Daily Archives: August 10, 2017

Ice Cream Sale

Ice Cream Sale

An ice cream sale is my kind of sale.  I stopped at Breen’s to get some peppers and swung by the frozen section.  They had one of the premium brands on sale for $2.50 a carton.

Heck, yeah.  I bought some.

Blocking Idiots

I posted on Facebook that I block idiots, and the fact that people are reading my post says they are not on my idiot list.   Interesting comments.

What constitutes an idiot in my opinion?

  1. Internet trolls – people who go looking for an argument and never say anything nice in response to a post.
  2. Those who support evil – I can tolerate opinions regarding people’s views on evil practices, however, when someone makes it their crusade to embrace evil and campaign for it, I block them. (Hmmm… campaign for it sounds political, but I’m not talking about politics.)
  3. People who constantly push stupid ideas – This is a tough one, and I’ve weeded most of them out.  These are people who one day will say baking soda cures cancer.  The next day they will say salt (or epson salts) and vinegar works as well as Roundup.  Comes winter they will say you can heat an entire room with 4 tea candles.  Yes, they are gullible, but please… I don’t want to see this stuff every time I peek into Facebook.

I don’t “hate” these people, but I do greatly dislike what they post.  The only way Facebook provides to remove these from my sight is by blocking them.

Does this mean I have thin skin?

Well, that’s subjective.  It’s more like I have high blood pressure and I’m trying to keep it down.  It wastes my time to see this stuff.

How is it working?

It’s working great.  I still see an occasional post from a friend or two that falls in to one of those categories.  However, I don’t block them because they don’t make it their daily routine to do these things.

For example, if someone says socialism is great, fine.  They have a stupid idea in my opinion.  However, if every one of their posts is to campaign for socialism and convince others socialism is great, then I block them.

It works great.