Daily Archives: June 29, 2017

Day Two of Re-roofing

Day Two of Re-roofing

It is day two of re-roofing.  They have torn off the west side of the main roof, and starting on the east side.  As things would have it, it started to rain so they cut things short.

I will be excited to see what it looks like when they start putting the steel on the roof.  Right now, it’s a mess.

Elizabethe’s Cold

I think I’m catching whatever Elizabethe had.  It feels odd.  Almost like thrush, but way back in my throat.  It’s mostly irritating.

Next Two Days

Tomorrow and Saturday I have a clean schedule.  I hope to be able to catch up on things.  They say it will rain both days so there goes mowing the lawn.

I have some Route 66 things to do too.  Time is flying quickly.  I hope to pick up more sponsors.  I realized today I need to push it as an advertising opportunity, and not simply a money-grab.  Anyone who sponsors us will get mention during the Route 66 Tour.

I had one potential send me to a PDF link that was for schools and clubs.  I wrote them back and explained this is an advertising opportunity, not a club looking for equipment.  They referred me to a different page.  Now I need to complete that request for information.