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Organized Minds

Organized Minds

Organized minds are relative to the person whose mind it is.  I’ve studied this and pondered it much.  While I cannot speak for others’ minds, I can for my own.

When it comes to organization, for me it requires convenience.  Convenience equals efficiency.  Efficiency equals speed of access.   To say that everything I own is stored conveniently, efficiently and has speedy access would be a lie.  But, if I’m to be organized it has to be in such a way that I will return an item to its rightful place.

Organized minds have organized systems that work for them, but not necessarily everyone else.

My Side of the Bedroom

My side of the bedroom has got very unorganized.  That’s largely because I don’t have a usable system of storage.  (The same is true in my office and studio.)

Here’s Brent’s organized mind 101:

  • Out of sight = out of mind.  I’m a visual person and things stored out of my sight are quickly forgotten.
  • If I use it frequently, it should be in arm’s reach, in sight, easy to get.   In a 4-drawer dresser I seldom open anything below the top two drawers.  On a bookshelf, I seldom look at the bottom two shelves or the top shelf.  Grocers get this concept.  Why do you think they put the stuff they want you to buy on those shelves that are between waist and shoulder height?
  • A drawer that isn’t compartmentalized quickly becomes a junk drawer.  The same is true with a bag or box.
  • L.I.F.O.  My brain is a LIFO queue.  (That’s last in, first out.)  If I create a stack of important papers, the ones on the top are the most recent, and the ones on the bottom the oldest.  I think chronologically.

Today’s Daunting Task

Today’s daunting task was organizing my side of the bedroom.  The question is, will I be able to find anything tomorrow?