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Seneca Falls Shoot

Seneca Falls Shoot

I went to a Seneca Falls shoot today with Finger Lakes Professional Photographers. We met down by the river to photograph a couple of young ladies.  The theme – outdoor portraiture.

It was a time for me to experiment with my speedlights.  Only after the fact did I remember I brought the foldable wagon with me.  Had I remember, I would have done more with my lights.

copyright 2017 db walton - Seneca Falls Shoot

Model: Emily

Mind on Route 66

My mind has been on Route 66.  It appears sponsors are starting to come forward.  I got emails from several today.

The short list is this:  Bay Photo (exclusive photo lab category), Nataliacha, Fine Art by DB, On1 Software, Anthropics Software and Alien Skin Software.

We’re going to implement a Sponsor a Meal category.  This way, small businesses can do a sponsorship for only $25, get a link and a mention.


I’ve now ordered the same salad about 4 times from a restaurant.  Every time I’ve had it it has been different.  Different ingredients, different preparation, and different plating.

Does this restaurant not realize that inconsistency drives away repeat customers?

That’s one of the things McDonald’s gets right.  You order a Big Mac and you’re going to get a Big Mac.  Their people are trained on how it should look, what should go on it, and one ordered in Macedon should be the same as one ordered in San Francisco, California.

The sad part is, the first time I ever ordered the salad was the best.  It simply hasn’t been the same since then.