Daily Archives: June 18, 2017

Security Assignment

Security Assignment

I signed up for my security assignment at Hill Cumorah Pageant today.  I’m taking the afternoon of Thursday the 12th.  The week following I’m in school all week and that won’t work.

I’ve yet to see any pageant flyers.  Hmmm… I’ve got to figure out where they are.  (I just e-mailed the bishop.)

Mac and Cheese

I made mac and cheese today in an attempt to reproduce Longhorn Steakhouse’s mac and cheese.  I think I nailed it.  It contained extra sharp NY cheddar, Monterey Jack and intense guerriere cheese.  The roux was made with butter, milk and flour.

Elizabethe gave her seal of approval.  It was probably the most expensive mac and cheese I’ve ever made.  (It had about $20 worth of cheese in it.)

Wegman’s Carot Cake

Wegman’s Carot Cake is by far the best I’ve had in a long time.  At $22 for a cake, it better be.  The frosting tasted like whipped cream with a bit of cream cheese added.

Dinner with the Missionaries

With our dinner with the missionaries I also made my killer sandwiches.  Elizabethe wasn’t impressed, but the elders liked them.  Elizabethe was more impressed with my salad and mac and cheese.

The salad had fresh spinach from our garden, bacon, pecans, raisins and my own special dressing.