Daily Archives: June 23, 2017

No Date Night

No Date Night

No date night tonight.  Elizabethe is feeling under the weather.  She believes it is a cold; I think it is hay fever.  Either way, she doesn’t feel up to going out.

July 3rd Prep

What’s with the July 3rd prep?

I’m having a First Monday Event on the theme of smoke bombs again.  I’ve been looking for smoke bombs at local fireworks stands.  I’ve discovered TNT Fireworks really blew it.  They DON’T have SMOKE BOMBS.    What’s up with that TNT?

Barely Legal brand does.  In fact, you can pick your duration from about 4 seconds to about 2.5 minutes.  Of course, you pay more for longer burns.

Route 66 Prep

Route 66 prep is a little more involved.  I have limited space, but lots of things I’d like to bring.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and I want to be fully prepared.  At the same time, I have Paul’s equipment and luggage to be concerned with too.

This will be the longest trip I’ve ever taken, and the most miles I’ve driven in a single trip.  We’re only shy 360 miles from making this a coast to coast trip.  Undoubtedly we will be doing some side trips adding miles that will most likely push us beyond 7,000 miles.