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Glamorous Workshop

Glamorous Workshop

I held a glamorous workshop today.  Or, I should say, a workshop on getting glamorous results.  One student, one model and one instructor.  This guy, the student, lucked out.  However, I’ve decided I won’t do this in the future.   (That is, I need to have a class big enough to make it worth my while.  For this class, it will need at least 3 students in the future.)

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Model: Alice Antoinette

At the end of the class, the student asked when I’ll be doing this workshop again.  (I guess he already wants to take it again.  I understand.  There have been workshops I’ve attended where I could benefit from taking them a second time.)

The X-T2

The X-T2 was so quiet, the student commented, “Your camera is so quiet.”

I told him the sound was electronic and if I turned it off he wouldn’t hear it at all.  His reply back was, “I can’t hear it now.”

Nothing like a stealth camera for candid and street work!  The sound is nice feedback because it tells you the camera took a picture.  On the other hand, in silent mode, others don’t know you took a picture.

I’m so used to shooting my X-T1 I forget my new X-T2 has a grip.  I can hold it horizontal or vertical and keep my right hand in the standard position.  Note to self:  The X-T2 has a battery grip.  Don’t bend your wrist like that!

Teaching Is Exhausting

Teaching is exhausting.  I remember my dad commenting about that.  He’d come home from school and say, “I am so exhausted.”  It requires both physical and mental exertion.