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Shorter Days Coming

Shorter Days Coming

Yesterday was literally hump-day.  Shorter days coming between now and December 21st.  Time is passing too quickly.

I spent a portion of the day looking for a carrying case.  I knew what I want, but didn’t know what to call it… a suitcase?  toolbox?  makeup case?  camera case?

You don’t realize how many different types of cases there are until you don’t know what to call the case you’re looking for.

I finally found one.  It’s made for carrying vinyl LPs.  Sheesh.


Amazon is amazing.  While you still have to know what to search for, it gives suggestions like, “People who looked at this also looked at these…”

That can often take you to products you would have never looked at before.

Electronic Leash

I was thinking I’d like something on my camera bag in case I walk off and leave it somewhere.  Sure enough, it’s called an electronic bluetooth leash.  75 feet and your phone chimes telling you you’re too far away.  They make them for children, pets, and if it works for them, it will work for a camera bag.

I ordered one pack to see how well they work.  If they work as planned, I’ll order more.


With last week’s passing of a friend, I was reminded again today when Facebook displayed a thing saying I have been friends for 5 years with the gentleman.  I re-read his obituary.

  • We both were born in the same year.
  • We both retired the same year.
  • After retirement, we both went in to photography.
  • Both of us loved jazz and other forms of music, as well as Hammond B3 organs.

So, that got me thinking about mortality.   When I go to my grave, will my spirit rise with regrets?   In generalities, here’s a list of things I feel I’ve done right…

  • I’ll never regret working hard to assure my family had food, shelter and clothing.  I always took at as my responsibility to provide.  Even after a divorce, I was NEVER late on child support or alimony.
  • I’ve never shunned a family member.  I don’t care how ticked-off they’ve made me, the old saying that blood is thicker than water is a motto I’ve adopted and lived.  While there are times I think my efforts to connect or reconnect are in vain, I’ll never regret having tried.
  • I’m glad I married Elizabethe.  I cannot say enough about how great of a wife, mother and grandmother she is.
  • Changing majors from Chemistry to Math to Engineering Computer Science wasn’t a waste of time or credits.  All three were very analytical and that has given me an ability to solve a lot of problems.
  • Staying active in the gospel has grounded me in reality and given me hope.  I’ve dealt with some tough challenges and God has seen me through.
  • Retiring at 55 was the right thing to do.  It’s been a financial struggle since retirement, but it is worth it.  I’ve had experiences that I would never have if I were still working.