Camera Settings

Camera Settings

I have never seen a camera with so many camera with so many settings.  The camera settings are overwhelming.  The more features on a camera, the more settings.

While at the Smith Farm I shot the same picture multiple times and changed the camera settings one at a time.  This way, I can judge what each setting does.  I didn’t go through all of the settings, but I went through the ones I didn’t understand as well.

I’m glad I did this.  A couple worked oppositely than I thought.  Because they use numeric values I would think a positive number would have the most impact, and a negative number the least.  That’s all dependent on what you define as impact.

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A Comparison – Above RAW SOC, and below JPEG SOC


Upon getting back to the studio I began a backup.  It took the entire day so I didn’t get a chance to look at the photos I shot.  Such is life as a sole proprietor.

Route 66

Work I was able to get done while the backups were running was creating some Route 66 documents.  I created log sheets and photo release forms.

The log sheets are to help my track expenses, mileage and photos.  The photo releases list both Paul and me.  That way, people only need to sign a single release.