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Bloody Foreheads

Bloody Foreheads

There’s a saying about bloody foreheads.  It goes something like, “I’ve been banging my head on the wall for so long my forehead is bloody.”  I often have days like that.  You feel like you can only do so much, but if you don’t do anything, nothing will get done.

There is another side of this too.  It is how much do you do before you have to say, “They’ve got to take care if it themselves.”

I see this at businesses.  If you’re so busy you can’t provide good customer service, why aren’t you hiring more people?

Well, the answer to that is poor management.  While throwing more people at the job won’t always make things work better, but better management will.


After an early morning photo shoot, I mowed the lawn.  It was dry and dusty.  I was coughing up dirty phlegm all afternoon because of the dust.

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Young Men Group from Georgia

While I was mowing, Elizabethe was directing a tree service on some wild shrubs that needed pulling.  Later she said one had a trunk/root that was about 2x3x3 feet, and that wasn’t including the huge roots shooting out from it.  It is no wonder we couldn’t kill the thing.

A Day’s Work

Mowing this lawn with the catcher is a day’s work.  When I was done, I showered, and took Elizabethe to get a Slurpee.  I figure on a 90-degree day, getting covered with lawn clippings and dust, a Slurpee would be a good way to end the day.  While it didn’t help my bloody forehead, at least the guys and gal from T & L Tree and Landscape relieved some of that burden.