Daily Archives: June 19, 2017

Too Wet to Mow

Too Wet to Mow

It is too wet to mow the lawn today.  While that might sound like an excuse, which it is, I’m just not up to mowing the lawn today.  Or tomorrow, for that matter.

I realize it has to get mowed sometime this week.  When I do mow it, I think it will be without the catcher this time.  We’ll see how the next few days go.

Lunch with Steve

Steve, one of our tenants, took us to lunch today at Empire Grill.  We had a nice visit with him.  He’s a retired RADAR engineer and an all around nice guy.

Garden Supplies

From there it was a trip to Lowe’s and the ATM.  Elizabethe needs a new hose.  We got a 100′ no knink, no break hose.  Because they aren’t cheap, and because they come with a lifetime warranty, I suggested to Elizabethe we hold on to the warranty information in case it breaks.

Route 66 Admin Stuff

I spent time working on Route 66 administration stuff today.  We have a software company that is providing us with copies of their software.  In exchange we will feature and mention how we use their software.

Here are the links to our Route 66 pages:

Make sure you like and follow these pages.   You’ll have a front seat tour of Route 66 comes September.