Daily Archives: June 24, 2017

Two Shoots

Two Shoots

Two shoots before 10am.  This is a first.  I typically open the studio to appointments at 10am.  Today was an exception.

An assignment to get photos of youth leaders with their youth  required me to be at the church at 6:30am this morning.  I had enough time to go get breakfast after that, and then it was a group portrait at 8:50am.

That’s how Saturdays go for a professional photographer.  As I tell people, Sundays and Mondays are my weekend.  Saturdays are often the busiest day.


Elizabethe is still feeling under the weather like she has a cold.  We had talked about possibly going to dinner tonight since she was too sick yesterday.  However, she’s not up to going out tonight either.

I still think it might be allergies.  Mine have been bad lately.

Organizing Part II

The previous week we organized my side of the bedroom.  The work isn’t complete.  I went to Lowe’s searching for something I can use… something I will use.

I found a tool carrier and I bought it to give it a try.  The out of sight, out of mind, still applies.  In fact, that concept bit me last night when I was looking for batteries for my Canon 5D Mk II.  When I found them they were in a shoebox.  When we were organizing the room, Elizabethe thought my camera odds and ends would fit nicely in this heavy duty shoebox.  She told me.  She showed me.  But, when it came time to look for them… they might as well have been buried 10 feet underground.