP Picnic will be just as great as those of the past.

We spent a good amount of time talking with Monroe and Janet.  They are around our age and live in Ithaca.  We always have fun talking with them.


Elizabethe’s friend June came over to craft with her, while I worked on file clean up on my server.  I’m finding duplicate files and deleting them.  There’s quite a few (thousands).

I purchased stamps for the Route 66 trip.  I figure I’ll mail the grandchildren postcards while on the road.  That gives me an idea!  I’ll ask Paul to take a picture of me holding their postcard of and at the place pictured on the postcard.  When I return from the trip, I’ll send them those prints.


I’m glad it didn’t rain  on our picnic.  (That’s worse than raining on our parade!)  We began our drive home from Clifton Springs and as soon as we got on the thruway it began to pour.

I guess I’m not mowing the lawn when I get home.